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Flour sack towels in their packaging

Folks have enjoyed using flour sack towels for generations. At Cotton Creations, we’ve brought back this time-honored essential through our Craft Basics™ brand. Our trusted partner manufacturer is R&R Textile Mills Inc., and we have been in the business of making quality cotton linens for over 30 years. We remain your one-stop shop for bulk discount flour sack towels.

We proudly offer cotton kitchen flour sack towels in lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight options that continue to have unlimited purposes. These vintage dish towels can be used for just about anything. Use cotton flour sack towels in all aspects of your busy life, from craft projects to personal care to home goods! Cleaning, creating, cooking and baking — absorbent and lint-free cotton flour sack towels handle it all.

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Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

During the “horse-and-buggy” days, homemakers purchased their flour in 100-pound bundles or sacks made from fine woven cotton. These heavyweight sacks were extremely durable in many conditions over a long period. People washed the empty flour sacks and turned them into various household items.

The cotton was still useful and soft, so this was a perfect way for folks to save money on living essentials. These items included flour sack kitchen towels and rags for cleaning the home or taking care of livestock. They were also fine enough to use as polishing cloths for metal, glass, tools and even jewelry. The cotton was so comfortable, people used it to construct bedsheets, pillowcases and even underwear!

Today, cotton is still one of the most versatile and natural materials we can use. Cotton Creations takes the added work out of getting flour sack towels — no need to wash and scrub away flour and dirt before cutting and sewing into your desired shape. The old days are long gone, but flour sack dish towels have stood the test of time throughout the generations.

We prewash, dry and iron all our cotton flour sack towels to get them freshly cleaned and pressed for your business or home. Flour sacks and cotton linens are absorbent towels and the ideal medium to provide style, comfort and functionality around any space. Bright white kitchen towels are perfect in a restaurant, and customized flour sack towels are the best housewarming gift!

Craft Basics Flour Sack Tea Towels

The Craft Basics brand from Cotton Creations blends value, efficiency and style into one easy concept — customizable cotton flour sack towels! We have created an entirely in-house production process to offer our highest-quality flour sack dish towels yet. Our warehouse and production facility cover beginning-to-end processes from laundry to inspection to custom printing and packaging.

The Craft Basics brand is the best flour sack towel line on the market, online or in stores, with competitive wholesale pricing and tons of sizing options. Cotton Creations is the only place to get Craft Basics at this price, either for blank or custom flour sack towels.

We have four different types of soft and absorbent Craft Basics flour sack towels to suit all kinds of needs, such as event or kitchen décor, cooking and baking tasks.

  1. Craft Basics Value flour sack towel: Lightweight, bright white and breathable. Perfect as a cheesecloth or personalized tea towel.
  2. Craft Basics American flour sack towel: Mediumweight, bleached white and available in many shapes and sizes. Excellent for digital printing and wholesalers.
  3. Craft Basics Natural flour sack towel: Mediumweight, natural unbleached beige with a charming, rustic feel. Our eco-friendly flour sack is ideal for organic shops, farms and nurseries and more.
  4. Craft Basics Premium flour sack towel: Heavyweight, tight weave and bleached white. Our thickest and highest-quality towel for branding your business or creating one-of-a-kind gifts.
    • Take a look at one of our best sellers, the Craft Basics Premium Flour Sack Towel – 28″ x 29″. The 28″ by 29″ flour sack towel gives that perfect balance of being large, but not too large. Combined with the thick and tight weave material, this towel signifies quality and timeless elegance.

What will you get when you purchase flour sack towels from us? Plenty! Cotton is machine washable and a vital tool to have in your corner. Your daily tasks can become more efficient and eco-friendly if you choose reusable cotton flour sack towels. Ordering flour sack towels from Cotton Creations comes with a range of benefits, starting with easy online ordering and budget-conscious prices. How can you benefit from using cotton flour sackcloth?

  • Lint-free drying: Who doesn’t appreciate having as little lint as possible when using a towel to dry an object? Our cotton flour sack towels produce the bare minimum amount of lint, making them perfect as tea towels and kitchen towels. Dry dishes in your home or restaurant with our lint-free flour sack towels for a streak-free shine.
  • Easy cleaning: You’ll discover it’s simple to clean our flour sack dishcloths by popping them into your washer and dryer. No fabric softener is necessary to keep your flour sack towels looking and performing at tiptop shape. You can stop buying paper towels and save with our flour sack dish towels.
  • Attractive appearance: Lint-free flour sack towels have a minimalist appeal, making them ideal for any home décor. The bright white or natural colors can match numerous color schemes and design ideas. Plus, when you buy your flour sack towels from Cotton Creations, you have the opportunity to customize them with your favorite saying, your monograms, a logo and more with our Design Station.
  • Absorbent construction: Our cotton flour sack towels love to drink up liquids. No wonder so many people use them to dry their dishes! These absorbent towels will soak up spills, condensation and more. You can even keep these towels in your gym bag for a workout or in your car for easy access.
  • Nonirritating surface: Parents often choose flour sack towels for their babies and toddlers because the towels are so gentle on the skin. What child wouldn’t want to feel comforted with the softness of pure cotton? They’re also great as makeup-removing cloths, dining napkins or even as reusable cloth diapers.
  • Reduces Waste: Each time you use a flour sack towel, you’re doing your part to help the environment. Being made of highly durable and highly reusable material means that flour sack towels can be used in place of items such as paper towels and paper napkins. Making the switch will help you cut down on excess paper waste, which in turn helps the environment.

