Cotton Creations India

The majority of our cotton flour sack towels are sourced from our long-time partners in India and then fully treated and processed here in our Illinois facility. Our in-house processes are perfect for small to medium orders and custom projects under 6,000 units.

We now offer our in depth experience and expertise in the textile industries specifically for larger scale orders of 6000 or more units. Our supply chain in India is perfect for customized products with orders of 6,000 to 20,000+ units. The Cotton Creations India program will increase customization options and ROI for our customers. Our US based team works pro-actively with our partners in India to meet your needs!

Have a product idea? Ask us. We are sourcing experts and understand how to find solutions to your product needs. Our team will work with you to achieve your goals with a combination of innovative product design and branding. Take advantage of our flexible pricing, customization options and international logistics. Our team in India is readily available to consult and recommend on your potential product ideas. We are a manufacturer that understands the needs of designers!

Global Production:

120 day order-to-delivery lead time

Competitive Pricing:

20-30% lower than our U.S. processed prices

Customization Options:

Screen Printing, Rotary Printing, Embroidery

Custom Projects

Screen Printing: Screen printing is ideal for larger orders (6k-40k units), color matching logos, and designs that require a high level of vibrancy. It has fewer restrictions on location and size options than DTG printing. This type of printing method does have a textured feel or “heavier” hand and has a possibility for more variation between prints.

Rotary Printing: For high-speed operations and large production runs of 40k+ units, rotary printing is most cost effective. This printing method has enhanced capabilities of automation and resolution.

Embroidery: India is well known for their high level of embroidery capabilities and low cost services.

Branding, Custom Labels & Packaging: Using our Indian-manufactured products, you have more cost effective options to add custom labels, tags and packaging. Contact us with your ideas to start a quote!


What are the differences between your American-processed versus Indian-processed flour sack towels?

The combination of India’s water and use of Hydrogen Peroxide in their treatment can make the towel have a slightly different texture and color.

Can I get a sample of the Indian processed towel before I place a large order?

Absolutely. We want you to see the towel you will receive. All large runs will start with an electronic CAD approval and then a production sample approval. We don’t want any mistakes!

Can I order blank towels from India to save on costs?

Yes, orders of 6000 or more blank towels can be ordered. Contact us today with your needs!

Downloadable Cotton Creations India Program PDF