Tea Towels + Napkins


Napkins are a necessity when dining, preparing meals, or cleaning the home. Throughout the year, you can use and dispose of thousands of paper napkins within your home, restaurant, business or commercial cleaning service. By simply switching to a reusable, cotton fabric instead, you will notice a huge impact right away. Not only will you save money on purchasing paper napkins and towels on weekly basis, but you will also contribute way less to the destruction of trees and production of paper waste. Purchase one dozen flour sack napkins and keep them handy where you would normally use paper. Purchase more for higher bulk discount pricing on all of our premium kitchen towels. You’ll see how easy and efficient cotton napkins can make cleaning and hosting. If you are in food service, our flour sack napkins can be used for prep work, cleaning and even for guests to use when dining. Bright white or rustic napkins can give your space a more sophisticated and ecofriendly feel. Cotton flour sack napkins are the smart choice, both economically and aesthetically!

A variety of customized napkins

Our cotton napkins elevate any dining experience with a touch of style. Soft cotton napkins look, feel and perform much better than thin paper napkins. Choose a sustainable product to make a great impression on house guests and customers. Whether you use these in your home, your bar or in your bakery, you will save money on paper products and create less paper waste. For added detail, use our budget-friendly and super detailed custom printing to add your family name, business logo or even a special wedding date to your napkins. Customized textiles are a modern design element that make all the difference at special events or classy dinners. This 100% cotton material is the same famous fabric we use to produce our flour sack towels, so you know they will be long-lasting and highly effective.

Our flour sack napkins at Cotton Creations range in size, with square and rectangular shapes from 13 inches by 13 inches to 20 inches by 20 inches to fit a variety of your household, health and hospitality needs. These napkins and hand towels are absorbent, low-lint and food-safe, making them super adaptable. Use them in your home, daycare, restaurant, assisted living facility, and more! Our napkins are an affordable and versatile textile that will improve the productivity and overall appearance of your home or business. You can also choose between bright white or an unbleached, natural color to suit your preferences. Cotton napkins come in light-weight or heavy-weight options depending on the tasks or crafts at hand. Take advantage of our discounts when you buy a dozen, or buy at least 50 and get our wholesale pricing applied! If you need a few thousand, contact our Sales Team to navigate your best options!

Replace Your Paper Napkins

A custom napkin with words engraved on itDid you know that in the United States alone, we use more than 13 billion pounds of paper towels? And that does not include the many other disposable paper products and wipes used daily… You can help diminish this number just by making simple changes around your home or workplace! 100% cotton napkins are just the thing you need to make the environmentally friendly switch when it comes to handling everyday life.

How many paper napkins do you use and throw in the garbage each week? Single-use paper products can really add up in terms of your financial budget and the impact on our environment. Instead of buying paper towels, you can use our fabric napkins time and time again. Simply throw in the washing machine for next time. Simple as that! The flour sack material is constructed to be strong and durable, even after scrubbing, absorbing and cleaning many times over. Our blank cloth napkins will save you money and stand the test of time in your home. They work even better than paper products as napkins for any meal time or cooking prep, and if they get stained you can use them for household chores instead of tossing them away! The cotton flour sack material is not abrasive on skin or other delicate surfaces but clings on to water and dirt. They are pre-washed, pre-shrunk and ironed so you can save time and hassle.

Keep a stack in a basket right next to the sink in your kitchen or bathroom to break that habit of reaching for a paper towel. Use these napkins and dish towels for all kinds of simple and tough tasks like:

  • Drying Plates + Glassware
  • Holding Hot Dishes
  • Wiping the Counter
  • Dusting + Polishing
  • Scrubbing the Oven
  • Wiping Fan Blades
  • Washing the Floors
  • Cleaning the Fridge

If you are planning a Scouting trip, dining event or a family vacation on the road, our flour sack napkins are your go-to textile. Choose the eco-friendly and cost-effective route and bring along our reusable cotton napkins. These will come in handy during your road trip in the car or if you are camping under the stars. We make it easy to purchase a whole bunch of towels for prices you can’t get in stores! Take along this versatile tool and stay prepared.

As we all know, family reunions or picnics are the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy a meal together. Come prepared and bring along some cotton napkins to help every step of the way: covering food, transferring warm dishes, reusable face wipes, absorbing spills, place mats and more! Blank cotton napkins can also be used for craft activities and personalizing! Bring some permanent markers or tie-dye for a kids’ crafting activity, or make the event even more memorable and customize your napkins in our Design Station. Add your family name, Scouts’ names, the date, or an old family photo as a souvenir that will last for years to come!

Customize Flour Sack Napkins for Your Party and Home

custom napkin with hearts folded over a plateWhite cotton napkins are an elegant, cost-effective and super simple element that will add sophistication to your party décor. Napkins are a necessity at any party or special dinner, but can be a design element that gets over looked. Upgrade the atmosphere and go from flimsy paper napkins to soft and stylish fabric napkins. The sleek cotton construction comes in bright bleached white or unbleached natural beige to match any kind of décor or theme. You can’t find fabric napkins at these prices at party or linen rental stores… Contact Cotton Creations today to take your party from drab to fab!