What Are Flour Sack Towels?

Flour sack towels, also known as tea towels or kitchen towels, have been a staple in the home and workplace for generations. Though our Craft Basics towels have not carried pounds of flour before we use them, we construct them from that same, finely woven cotton “flour sack” material.

Freshly cleaned and extremely adaptable, this absorbent, no-lint cotton cloth is beloved for crafting projects and trusted for tough jobs. We’ve brought back this time-honored essential in its vintage dish towel form with our customizable line of Craft Basics Flour Sack Towels! These vintage towels are prewashed, cotton, lint-free and versatile enough to print your logo on.

We created the Craft Basics brand to solve issues in the cotton flour sack towel market. Previously, it was the standard for flour sack towels to have limited sizing options, inconsistent quality and unreliable inventory. Our team has the advantage of producing top-quality cotton linens for hotels and service industries for over 30 years, so we decided to add our impact to the flour sack towel market with many purchasing options.

With Cotton Creations, you will find that our in-house production allows us to produce consistently superb linens at a fast pace, keeping our inventory stocked and prices low. Popular retailers, digital artists, food service facilities, hospitality services and more rely on our flour sack towels for their soft feel, simplicity and classic look. When you hear “tea towels” or “flour sack towels,” think of Cotton Creations for maximum value!

Quality Cotton Flour Sack Material

Not only are flour sack tea towels soft and absorbent, but their machine-washable quality also makes them super easy to take care of. The cotton weave in these flour sack tea towels is strong and won’t tear apart after a couple of washes. With the proper care, these will last a long time. You can easily avoid staining and keep the flour sacks extra soft without using fabric softener!

Save time, money and potential waste with flour sack dish towels from Cotton Creations. You can machine or hand-wash these towels. When we do our initial wash and inspection, we ensure the towel is clean and will not continue to shrink or warp. We recommend hanging the towels to dry or use low-heat tumble drying when necessary. Doing so will help preserve the shape, stitching and any custom design. Follow these easy-care instructions for a long-lasting cotton kitchen towel.

Blank Cotton Flour Sack Towels

Blank flour sack towels are an excellent addition to a restaurant, home or hospitality service. Cotton Creations is a leading provider of premium blank cotton flour sack tea towels. Blank flour sack towels are a versatile option you can customize to fit your unique tastes and needs. Upgrade your dining and hosting experience with made-to-order embroidery or printed monograms.

"Common uses for cotton tea towels include cooking, cleaning and serving."

Common uses for cotton tea towels include:

  • Cleaning: Machine-washable flour sack towels are an excellent tool for various cleaning tasks, including dusting, drying dishes, cleaning windows and much more. Flour sack kitchen towels are free of lint, meaning they will not leave fuzz behind while cleaning or cause streaking and scratches. Our Craft Basics Tea Towel with Loop makes cleaning and kitchen work even easier. The convenient hanging loop lets you hang this towel for drying or storage purposes.
  • Cooking: Flour sack towels are safe to use around food, making them an ideal towel for the kitchen. In addition to cleaning, you can use these flour sack napkins & towels for several cooking tasks, including making cheese, proofing dough and more.
  • Serving: When serving warm rolls, muffins or other freshly baked goods, you can use a flour sack towel to keep these tasty treats warm and fresh. You can also get creative and use these towels for decorating a place setting or as a napkin.
  • Caregivers: If you are taking care of a baby or toddler, you will want to make sure to use only the best products for a baby’s sensitive skin. Use flour sack towels as burping cloths or even a gentle option after a bath.

Enhance Your Home with Organic Flour Sack Towels

Though the name “flour sack towels” may sound a little odd, we’re certain you’re going to appreciate the advantages that come when buying towels made from this material. Years ago, frugal housewives and homesteaders used cotton flour sacks for everything from linens to underwear. Today, most flour comes in paper packaging, which means you must purchase flour sack towels from unique stores like Cotton Creations.

Cotton flour sack dish towels are so handy in any room of your home. The reusable aspect makes them a friend to your wallet and our environment. Not to mention, these tea towels make cleaning and staying prepared for messes so much easier.

You can get one dozen flour sacks guaranteed to last for household cleaning, cooking and baking and save time and money all year. These lint-free, absorbent towels make cleaning more efficient, and soiled towels can go in the wash.

Another way flour sacks enhance your home is with a unique, custom aspect that makes your décor stand out. Our Design Station makes it easy to add your family name or monogram to dish towels to display in your home. Crisp white kitchen towels look great hanging on your stove in the kitchen or folded neatly in the guest room.

