Flour Sack Towels

Folks have enjoyed using flour sack towels for generations. At Cotton Creations, we’ve brought back this time-honored essential through our selected manufacturer’s Craft Basics™ brand (our partner manufacturer is R&R Textile Mills Inc). We proudly offer this classic fabric in light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight options that continue to have unlimited purposes from crafts to personal care to home goods!

Cleaning, cooking, creating… cotton flour sacks handle it all.

During the “Horse and Buggy” days homemakers purchased their flour in 100 lbs bundles or sacks made from 100% fine woven cotton. Once emptied, the flour sacks were washed, bleached, cut, sewn, and stitched into various household items. These items included kitchen towels, polishing cloths, bed sheets, pillow cases, and even underwear! The Craft Basics ™ line of flour sacks includes 4 different quality types for all kinds of crafts and projects, like:

  • painting
  • embroidery
  • stamping
  • dyeing
  • printing
  • gift baskets and more!


What are Flour Sack Towels?

Homemakers have enjoyed using flour sacks for generations. At Cotton Creations, we’ve brought back this time-honored essential in its dish towel form with our line of Flour Sack Towels! These vintage towels are pre-washed, 100% Cotton, and lint-free. Further, these flour sack towels can be used for any number of household tasks or can even become personalized cloth baby diapers!

Enhance Your Home With Flour Sack Towels

Though the name “flour sack towels” may sound a little odd, we’re certain you’re going to appreciate the advantages that come when buying towels that have been made from this material. Years ago, cotton flour sacks were turned into everything from linens to underwear by frugal housewives. Today, most flour comes in paper packaging, which means you have to find purchase flour sack towels from unique stores like Cotton Creations.

What will you get when you purchase flour sack towels from us? Plenty!

  • Lint-free drying. Who doesn’t appreciate having as little lint as possible when using a towel to dry an object? Our 100 percent cotton flour sack towels produce the bare minimum amount of lint, making them perfect as tea towels and kitchen towels.
  • Easy cleaning. You’ll discover it’s simple to clean our flour sack dishcloths by just popping them into your washer and dryer. No fabric softener is necessary to keep your flour sack towels looking and performing at tiptop shape.
  • Attractive appearance. Lint-free flour sack towels have a very minimalist appeal, which makes them ideal for any kind of home décor. Plus, when you buy your flour sack towels from Cotton Creations, you have the opportunity to customize them with your favorite saying, your monograms, a logo and more.
  • Thirsty construction. What could be better than a towel that’s naturally thirsty? Our 100 percent cotton flour sack towels love to drink up liquids. No wonder so many people use them to dry their dishes!
  • Nonirritating surface. Parents often choose flour sack towels for their babies and toddlers because the towels are so gentle on skin. What child wouldn’t want to feel comforted with the softness of pure cotton?

Look through all the flour sack products at Cotton Creations right now and place your order. They’re priced right and great for gift-giving!

Design Your Own Custom Towels Today!

Cotton Creations’ Design Station allows you to take your personalized craft to the next level by designing your own custom towels. Perfect as a special gift for a company event, you can even monogram the towels to be personalized specially for you and your loved ones!

With Cotton Creations, the options are limitless, with a variety of towel and design options to choose from. At Cotton Creations, we’re proud to bring you the same truly old-fashioned, all-cotton weave towel that your grandmother knew best. Try out our flour sack towels and see for yourself how great they are!