Flour Sack Towels

American Processed

Since the time when homemakers would stitch left over flour sacks into clothing, sheets and kitchen towels, flour sack towels have been a useful product in many American households. Like those traditional flour sacks, these high quality towels are made from 100% fine woven cotton, and are processed here in the U.S.

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 100% Cotton
• Fabric Weight: Medium

**Please note that processed in the USA means only the stitching, bleaching, washing, ironing, and packaging is done in the USA.  The yarn is manufactured abroad.

Flour sack towels are completely durable and long-lasting, withstanding many washes and applications, yet extremely soft. In addition to being completely lint-free, flour sack towels absorb liquids better than paper towels and, since Cotton Creations offers eco-friendly flour sack towels, you can help protect the environment with your purchase!

Our flour sack towels are of great quality and can be used for years to come in your kitchen and household. Purchase a bundle pack of American processed flour sack towels and don’t worry about buying towels for your home for a very long time! You are sure to enjoy the soft feel and durability these towels provide when cleaning spills, dusting or polishing your furniture or even as a cover to keep your food fresh. Plus, American processed flour sack towels from Cotton Creations are preshrunk, pre-washed and sterilized for your convenience.

These old-fashioned cotton weave towels have a wide range of uses. From food preparation to cleaning your counters, when you buy flour sack towels, you are sure to find plenty of ways to put them to good use!

The Household Uses for Flour Sack Towels Processed in the USA

Flour sack towels that are processed in America are great for housewarming gifts or for everyday personal use. These traditional towels are of the utmost quality and are thus extremely useful and long lasting. Proving their sustainability throughout history, flour sack towels are a versatile household necessity! These towels are a great alternative to paper and other disposable products because they handle a variety of cleaning tasks while being entirely machine washable.

Flour sack towels processed in  America also dry faster than other towels. They are perfect for drying dishes because they are lint-free and air dry quickly. Since these towels are lint free, they make great polishing cloths for metal, furniture and even mirrors and other glass surfaces!

Processed in the USA flour sack towels are very useful for gourmet chefs as well! These towels are extremely popular thanks to their high quality and have gained a sterling reputation in the food industry. Plus, they are entirely safe to use around food because they are processed in America without adding any dyes or chemicals.

Because our flour sack towels are safe around food, they have been used to proof bread, strain sauces, make cheese and dehydrate fruit. They offer complete versatility that adds useful value to any kitchen or bakery. Chefs consider these towels “gourmet” and have sworn by them for years.

At Cotton Creations, our flour sack towels are processed America and trusted for continual household use. Stop buying wasteful paper towels and find the great value in our American flour sack towels today. Get your flour sacks from Cotton Creations! We are proud to offer this high quality, sustainable product that has been used for cleaning, drying and polishing in households across America for years. The quality of our flour sack towels is simply unmatched, so when you are looking to purchase a flour sack towel set, look to Cotton Creations!