American Flour Sack Towel – 28″ x 29″

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Our world-class 28 inch by 29 inch American flour sack towel is everything that flour sack towels are supposed to be. This is by far our most popular flour sack tea towel. We construct this material from 100% cotton and produce it right here in the US, so we can bring you a bright white, low-lint, strong weave and soft feel every time. Order your sample today!

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 100% Cotton
• Fabric Weight: Medium

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A Time-Tested Textile You Need in Your Home

Cotton flour sack towels have been utilized in and around the home over many generations. Not only do they serve countless functional purposes, from cleaning to clothing to baking prep, they can also be a design element that ties your whole home together. We have produced our American flour sack towel for decades, so we know the recipe for consistency and high-quality. We see that each cloth is washed, inspected and ironed so you can put it to good use right when it arrives to you. Our flour sack fabric has been helping to eliminate paper waste in the home and workspace for years. We know that if you keep a stack in your kitchen or bathroom, you will notice how easy it is to use a reusable cloth rather than buying paper products week after week. The clean, white cotton towel feels great but also looks great. It adds an elegant yet minimalistic aspect to any space. It is also our most popular towel for custom printing!

Many professional artisans and painters, and our beloved DIY-ers, come to Cotton Creations because they value attention to detail and economically sensible mediums to showcase their art. We have the ability to print simple business logos and intricate, watercolor paintings. Our digital printing is perfect to add your last name, a holiday greeting or an encouraging message onto a flour sack. The online Design Station makes it simple to customize a flour sack kitchen towel in minutes. Give as a gift or decorate your home! The 28 inch by 29 inch American towel truly is a blank canvas for your ideas. The 100% cotton fabric works incredibly well with paints, stamps and inks, markers, needlepoint, and more. Every day, we have the pleasure of combining our textiles with inspired designs to create unique, and functional, works of art.

What Makes Cotton Creations Flour Sack Towels Better?

The American flour sack towels from Cotton Creations are superb because they are manufactured in-house by our excellent team. That mean every single day, we are overseeing each phase of production to make sure we never compromise on the high quality you expect. We offer bulk pricing to all of our customers, without the need for a special wholesale account, and quick delivery to make your experience hassle-free. Ask about free shipping, too! Cotton Creations was built on values of integrity, creativity and hard work. Our family has been in the flour sack towel industry for a long time, and it is still our passion to consistently provide you with excellent service and top-notch textiles. Order today and become a part of the Cotton Creations family!

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