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Cotton Tea Towels

Simplicity can be a wonderful thing. Our 100% cotton tea towels are constructed only from fine quality cotton fabric. Simply bleached for a bright white color or left untreated for a rustic beige or classic cream, these towels are breathable and highly adaptable. No need for bulky cloths or flimsy paper towels… delicate cotton tea towels can be used for just about anything. Whether you are hosting an elegant luncheon, towelling up messes, or scrubbing tile in the bathroom, tea towels are trusted, durable and made to impress. The best part is they can be used more than once. Cotton Creations is your one-stop-shop for bulk discount towels! Upgrade your dining experience and home comfort with cotton tea towels and consider customizing yours today.

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Cotton Tea Towels

If you need a basic type of fabric that is not too heavy or thick, our thin flour sack towel fabric is just the thing. The soft fabric is absorbent and lint-free, cleaning up spills or messes without leaving anything behind. Craft Basics cotton tea towels are comparable to a thin handkerchief or cheese cloth. They are soft enough to use for drying hands yet sophisticated enough to print designs. These thin cotton towels come in a small napkin size up to a classic, rectangular shape that is perfect to hang for display. Tea towels are very soft in your hands, and do not feel starchy or rough. The thin fabric is woven a bit looser in this towel to allow for breathability and flexibility, but they are very low-lint making it a wonder in the kitchen or when dining and working outside. The towel is pre-washed, dried and is food safe so you can use them right when they arrive. Use for baking, hosting or crafting… this tea towel is just what you’ve been looking for!

Handy Dandy Flour Sack Tea Towel

A floral printed tea towelFlour sack tea towels are perfect for the gentler tasks in your life, like home care, baking or taking care of little ones. Always keep a clean tea towel within reach for spills or tasks that pop up in your busy day. Reusable cotton is the key to a more efficient and eco-friendly workspace and home. The soft cotton fabric is like a paper towel that you never have to throw away! Anytime you may reach for a paper product, like a paper napkin or bath tissue, ask yourself if you can use a basic flour sack tea towel instead! You will help to cut down paper waste and even save money by not buying those other paper products over and over again.

These towels are made of a gentle, 100% cotton thin flour sack fabric that is soothing on your skin and face, and is constructed to be durable and reliable. The great thing about cotton is its properties are so basic yet so reliable, it can be used to complete almost any task. Tea towel fabric is woven neatly with a generous hem to create added strength. Cotton linens are a great way to elevate any self-care or hospitality service, especially if you work in a health spa or salon. Craft Basics tea towels are the perfect size for facial treatments, resting over a client’s face or placing under the feet during a pedicure. Buy in bulk and always have clean linens for each day’s services. We offer excellent pricing to professional businesses and retail clients alike, on small batches of one dozen up to hundreds for your weekly needs.

If you feel like pampering yourself at home, cotton tea towels will provide that easy feeling of luxury and top-quality service. These soft towels will help relax and comfort you, whether you are simply soaking in the tub or getting ready for a fancy night out. Cotton flour sack tea towels are super handy for:

  • Making Homemade Ice Packs
  • Lint-Free Drying of Hands + Body
  • Removing Makeup or Nail Polish
  • Polishing Jewelry + Glasses
  • Applying Creams or Ointments
  • Replacing for Cotton Balls

Visit our Pinterest page for ideas on making reusable face masks, exfoliating cloths and even customization options with our towels! Our tea towels are the perfect little addition to make a big difference in personal care. You can keep a stack in the bathroom for your nightly routine or offer to your overnight guests. Not only are they gentle on skin, but they won’t scratch up bathroom vanities or glass mirrors when cleaning. If you really want to make your home or business feel more fancy, you can add a custom printed monogram or design to your tea towels. Simple touches can really upgrade your lifestyle!

Out-of-the-Box Crafting

As much as adults love reusable tea towels, kids like them, too! The thin flour sack material is more fun to use when crafting than regular white paper, plus you can get tons of towels for a super low price not available in big retailers or craft stores. How often can kids draw and paint on white cotton fabric? Never! This is an amusing opportunity for kids to work and create with fabrics that they can use in their everyday life.

