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**Jan 2024 Update:
Our current printing turnaround time is about 2 weeks on wholesale orders. Samples units or orders under 51 units will ship in 1-2 weeks depending on the product.
Our current blank turnaround time is 2-4 business days on most towels. For Backordered towels, please expect 6-8 business days unless specified out of stock on the individual product pages. Some towels may have a longer backorder date – please email us for inventory questions on bulk orders.**


At Cotton Creations we work hard to have your orders processed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this means that the window of time between when your order is placed and when it is submitted to our warehouse for processing is very short. For this reason, orders cannot be cancelled or changed once paid for our on our website. We cannot change shipping methods once an order has been placed, we will ship via the method chosen at check out. Shipping charges are agreed upon when you place your order and are non-negotiable.

Flour Sack Towels

Q: What are Flour Sack Towels?

A: If you’re sick of cheesecloth, towels that streak glassware or are just wondering “what are flour sack towels used for?” let the textile experts at Cotton Creations explain! We think when you learn what flour sack towels are you’ll be excited to try them — and once you do, you’ll never go back to cheesecloth or plain jane towels again. Check out even more information about flour sack towels, and find out why you need these indispensable workhorses in your kitchen today!

Q: What Is Flour Sack Fabric?

A: Flour sack fabric has a long and proud history as the original all-purpose — and eco-friendly — fabric. Back in the days of the horse and buggy, families purchased flour in 100-lb sacks. The sacks, made from finely-woven pure cotton, were strong, soft and durable. As such, the sacks were repurposed following a thorough wash and bleach into everything from towels and polishing cloths to bed linens and underwear! Today, flour sack fabric is still made from 100 percent cotton. Our flour sack towels are eco-friendly, and come in bleached and unbleached styles.

Q: What is the difference between each type of flour sack towel available on your site?

A: The differences between our flour sack towel lines are weight and color! 

Q: Is it possible to get samples of a few of the towels?

A: Getting a sample is always a good idea!  Blank sample towels can be ordered right from our website as we have no minimum order quantity. Printed samples can be ordered through the Design Studio.

Q: What do you recommend for your towel’s aftercare and washing methods?

A: All of our flour sack towels and pre-washed and dried prior to shipment. As such, shrinkage is minimal. If you are ordering printed products, we employ a method of printing called Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, which utilizes a water-based ink. This ink is best preserved if the printed product is washed gently in cold water.

Q: Are Your Towels Sourced in the USA?

A: The source of cotton for our products varies based on the item. The majority of our cotton flour sack towels are sourced from our long-time partners in India and then fully treated and processed here in Illinois. Our partners are all fair trade and we have worked with them for many years. We even make trips over to inspect that their production practices adhere to our company policies. For our apparel and other items, we work with multiple US based suppliers. 

Q: Are Your Towels Processed in the USA?

A. Many of our flour sack towels are processed right here in the USA! Cotton Creations was founded by textile designers who live in Chicago’s historic Lincoln Park neighborhood, so we appreciate supporting American jobs! How Big Are Flour Sack Towels, and Can I Buy Them in Bulk?

Flour sack towels come in a range of sizes and prices, and they are available in neutral shades and excellent yarn qualities. And, just like our other linens, you can buy flour sack towels in bulk to take advantage of wholesale pricing! Plus, unlike towels from other manufacturers, you can rest assured knowing our flour sacks are safe for everything from food preparation to refinishing your delicate woodwork.

**Please note that while Cotton Creations does examine every order shipped, due to order volume we are unable to guarantee that of our flour sack products are free of flaws. We allow for size variation in our flour sack towels of 1-2 inches less than or greater than the size as specified on each flour sack towel product page. We also put our flour sack towels through a rigorous quality control process to limit color or weave flaws to less than 5%.

Q: Do you care about the environment?

A. At Cotton Creations, we care about the world we live in.  So what does that actually mean?  It means that we take every precaution we can to ensure that the products we carry, the packaging we utilize, the team members we hire, and how we manufacturer our products is done in a way that is both socially and environmentally conscious.  To put that in perspective – here are the steps we take to ensure that our products are produced with the highest ethical standards:

 This world matters to us.  So everything we do and the products we carry are defined by it.  We thank you for being apart of this commitment.

Wholesale Orders & Discounts

Q: How do I access wholesale pricing?

