Natural Flour Sack Towel – 18″ x 22″

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Key Features:
• 100% Cotton
• Eco-Friendly
• Natural Beige Color
• Fabric Weight: Medium

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If you want a versatile and strong textile product for a variety of uses around your home or business, you can take advantage of the classic 18 x 22 natural flour sack towel. This is the same size as the classic tea towel, which is an indispensable tool. With quality options from Cotton Creations, you can buy as many of these home essentials as you need. Our Design Station even allows you to personalize your towels to give your home a unique touch.

Why the 18 x 22 Natural Flour Sack Towel?

These tea towel-sized options can be used to:

  • Keep baked goods warm after coming out of the oven
  • Serve meals
  • Clean up the kitchen table after a meal is done
  • Poach, strain, cover or wrap foods in the kitchen
  • Try out crafts such as water color painting, printing and more
  • Wrap produce to keep it dry and fresh
  • Replace paper towels
  • Position as place-mats or napkins
  • Dry dishes

The Benefits of Tea Towel Sizes

The rustic 18 x 22 unbleached flour sack towel looks at home in any kitchen or space, whether your residence has a country feel, classical look or more contemporary style. Because these towels aren’t treated with any harsh dyes, they are eco-friendly and safe for use with food.

This fine, 100-percent cotton fabric is elegant enough for you to use as a napkin, but it is sturdy enough to machine wash. This strong towel looks great — even with repeated use — and because it is pre-shrunk, it will stay true to its size.

Order From Cotton Creations

If you’d like to buy the unbleached 18 x 22 natural flour sack towel for your home or business, you’ll find that Cotton Creations offers easy online ordering. You can buy as few or as many towels as you like, but if you order 12 or more, you receive a 30 percent discount off of already affordable price. If you place an order for 50 or more towels, you will enjoy a 60 percent discount.

Cotton Creations can also handle large bulk orders, so you can order for commercial uses or for a craft business. If you have questions about our towels or need help with design and customization, you can always reach out to us for more information.

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