Your kids’ flour sack tea towel crafts will turn into functional items, customized gifts, and can even be used for school experiments. The smaller square and rectangle sizes are super versatile and can be used as reusable napkins to bring in their lunchboxes, keep in their sporting bag, use at Scouts or mark their place at the dinner table. This is also a neat idea for birthday party craft activities or ice breaker activities during camp! If your kids like graphic and digital design, check out our online Design Station and help them create a one-of-a-kind printed towel. With lots of fonts and effects, they can create something high-quality and super cool. You can even add a photograph of them, their favorite sports player or movie character to make it extra special.

The cotton flour sack fabric that we construct our tea towels with is highly absorbent. The cotton weave holds well to paint and permanent markers, tie dye, fabric glue, ink and stamping, iron-on appliques and even hand-stitching. No matter what supplies you’re working with, tea towels are a blank canvas that works with almost anything. When kids work with their hands to create functional items, there is no telling what masterpieces can come alive.

Encourage your kids to explore their creative thinking with tea towel crafts. You can save money on boring craft supplies while also giving kids the joy of creating something they will actually use instead of putting on the fridge. Keep tea towels handy for any sleepover, rainy day, class project or holiday gift idea. Handprints, stamps, finger puppets or tug-of-war, these towels will fit the bill for any craft or child’s imagination. Because we offer competitive prices, you wont break the bank on these fun craft ides!

The Difference Between Napkins, Tea Towels and Flour Sacks

A customized tea towel with fish on it At Cotton Creations, we offer high quality linens available in a variety of sizes and shapes to best fit your needs. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive line of flour sack and tea towels in the industry. While you are navigating your options, it helps to know the difference between the linens we offer. The main difference between napkins, tea towels and flour sack towels are the size dimensions! All of our Craft Basics towels are constructed from top-quality 100% cotton material, but our product offering is set apart by our wide range of sizes. Choose from napkins, tea towels and flour sacks in light-weight, medium-weight or heavy-weight cotton.

First, napkins are the smallest group of towels we offer. Mostly smaller squares meant for handheld and smaller tasks, napkins are ideal for drying your hands or wiping your face during mealtime or keeping in your pocket to dust off your glasses. Napkins are perfectly suited for large custom orders, like customized wedding napkins or linens for your hotel bar. Flour sack napkins are handy, absorbent and reusable towels that are meant to be put to use.

On the other hand, our flour sack tea towels are mainly used as home or event decorations. Tea towel fabric is traditionally lightweight with a rectangular dimension for neatly folding or hanging. Not too large in size, these cotton linens work to cover your lap during a meal or even as a placement under your silverware. Whatever your purpose, bright white or natural tea towels will surely add a sense of elegance and style to your space. These crisp towels are perfect for a tidy presentation, but can certainly be used for cleaning and baking as well. Tea towels have a breathable structure that is key while prepping food or handling delicate desserts. They are also a very modern and charming gift when customized! Add a family name, business logo or sweet song lyric to make your towels stand out.

Lastly, we have the famous flour sack towels. Made from the same flour sack cotton material as our napkins and tea towels, the traditional flour sack is a large square or rectangular piece that can be fashioned into just about anything. The larger utility sizes are ideal for working with your hands indoors or outdoors. The strong cotton weave resists tearing and pilling even after lots of scrubbing and trips in the washer. Great for custom digital or screen printing, the flour sacks have a large surface area for elaborate designs or covering big areas. Use untreated or customized flour sack towels as window curtains, table coverings or runners, decorative kitchen décor, business branding material and more. Add our flour sack products to your arsenal of sturdy, reusable and top-quality cleaning and decorating supplies.

A Wonderful Cooking and Baking Companion

A tea towel with tea cups printed on it The cotton tea towel is a linen that has stood the test of time. Reusable dish towels and cotton cloths were trusted long before disposable paper towels. Many professional and amateur chefs alike know the value of using flour sack tea towels in the kitchen. Our light-weight and medium-weight flour sack kitchen tea towels are highly adaptable to baking and cooking purposes, while the heavy-weight towel will handle all of the clean-up.