A: Wholesale pricing is the bulk pricing that is listed right on our product pages. There is no need for a special account or code. The quantity discounts apply in your cart automatically! Orders for 50 units or more of the same flour sack product qualify for wholesale or bulk pricing, which averages at a 50-60% discount!

Q: How do we set up an account?

Whenever you place an order through the shopping cart, it will allow you to set up an account and save all your billing/shipping information in the system (which will expedite re-orders in the future).

In the even you need custom pricing for bulk or printed units (3,000+), just let us know and we will proceed with sending you an invoice.  By doing that, it will save that custom pricing in the system for the future.

Discounts for bulk item purchases

Q: Do you have minimum requirements for orders or discounts?

A: We do not have any minimum order requirement, so samples can be ordered straight off the site.  However, to qualify for free shipping, your order needs to be at least $200.  We also have our tiered pricing listed on each product’s page with discounts at 12, 50, and 3,000 unit orders of up to 65%!  For custom printing pricing:

  • For orders under 50 units, printing prices are automatically calculated once your design is added to your cart from the Design Studio:
    • 1-11 prints = $11 each
    • 12-49 prints = 30% off total (automatically calculated once added to cart)
    • 50+ prints = Design Specific, needs a wholesale quote
  • For orders of 50 prints or more, please submit a quote – printing prices are based on the volume of ink your design consumes. As such, we are not able to quote large volume print orders without first seeing your artwork. 

In the event you are interested in a custom quote for a product in excess of 3,000+ units, please let us know and we can take the next steps!

Q: I’m looking for a supplier to place large-quantity (3,000+) orders with. What is the best price you could offer in this situation?

A: We would love the opportunity to partner-up! In order to help you get personalized wholesale pricing, please contact us at info@cottoncreations.com, providing the following data:

  1. Product(s) Name/Size: ex. Craft Basics American Flour Sack Towel – 28” x 29”
  2. Custom-printed or blank: Are you interested in blank products or customizable products? 
  3. Average Minimum Order Increment: Approx. how many units will you order at a time?
  4. Ship to Location: Also let us know if you’ll be drop-shipping products from our location!
  5. Loading Dock Available (Y/N): -More freight options are available if you have a dock!

Once we receive the above data, we can calculate whether we can offer you an even bigger wholesale discount than the pricing shown on the site!

Printing Process

Q: What type of printers do you use for custom printed orders?

A: We print using Direct to Garment (DTG) printers. This printing method uses a fabric printer much like an inkjet printer and applies a water-based ink directly to the fabric for a soft, seamless feel.

Q: Why use DTG digital printing instead of other methods like screen-printing & embroidery?

A: The advantage of using DTG printing is that colors are incredibly vibrant when printed and color combination possibilities are endless. Unlike screen printing where screens must be set up for each design, digital DTG printing does not have a set-up fee either. Also, the water-based ink used in DTG leaves the fabric with a soft, smooth finish, while the plastisol ink used in screen-printing leaves a plastic/rubber like coating on the fabric that reduces the fabric’s absorbency and can crack and flake off over time. DTG printing does not guarantee exact color matching and colors cannot be matched based on Pantone #s like a screen printer would do with their plastisol inks. Because DTG printing does not require screen set up and is not dependent on the # of colors in your design, the way DTG printing is priced is based on the volume of ink consumed by your design. This is how the design-specific print price is calculated on bulk orders exceeding 50 prints of the same design.

Custom-Printed Orders

Q: How Can I Place a Custom Order Using the Design Studio?

A. To place an order for a customized product:

1.) You can click on the “Design” link in the main menu and search for your desired product in the Design Studio by clicking the “Update Product” button. Or head to the product page of the item you want and click the “Start Designing” button. This will take you into the Design Studio on your desired product.

2.) In the Design Studio you can use a variety of tools to customize your product!

    • It offers many text and stock image options. Upload your own art file by clicking the “Add Design” button on the top menu bar. Here you can choose one of our stock designs or “Upload Image” to add your own file. PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG, EPS files accepted.
    • Please note that we do not print white ink. Any white areas of your design or its background will appear as the fabric color of your product. Because we do not print with a white under base – colored fabrics (natural beige, blue, yellow, pink, etc) may alter the colors of your design. For the best appearance – use darker colors on colored fabrics! DTG printing does not allow for exact color management.
    • Please ensure all artwork uploaded meets the hi-resolution requirements in the Design Studio (300 dpi resolution or greater). The “Image Quality Rating” will also be an indicator when you upload your art and resize. Red (bad), Orange (not great), Green (Looks good!).

