Five Fun Nursery Ideas

Five Fun Nursery Ideas


There are a few things in this world that I feel that I can speak intelligently about. Of these, pregnancy is not yet one of them. However, home decorating certainly is! This being said, if I can help a few parents-to-be in any way, it will probably only be in the decorating department. So here we go-Five Fun Nursery Ideas to serve as a little inspiration for your little one’s nursery!

1. Mix and Match Princess
Cool Nursery 1
Love this idea of mixing patterns! From the block “ABC’s” on one wall, to the huge tree painting on the other wall, along with the different styles of carpeting on the floor. What I love most about this nursery, is that the carriage is the main event that ties all of these different designs and vibes together! This is a great source of inspiration for mixing and matching patterns that might not seem to go together originally, but then come together at the end to create a super unique look!

2. Fun in the Jungle
Cool Nursery 2 REVISED
A little wall art, can go a long way! With this nursery, I love the extravagant artwork on the wall surrounding the crib. With artwork like that, you don’t even need an excessive amount of accessories around the room. The simple hanging of an embroidered baby blanket over the crib, displayed like Cool Nursery-Monkeys on a swing the one in this nursery, can add a lot to the room and serve as a great decorative accessory! But if you did want to add an additional accessory with a little more spunk, something simple in the corner like these hanging monkeys would be the cutest finishing touch!

3. Welcome to Fantasyland
Cool Nursery 3
This type of nursery is the polar opposite of just a “simple finishing touch” like the last one. I think it is pretty unique that the cradle is placed in the center of the room, instead of against the wall like many nursery ideas suggest. I also think the ginormous statue of the fantasy moon is such a cool idea. Although the floor-to-ceiling sized moon could be a little unrealistic for many nurseries, the concept of having a large object be the center of your theme, is a really fun concept.

4. Setting Sail to a Fun Nursery
Cool Nursery 4
Similarly to the Jungle themed nursery, this room can take simple accessories and put them together to create a very standout nursery. Something as simple as adding the ship steering wheel above the bed, can instantly exude the sailboat theme throughout the entire room. The wood paneling behind the crib also pulls the room together while looking seriously sharp and giving off the vibe that you are below deck on a boat! Even the red and the navy color scattered subtly around the room help to bring everything together. pirate ship plank
Another idea is to take this somewhat simple sailboat theme, and combine it with a piece of “Fantasyland”! To do this, you could add a wooden bridge along the wall or hanging across the upper corner of the nursery to give it a more extreme flare. If you’re really feeling crafty, then you can even consider hanging a large wooden ship from the ceiling, or display it on the floor and use it as storage space! The more DIY projects in one room the merrier, right?

5. Simple, Yet Elegant
This final inspirational nursery is one of my favorites. For me, there are two things that this room has that give the entire room the elegant look; the chandelier and the black wire cribs. For any nursery, nearly everything in it can be extremely simple, but if you have one or two glamorous concepts like a chandelier hanging in the center of the room, an extravagant lamp or chair in the corner, or just a more unique style of crib, the entire room will appear as if it belongs to royalty.

Hopefully these ideas will serve as inspiration for your nursery decorating endeavors in one way or another! There are plenty of sources out there with a variety of additional fun ideas. If in the end you can’t pick just one, why not mix them all?!

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