Home Basics Waffle Weave Dish Cloth – 11″ x 11″ (4-Pack) by R&R Textile Mills, Inc.

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If you need a simple wash cloth for the bathroom, guest room, or to keep in the kitchen, we have a 4-pack of cotton towels you will love! Our Home Basics waffle weave dish cloth is 11 inches by 11 inches and woven with 100% cotton for a breathable and light-weight material. This weave pattern is loose yet strong and crafted to provide softness and comfort to skin, faces, and other sensitive areas or surfaces. This cloth comes in a 4-pack for extra value, and we also offer free shipping! Get these towels now and keep your home stocked for maximum convenience and comfort.

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Handy Kitchen Tool

The Home Basics waffle weave dish cloth pack is useful in every area of cleaning and cooking. In the kitchen, keep these cotton hand cloths nearby folded in a basket or rolled in a vase for a trendy and efficient space. Check out our Pinterest page to see more home decor and trendy space ideas!

These cotton waffle towels are perfect size for simple tasks, and are an easy way to help you cut back on paper use and lessen your impact on the environment! You’ll also save money on paper towels and napkins. The cotton towels are pre-washed before we send them out to you, so they are clean, food-safe and you can use them immediately.

If you have a tiny spill or need to dry off some dishes, use a waffle weave cloth instead of a full-size towel. Wipe down your cabinets or use to line the drawers in your fridge. Waffle weave dish cloths make clean-up easy and saving money a breeze. If you are cooking or entertaining, fabric napkins are a great addition. Use as coasters or to grab hot dishes! You can even use these to make cheese or strain vegetables! How can you use the waffle weave cloth in your home?


Cotton Towel Sets with Waffle Weave Cloths

Cotton waffle kitchen towels are the perfect little addition to a custom towel gift set or kitchen themed gift basket! Make a custom cotton towel in our Design Station and accompany it with the 4-pack of Home Basics waffle weave dish cloths. This is a functional and super cost friendly gift for a coworker, new homeowner or secret Santa!

Our cloths come in bright white to match any gift set theme or wedding colors. Include waffle weave dish cloths in a gift basket to add a comfy element and domestic touch. Keep a full set of cloths clean and folded in your guest bathroom or keep in your baby bag for on-the-go cleanup. Our waffle weave cotton towels are absorbent and soft, to provide comfort and cleanliness. If you are heading to a baby shower and want to create a diaper cake, include some rolled up waffle weave cloths as well! Functional gifts can also be very thoughtful.

Buy a few 4-packs of the Home Basics waffle weave dish cloth and have the kids create custom cloths to bring in their lunch bags or gift to the family. These towels are used by hotels and food service establishments all around the country, too! Give a touch of luxury to your home or a loved one’s home with these soft cotton cloths.

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