3.) Once your image has been applied to your product, you can position and size your design within the allotted design region. The orange dotted line indicated is our MAX print area of 14” x 16”. The actual print space you want to use will depend on the product and your design. Each flour sack towel size will have a “fold line” and two “1/3” tick marks to indicate how to place your design within the bottom center half (a typical tri-fold or French fold area of towels). Not all designs will use this but it’s there if needed! If a location on the towel is not available – please contact use and we can accommodate different print areas. We do not do all-over prints.

    • Cotton Creations will print artwork as provided and cannot be held responsible for adverse impacts to quality resulting from low image upload resolution, misspellings in created artwork or improper image/text placement in the Design Studio. Please review your design prior to placing your order as it will be printed exactly as it is visible in our Design Studio. This is used as your electronic proof.

4.) Once your design is complete, update the quantity wanted in the above menu bar.

    • For orders of 1-49 units (under 50 units of one design) can be ordered directly through our Design Studio. You can order just 1 printed product as a sample for $11 a print + product price + shipping through the Design Studio. Our wholesale printing prices start at 50 units and price break at 51, 101, 201, 301, 501, 1000+ and needs a quote from us – please contact info@cottoncreations.com for orders of 50+ units.
    • Print prices:
      • 1-11 prints = $11 each
      • 12-49 prints = 30% off total (automatically calculated once added to cart)
      • 50+ prints = Design Specific, needs a wholesale quote

5.) Then click the “Buy” button to be taken to the cart. Note: once the design is added to the cart, you will not be able to update the quantity or edit the design without going back through the Design Studio (this is a request we are working on!).

6.) In your cart, you will enter your billing and shipping address to select your shipping method and click “Proceed to Checkout.” Once you advance to checkout, you will not be able to edit your design, quantity or shipping method.

7.) Once you click “Place Order” you are all set! You will receive an order confirmation email with your order details after the order is placed. Your print is now added to our production ticket! Turnaround time will depend on quantity and time of ordering. If you need something by a specific date, please let us know and we can make sure to accommodate if we can.

Q: How Can I Submit a Request For a Custom Quote?

A. To get a quote on wholesale customized products:

1.) From the Design Studio – click on the $ icon in the bottom right corner. This will take you to our quote form. Please fill out all information. Make sure to upload your desired art and choose the product and quantity you want. Then click the “Send Request” button.


2.) Email info@cottoncreations.com with this information:

  • Attach your Hi-Res art file
  • Product choice
  • Size and placement wanted on the product
  • Approximate quantity wanted
  • Due date if needed by a specific date

Q: If I order multiple designs to be printed, can they all ship together?

A: Yes, we do our best to package entire orders together in order to keep both shipping costs and the risk of products getting lost or stolen, to a minimum. To ensure your multiple designs ship together, please contact customer service so all of your designs can be invoiced together!

Q: Is there an extra cost per towel to have a design printed?

A: Towels and printing service are separate costs. The total cost of a printed product consists of the product price + the print price + the shipping cost (if app. – orders over $200 ship free!)

Q: How are “design-specific” printing prices determined?

A: The number of colors does not affect the price, rather, ink consumption determines print price (size of design + quantity printed will effect your wholesale print price). 

Q: Can I expedite my order?  If so, what’s the cost to do so?

A: While our typical lead time for custom printed orders is 15-20* business days, we understand that you may need your towels sooner. Please email us if you need an order by a specific date. To accommodate a rush need, we offer a rush expedited service that enters an alternative production queue.  The cost for this service is as follows:

  • +30% Surcharge ($50.00 minimum), 5-6 business days
  • +50% Surcharge ($100.00 minimum), 3-4 business days
  • +100%  Surcharge ($150.00 minimum), 24-48 hours
***Please note that RUSH services are only available as permitted by the
production schedule and will be assessed at the time of

Design Studio

Q: What type of image file do I need to upload?

A: Our online Design Studio accepts PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG, EPS files. 300 dpi resolution highly recommended. 

Please ensure all artwork uploaded meets the hi-resolution requirements in the Design Studio (300 dpi resolution or greater). The “Image Quality Rating” will also be an indicator when you upload your art and resize. Red (bad), Orange (not great), Green (Looks good!). 

Q: What are the size dimensions to best fit a design so that it’s centered when the towel is tri-folded?

