Tea Towels + Napkins

Tea Towels

Simplicity can be a wonderful thing. Tea towels can be used for just about anything, and the best part is they can be used more than once. If you need a basic type of fabric that is not too heavy or thick, our thin flour sack towel fabric is just the thing. Cotton tea towels are comparable to a thin handkerchief or cheese cloth. These thin cotton towels come in a small napkin size all the way up to a large square, so you can clean, decorate or create just about anything. These towels are very soft in your hands, and do not feel starchy or rough. The thin fabric is woven a bit looser in this towel to allow for breathability and flexibility, but they are very low-lint making it a wonder in the kitchen or when dining and working outside. The towel is pre-washed, dried and is food safe so you can use them right when they arrive.

Handy Dandy Flour Sack Towel

This towel is perfect for the gentler tasks in your life, like personal home care, baking or taking care of little ones. The soft cotton fabric is like a paper towel that you never have to throw away. Anytime you may reach for a paper product, like a paper napkin or bath tissue, ask yourself if you can use a basic flour sack towel instead! You will help to cut down paper waste and even save money by not buying those other paper products over and over again. These towels are made of a gentle, 100% cotton thin flour sack fabric that is soothing on your skin and face, and is constructed to be durable and reliable. If you feel like pampering yourself and having that easy feeling of luxury, these soft towels will help relax and comfort you.

Visit our Pinterest page for ideas on making reusable face masks and more with our towels! You can keep a stack in the bathroom for your nightly routine; they are gentle enough to remove eye makeup and absorbent enough to clean up the bathroom sink.

Kids like them too! The thin flour sack material is more fun to use when crafting than regular white paper, and how often can kids draw and paint on white cotton fabric? Your kids’ flour sack towel crafts will turn into functional items, personalized gifts, and can even be used for school experiments. The cotton flour sack fabric holds well with paint and permanent markers, or even tie dye and hand-stitching. You can save money and craft and customize a reusable flour sack towel lunch sack, or color a cool set of towels for your little ones to use as basic napkins in their lunchboxes. If the kids want to have a craft day, these towels are both inexpensive and will give their artwork a functional purpose! Handprints, stamps, or tug-of-war, these towels will fit the bill for any craft or rainy day activity. There are varying sizes to fit whatever project you have in mind, big or small.

A Good Cooking and Baking Companion

Many professional and amateur chefs alike use our light-weight flour sack kitchen towels for baking and cooking purposes. They are soft and light, making it easier to multi-task and move around while working. Tucked in your apron or hung on a hook, keep these light-weight towels close by for any spill or cleanup needs. Although these lighter flour sacks are not a thick towel, they are absorbent and tough. The delicate, thin flour sack fabric works great with floury dough or fragile pastries but can also take care of sticky and oily messes. You can rest these towels over bowls of food to keep away bugs or heat, or place over bread dough while it proofs and rises! The thinner flour sack material allows air to flow without over-trapping heat or moisture. Many refer to them as cheesecloths or bread cloths, too! These can be used for fancy occasions, like afternoon tea, or for casual outdoor fun, like at a picnic! Keep a handful in the car, too, just in case. When you’re done in the kitchen and ready to host, you can put out clean, soft flour sack towels as dining napkins or to print your special menu on. These light-weight cloths add a touch of elegance to any wine and cheese party or dessert tasting you host. You can use the larger size as thin, flowy drapes or as a towel to dry off your dishes. The smaller sizes are perfect as gentle napkins during mealtime or even as basic placemats. Particularly, these are great to use in high-class tearooms or to include in a house-warming present! Add a monogram or floral image for a bridal shower or birthday tea party. They make wonderful party favors! What makes these so essential is they last for such a long time, even after cleaning, cooking and washing. You do not need to spend money over and over on paper products when you have light-weight napkins from Cotton Creations. When you purchase a dozen or more, you get discounted pricing and can stock up your home or business for less.