While you’re at it, treat every day like a special event. Stock up your home with our flour sack napkins to use at meal time, in the kitchen or in the restroom. Your family and guests will appreciate the luxury of soft hand towels and cotton napkins, as opposed to low-quality paper towels. Absorbent and adaptable, you can buy our high-quality flour sack napkins once and use them a bunch! Make Sunday dinner a little fancier with fabric napkins and place mats or add your family monogram for a classic touch of personalization. Want to spread the love? You can create a custom towel set as a hostess, birthday or wedding gift! Add a name or photo to a flour sack napkin as a thoughtful and unique gift. Our napkins are pre-washed, dried and ironed for a crisp, clean look, all the while feeling delicate and soft to the touch. The ink we use for custom printing is also water-based, making it food-safe and safe for skin. 100% cotton napkins are perfect for any home or special occasion!

Contact our Design Team today to discuss customizing napkins for your event, gift idea, party favors and more. If you are planning a tea time birthday party or a baby shower luncheon, having 100% cotton napkins is a small detail that goes a long way. Fabric napkins can make guests feel like they are dining in a world-class restaurant or fancy hotel, plus our towels are pressed and crisp for an effortlessly tidy presentation. Use our DTG (direct-to-garment) custom printing to add the honoree’s name, special date, dinner menu or thank you note and give away as party favors!

They make wonderful gifts as well, if you add a prayer or sweet sentiment for the expecting parents or birthday person. This is a fun idea that is functional and won’t break the bank. We have customization pricing to fit your desired quantity, and free shipping is also available! Our flour sack napkins are absolutely perfect to customize for weddings and anniversaries. Our napkins will be a long-lasting gift that you can actually use. Print your wedding menu, bar menu, or thank-you message for your guests or employ hand-embroidery as a custom handkerchief gift for a loved one. Use our online Design Station to play around with photos, song lyrics, business logos or our decorative fonts. These simple and budget-friendly additions create a personal and classy aspect to your event that guests will appreciate and remember!

100% Cotton Craft Napkins – Colored, Bleached and Unbleached

Black and white customized napkinsCotton crafting napkins and flour sack towels can be hard to find in stores and are likely to be overpriced and low-quality. This traditional cleaning tool and crafting medium is so beloved because cotton is one of the most versatile and naturally beneficial fibers we can use. Absorbent, soft and durable, our flour sacks, bistro napkins and huck towels set the standard for crafting, hospitality and food service cloths. Our flour sack material is the same time-tested and highly sought-after fabric that has been trusted in homes and businesses for generations. The cotton fibers and generous construction hold on tightly to liquids and stitching, perfect for paints, inks, dyes and embroidery.

A traditional and colorful fabric for needlepoint or embroidery is our waffle and basket woven cotton towels and cloths. Our colored dish cloths and kitchen towels are light-weight and breathable, while still being absorbent and sturdy. Put these cotton napkins to use in your kitchen or bathroom and match your theme or color palette. Keep a stack near the sink to dry hands and dishes, or keep under the counter to assist in washing windows or tabletops. The soft cotton doesn’t leave scratches on glass, delicate surfaces or skin. Choose from solid and vibrant colors or striped patterns on these napkins, available in two sizes. Use the colored cotton napkins for embroidery crafts to sell or give as gifts.

If you need a blank canvas for your custom printing, stamping or needlepoint, explore the cotton napkin options from Cotton Creations. We have flour sack towel napkins that come in bleached white or unbleached beige that make detailed prints, colored thread or vibrant paints really pop! The huck and absorbent bleached cotton towels are thicker with a bit more texture than the flour sack towels if you need something heavier. A customized towel is a wonderful gift to give and receive! You can also put these to work for you as promotional or marketing items. Personalized cotton napkins are great gifts and favors for:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Catering Companies
  • Anniversary Parties
  • New Business Owners
  • Weddings
  • Sorority Sisters
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Grandparents’ Birthdays
  • Teachers

We are happy to offer all kinds of blank and customized cotton napkins on one simple site. You can buy one towel, one dozen towels or one thousand towels at prices you won’t find elsewhere. The best part is you get these prices without needing a special account or code! Add the towels to your cart and see the discount applied automatically. Easy online ordering, wholesale pricing for as little as 50 towels, and free shipping! If you have a family or a business, save money and time with our towels. Get access to top savings without having to buy too many or spend too much. Choose cotton napkins from Cotton Creations for superior Quality and Value!

Bulk Discount Towels

Looking for wholesale kitchen towels? Get bulk pricing of 30% off when you order just twelve Craft Basics flour sack towels and napkins. You can’t find lower wholesale prices! If you need towels for a larger group or event, take advantage of higher discounts when you get as little as 50 units for 60% savings. No need to order hundreds of towels just to take advantage of our bulk discounts to get top savings! Get what you need and get it fast with Cotton Creations. We offer multiple styles and sizes of towels so you can get just what you need without having to compromise.