A: This depends on the size of your towel. We recommend 1/3 of the towel’s width and 1/2 of the towel’s height, so it remains in the tri-fold area. For example, we recommend no larger than 8-9″ wide and 12″ tall on a 28″ x 29″ towel.

Q: What’s the biggest area I can get printed at once?

A: Our maximum print area is 14″ wide x 16″ tall.

Q: Can I get a whole towel printed instead of just the bottom middle quadrant?

A: Our maximum printing area for one print is 14″ x 16″. If you’d like, we can print multiple prints on a towel but understand that each print is a separate charge. However, we can not do all over print patterns. The prints are too hard to match up with each other and it doesn’t turn out perfect. 

The Design Studio isn’t equipped to process these requests so if you’d like multiple prints on a singular product. Please reach out to info@cottoncreations.com and we can work with you to help make it happen!

Q: Can I print in an area other than where it’s set at in the Design Studio?

A: In the Design Studio, design regions are set to accommodate the most common print areas our customers requests. However, we can place graphics almost anywhere on a product. If you don’t see the area you want in the Design Studio, please reach out to info@cottoncreations.com and we can work with you to help make it happen!

Turnaround Time + Shipping

Q: How long until my custom-printed order is ready?

A: Order-to-ship (turnaround) time depends on order volume at the time of your order, but generally we estimate 12-15 business days + ship time. If order volume is low, we sometimes get orders out much faster! 

Q: How long until my blank towel order is shipped?

A:  If you place a blank towel order, it should ship out of our warehouse in about 3-5 business days (or possibly less). If you need your order sooner, we can apply a rush fee to get your order out sooner. Please contact customer service to learn more. 

Q: Can I get an order shipped to me today?

A: Our warehouse processes orders in the order in which they were received. The only way to ensure same-day processing, picking, inspecting, packaging and shipping is to apply a 100% rush surcharge to your order total, allowing our warehouse to prioritize your order over others in the queue. Orders can only be same-day rushed if they are placed before noon. Next-day processing is a 50% rush fee.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes, the only shipping method we offer outside the United States is USPS International. This price is automatically calculated based on the weight of your order and your shipping address and cannot be negotiated.

See our Shipping Policy page for more details.


Q: How are towels typically packaged?

A: Towels are pressed, folded in half and shipped in a box.

Q: Can I get custom packaging done for my order?

A: We can add custom packaging to your order for a per unit price that varies depending on the application! We can apply bands, stickers, etc. (customer provided) or we can individually wrap each towel in plastic cellophane.

Reorders & Returning Customers

Q: How Can I Place an Exact Reorder?


BLANK orders can be re-ordered through your account by going to your old order # (see below instructions).

PRINTED orders must be re-ordered through a quote or email to us – info@cottoncreations.com

  1. Click on My Account on the top right corner of the home page.
  2. Sign in to your Cotton Creations account.
  3. Click the “Orders” button. Here you will see your order history.
  4. Choose the order you would like to re-purchase (this can only be a blank order) and click “Re-Order.” This will add a duplicate of the chosen order to your cart. 
  5. Finally, you must input your billing information and shipping address. Choose your desired shipping method and then click “Place Order” to submit payment. You will receive a confirmation email after the order is placed!

Q: Can I use the credit card information used for a previous order?

A: To ensure the safety and security of our customers, we do not keep any credit card information on file. When placing a reorder, you must enter in your card’s info again or you may use PayPal to complete your transaction.

Q: What is the difference between the Premium and Gourmet towels I used to order?

A: Both the Premium is a higher thread-count heavy-weight towel relative to the Gourmet.  We have recently switched to the Premiums as our main heavy-weight option. While we do still have some stock of the Gourmets for sale, once this stock is depleted the Gourmet line will not be restocked. While the Gourmets may be slightly softer to the touch, we decided to switch to the Premiums because there were issues with sizes being inconsistent as well as color variations with the Gourmets. Also, unlike Gourmets, all of our Premium towels are fully treated, washed and processed in-house here at our warehouse in Illinois, assuring higher quality control.

Q: What happened to Towels & Home?

A: Towels and Home is now under new management as Cotton Creations! Same great service but an even better product quality. We have recently made the switch to fully processing all of our towel lines in-house, so the quality inspection and overall production process has improved. We even have a new line called the Craft Basics Premium Flour Sack Towels,  which replaced the Gourmet and Deluxe lines. The Premium has a higher thread count and thickness than both previous lines and is also processed right here in our own facilities in Illinois.

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