Craft Basics tea towels are soft and light, making it easier to multi-task and move around while working. Tucked in your apron or hung on a hook, keep these light-weight towels close by for any spill or cleanup needs. A quality towel doesn’t need to be bulky and heavy to be absorbent and tough. Shop tea towels with Cotton Creations and equip your team and business with the best resources. Bulk discount towels are available for anyone to purchase directly on cottoncreations.com!

Cotton tea towels are your trusted sidekick in the kitchen every step of the way. From prepping the basics to final touches, cotton linens are an essential element. The thin flour sack fabric works great with floury dough or fragile pastries but can also take care of sticky and oily messes. The lint-free material allows you to roll out dough or other ingredients with ease, and can even be used to sift. Choose cotton tea towels as an alternative to wax paper or expensive storage containers!

We have lots of pricing options so you can get bulk tea towels without over-stocking your inventory. Always have a stack of clean, food-safe towels to rest over bowls of food to keep away bugs or heat, or place over bread dough while it proofs and rises! The thinner flour sack material allows air to flow without over-trapping heat or moisture. Many refer to them as cheese cloths or bread cloths, too. Lay out on the table as a minimalistic serving trey or include in a kitchen-themed gift basket. These are truly the best cooking companion!

These can be used for fancy occasions, like afternoon tea, or for casual outdoor fun, like at a picnic! Keep a handful in the car, too, just in case. When you’re done in the kitchen and ready to host, you can put out clean, soft tea towels as dining napkins or to print your special menu on. These light-weight cloths add a touch of elegance to any wine and cheese party or dessert tasting you host. You can use the larger size as thin, flowy drapes or as a towel to dry off your dishes. The smaller sizes are perfect as gentle napkins during mealtime or even as basic placemats.

Particularly, these are great to use in high-class tearooms or to include in a house-warming present! Add a monogram or floral image for a bridal shower or birthday tea party. They make wonderful party favors! What makes these so essential is they last for such a long time, even after cleaning, cooking and washing. You do not need to spend money over and over on paper products when you have light-weight napkins from Cotton Creations. When you purchase a dozen or more, you get discounted pricing and can stock up your home or business for less.

Create Lasting Memories With Custom Tea Towels

Cotton Creations is proud to help you create lasting memories and gifts through cotton textiles. Our highly detailed digital printing uses water-based inks that absorb right into the cotton fabric. Once heat pressed, the design is sealed in to be long-lasting. When you print on a tea towel, it’s like having a photo in a frame… but better! You can display your custom towel anywhere in your home, and even use it when baking your favorites for your family. Custom tea towels are a unique and super thoughtful gift that everyone loves to receive!

Where to Buy Our Customized Tea Towels

Customized tea towels let you put your own creative touch on a gift or decorative kitchen staple.

You can access all of our tea towel and napkin options on our website. To create customized tea towels, you can head to our Design Station or contact our Design Team. Team members will walk you through all you need to create beautiful designs, logos or photographs on your tea towels.

In our Design Studio, you can upload a beloved photograph and add a caption with a decorative font for a wedding anniversary gift or for Grandma’s birthday. You can also create an encouraging graduation gift or adorable pregnancy announcement.

We also offer themed templates that you can utilize if you are in a hurry or want some additional inspiration. You can search for animals, characters, symbols, borders, designs and more. After choosing your template, you can add whatever details you want before checking out to have a unique piece every time!

Tea towels are a long-lasting item you will cherish for years to come! Perhaps one of the best lasting impressions will be the savings you experience.

Cotton Creations is committed to bringing you an experience you will enjoy to create designs you will love forever. With over 30 years of experience in the textile industry, we know what we are talking about and are proud of what we make.

We’ve made it easy to order what you need in minutes, while saving up to 60% on tea towel essentials. Contact our Sales Team today and get blank or custom printed tea towels for your business or event!