global-hands-environment-smOur Customers

At Cotton Creations our customers mean everything to us.  We value your feedback and want to hear from you.  To let us know how we can improve your shopping experience, or to ask a specific question about your order, please email us at

Our Design Station is a place where you can tap into your inner creativity, making one-of-a-kind products for you, your loved ones or even your business. Over time, our Design Station has developed with the help of customers like you. We take your advice to heart so Cotton Creations can become your preferred place to make unique creations from our wide selection of home products.

It is our goal to make your experience at Cotton Creations an interactive one, where your thoughts and feedback are continuously translated into our future offerings.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, or product desires, please feel free to reach out to us at or visit us at our Facebook Page.

Guiding Principles That Really Mean Something

Quality, Interaction, and Value. These guiding principles are more than just words to us. These words represent our commitment to you. How? Just see…

  • Quality. Every item on our sitehas been hand picked for its quality. From our Flour Sack Towels to baby apparel, each piece has been selected for its versatility and durability. This enables you to feel good about buying from us, because we’ve done your homework for you!
  • Interaction. Our website isn’t just a place to buy great merchandise. It’s also a playground where you can be innovative and customize your purchases! Our Design Shop uses makes it simple for you to design your own logos, monograms and more… even if you have never designed anything before. Plus, you can always contact our customer service personnel if you have any questions along the way.
  • Value. While the quality of products at Cotton Creations is second-to-none, we know that controlling our price point keeps our products accessible to each of you. We keep our prices affordable so you can save while getting the best.

The Environment

Conserving and protecting our natural resources is an ongoing mission at Cotton Creations. Our commitment resonates at all levels within the family that is our organization. From our efforts to be as paperless as possible, the products we design and carry, to the way we deliver products to your home; we recognize that the environment is our social responsibility in everything we do. One of the top examples of this dedication is our multipurpose line of eco-friendly Flour Sack Towels. The Flour Sack Towels we offer can take the place of disposable paper towels and even disposable diapers, reducing waste. Plus, they are elegantly simple and can be customized to fit your needs. They come in both bleached and unbleached forms, and are processed in America. You’ll discover that they hold up well wash after wash, eliminating the need to keep buying paper clean-up products.

At Cotton Creations, our commitment to the environment is a promise that we take seriously. You can depend on us to be reliable as your eco-conscientious merchant and partner.