When you have company over, they will love the personal details you have added to your home. We also offer custom sets with premade templates! Easily add your name to a seasonal design for Thanksgiving or enter a loved one’s name for a Father’s Day gift. Make life brighter and simpler with Craft Basics flour sack towels.

These towels aren’t only for indoor use! Cotton is excellent when working with your hands and can help out in tons of unexpected ways. You can use white flour sacks to enhance your home’s look and cleanliness in the garden, front yard, garage and more. The soft and absorbent cotton towels are helpful for wiping windows or lining planting boxes to keep plants moist.

You can also fold these towels to rest under your knees as you work in your garden and clean dirt or mud from shoes and gloves. Toss in the wash and hang dry outside for next time! The cotton flour sack towel is sure to be your new home, garden and kitchen partner. When you buy as little as one dozen, you can save 30% on the necessities that make your home more comfortable and welcoming.

Design Your Custom Flour Sack Towels Today!

Flour sack towels make excellent gifts because they are unique home décor elements that continue to be popular. If you look on Pinterest or Etsy, you will see many designers offering flour sack towels as an element of color or fun banter in kitchen décor. Schools and youth programs love keeping our plain flour sacks handy for functional and out-of-the-box crafting.

Plain flour sack towels are truly a blank canvas for tons of home improvement projects, class fundraising projects, craft projects, weekend activities at Grandma’s and more. You can have Craft Basics flour sack dish towels screen printed or digitally printed, and our heavyweight, Premium flour sack towels are great for embroidery! If you don’t already have a design in mind, our online Design Station makes it easy to create something personal.

You can add song lyrics for a wedding present or a cherished image for someone’s birthday. Save money and a trip to the store in mere minutes by shopping for custom towels with Cotton Creations. The rustic, farmhouse elements of modern home design and wedding inspiration perfectly match the natural and earthy feel of our Craft Basics Natural flour sack towels.

This trend is a great balance of eco-conscious living and simplistic, functional decoration. You can use flour sack towels many times, and they will maintain their durable construction and soft feel. These elements of your home will play a starring role at each mealtime or family gathering. Enhance the experience even further with machine-washable, personalized dish towels. Order blank or customized flour sack towels and improve the life lived in your home.

If you want to keep your craft room stocked with supplies or give the kids fun craft projects on a rainy day, flour sack towels are absorbent enough for cleaning, yet super fun to decorate! Buy plain, 100% cotton towels and enjoy high-quality, long-lasting products for your home or business.

Buy natural beige or bright white kitchen towels to match your ideas or kitchen décor. No matter what craft you choose, use blank flour sacks to cover up the table and protect from paint, or for the craft itself!

Customize your Flour Sack Towels With:

If you have an idea or design in mind that you can’t find in stores, make it yourself! We often love a movie line or joke from a TV show, but you might not find it in any stores. Personalized towels with pictures are a thoughtful and cherished gift, but getting them made might feel like a chore. That’s where Cotton Creations’ Design Station comes in!

With our digital printing services, you can upload an image or use or range of decorative fonts to type anything you wish. Customized flour sack tea towels make excellent gifts for friends, co-workers, newlyweds or parents. Add an inside joke or silly nickname to show them you care — they are sure to smile! Digitally printed flour sack towels allow you to take your personalized crafts to the next level. With Cotton Creations, the options are limitless!

There is no quantity requirement, meaning you can create a single custom towel or thousands for a company event. From flour sack napkins to cotton tea towels, we have a large variety of sizes to fit any task, event or décor inspiration.

Add a custom design element to your wedding or fundraising dinner while staying under budget, or include a customized dish towel in a gift bag for loyal customers. How could you use flour sacks in your busy life? Check out our Pinterest page to see even more creative ideas on ways to use flour sack towels.

When you need Craft Basics flour sack tea towels at a wholesale rate, Cotton Creations offers affordable pricing with no fuss — no need for a special account or discount code. Our bulk discounts will apply in your cart automatically when you get as little as 50 of the same towel! You save 60% for your wholesale order of 50 or more, and most orders also qualify for zero tax and free shipping!

Stock up for less and make your business or home run more efficiently. At Cotton Creations, we’re proud to bring you the same truly old-fashioned, all-cotton weave towel that our elders knew best. Try out our absorbent and no-lint flour sack towels and see for yourself how outstanding they are!

Bulk Discount Flour Sack Towels

Bulk discount flour sack towels

Are you looking for wholesale kitchen towels? Get bulk pricing of 30% off when you order only 12 Craft Basics flour sack towels and napkins. You can’t find lower wholesale prices! If you need towels for a larger group or event, take advantage of higher discounts when you get as little as 50 units for 60% savings.

No need to order hundreds of towels to take advantage of our bulk discounts and get top savings! Get what you need and get it fast with Cotton Creations. We offer multiple styles and sizes of flour sack tea towels so you can get what you need without having to compromise.

When you buy flour sack tea towels from us, you can save your time and money while ordering any towels you need without a minimum requirement. Enjoy wholesale pricing and high-quality flour sack towels. The more you buy, the more you can save while replacing the need for traditional paper towels. Cotton Creations is a leading provider of flour sack kitchen towels in bulk.