Flour Sack Towels

Craft Basics Premium Flour Sack Towels - USA Made

You wanted thicker, more consistent flour sack towels and we have delivered! Cotton Creations and our trusted partner manufacturer have crafted an all new flour sack tea towel called the Craft Basics Premium. Like its name suggests, this deluxe cotton towel is the premium choice when it comes to flour sack material; this 100% cotton towel is superb to others of its kind, with a tighter weave and higher thread count. Our retail and wholesale customers alike love this new line because it is thicker and more absorbent than the others, with a sleek and sophisticated look. The Craft Basics Premium heavyweight flour sack towels are our highest quality towel, constructed to eradicate the industry-standard of inconsistent and poor-quality cloths. You will not find another flour sack towel that is as durable and strong as our Premium. No need to order hundreds of towels just to take advantage of our bulk wholesale discounts for top savings. Add 12 or 50 units to your cart for a 30-60% savings. How can you use the Premium flour sack towel?

Customize your flour sack towel with our brand new and easy to use design tool!

A variety of custom printed flour sack towels

Heavyweight Flour Sack Towels

The advantages of our Craft Basics Premium flour sack towels seem to go on and on… Not only does it beat out other top retailers in terms of construction and softness, but it also has a super low price! You can purchase the heavy duty Premium towels for your home or business and eliminate paper waste, improve cleaning efficiency and save money on disposable supplies. There is no limit to quantity, so you can purchase one as a sample or 10,000 to last the year. This towel is highly absorbent, versatile and can be purchased in any increment! Cotton Creations is your partner for a cleaner home and a more productive business. We have made this towel to handle any task without becoming weary, but to also look elegant and professional. These towels are smooth in texture but grip on to water and dirt with force. No matter what you need the Premium towel for, we have price points to match your needs!

New and Improved Flour Sack

wholesale flour sack towel hanging in kitchen Over the years, we have worked with a few different gourmet and deluxe lines of flour sack towels. However, those towels just did not make the grade when it came to consistency and construction… and we know that is most important to our customers! That is why we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a brand new product. The Craft Basics Premium towel was made specifically for Cotton Creations customers in mind; this towel is consistent and exceeds expectation, while remaining at a super low price. This towel is produced in our own warehouse, so we make sure the quality is right before shipping out. We guarantee you will not have to compromise on value or quality when you choose the Premium flour sacks!

Plus, Cotton Creations is the currently the only place to get the Premium in either bright white or unbleached natural! Our original Craft Basics Natural flour sack towel is a very popular medium-weight option, but now you can get that beloved rustic feel in a heavy-weight cloth. These are perfect for working with your hands outdoors, or for a classy dining farm-to-table event. The Craft Basics Premium towel is so popular because of these significant characteristics:

  • Bright White or Unbleached Beige Color
  • Pre-Washed, No Chemical Odor
  • Pre-Shrunk and Ironed
  • American Processed
  • Low Bulk Quantities
  • Hemmed on All Sides
  • No Added Tag or Sticker
  • 100% Cotton and Lint-Free
  • Heavy-Weight Fabric
  • Smooth, Absorbent Texture
  • Tight 130 Thread Count
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Food-Safe, Skin Sensitive

Recently, we have taken the production of this durability line and moved it fully in-house to ensure that the quality and construction are consistent every time. Unlike other flour sack towel suppliers, our towels will be the same quality each time. We keep a large inventory stocked and ready to go, so any issues with low stock or poor quality are eliminated!

As you know, our customers love the original American flour sack towel, but sometimes you need something a little stronger! You will find that this new towel is super durable but is also soft to the touch. There is no lint and they are pressed for a fresh and tidy look. These are sure to be your longest lasting towel… throw in the washer and dryer over and over again and it won’t lose its muscle. The heavy-weight kitchen flour sack towels are not only highly useful, they are also super cost effective! Get a tool that handles it all without paying an arm and a leg. The 100% cotton material can tackle any job, whether you’re cleaning delicate surfaces or scrubbing floors. Keep in your home or garage for first-class convenience, or buy in bulk and attack big tasks in your workplace. When you need heavy duty performance, you need the heavy-weight flour sack towel.

The new Craft Basics Premium towels are sure to leave a great lasting impression, whether you use for crafting, gifting or entertaining guests. This line of flour sack towels is our thickest flour sack material with the tightest weave, clinging on to dirt and liquid with ease. It has a more substantial feel than a handkerchief but is not so bulky like a bath towel. This is the best replacement for flimsy paper napkins, but also works as an interesting art medium. We challenge you to find ways that the Premium flour sack towel could make your life easier! Made with top-quality cotton that looks great and performs even better, this versatile kitchen towel comes in a variety of sizes for anything from cleaning to hosting. Equip your home and work team with the best possible resources – choose reusable Premium cotton towels!

Ideal for Embroidery or Needlepoint

Flour sack towels have been around for generations and remind us of rural dime stores and vintage shops with charming, hand made goods. The flour sacks were deconstructed and the fabric was crafted into many items. A special touch that was very popular on these handmade goods was personalization; flour sack towels, garments and more were hand stitched, naturally dyed or personally embroidered for families and businesses. This craft has traveled in time and is still a common use for flour sack towels today! We are confident that our Premium flour sack towel fabric will produce high quality and sturdy embroidered pieces.

Cotton goods stand the test of time because the natural fibers are very strong and withstand lots of wringing, heat, stretching and cleaning. Cotton towels and sacks were such a versatile and necessary tool that you wouldn’t want to leave yours behind… so many folks began embroidering their cloths with initials or business names. This tradition has followed us into the 21st century, and embroidery on textiles is as personal and elegant as ever. Whether you prefer to embroider by hand or utilize an embroidery machine, the thick flour sack will hold its shape and won’t warp with stitching. We are happy to provide our thick, Premium flour sack towel to craft clubs, home economics courses and senior centers all over the country. Folks of all ages love to put a creative and personal touch onto their towels with embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint!

If you are creating a customized flour sack towel with embroidery, you need a towel that has a strong weave to hold the stitching. Especially with machine embroidery work, your towel must hold its own and not get bunched up or misshapen when the stitching goes into place. Often times, flour sack towels can be much too thin to properly hold embroidery, or the material is weak so pin-size holes just keep getting bigger. The Craft Basics Premium towel is your go-to linen when crafting personalized hand towels or napkins, plus the white and natural colors are able to match any design you have in mind. You can purchase these towels in pairs, dozens, hundreds or thousands with pricing to match your budget. There is no need to fill your whole house with towels just to lock down a great wholesale price – contact our team today and find the best pricing for you. Your one-stop-shop for bulk discount towels!

Make Your Best Impression

Custom printed flour sack towel Giving a gift, hosting an event or upgrading your table settings at home? The quality of your fabric can set the entire tone. High-quality textiles, towels and napkins make a big impression, even if you’re just using them for a family dinner. Forget the flimsy, disposable paper towels and napkins that bring you back to the store again and again. Replace these paper products in your life with the heavy-duty Premium flour sack towel! Thick weave, absorbent fabric and reusable cotton… it’s like the Superman of paper towels. To make your life easier, our 100% cotton towels are pre-washed, pre-shrunk and ironed for a crisp, clean look. Save money, look good and create less waste! Now that’s making a lasting impression.

You can replace paper products with the Premium flour sack towel in every room of your house and be prepared for anything. House guests will appreciate the hotel-standard flour sack towel, too! The 100% cotton fabric is tightly woven for maximum strength but is not stiff or uncomfortable in your hands or on your face. Premium kitchen towels are needed in all walks of life.

Needing to make an impression on important guests or at an event? Make your appearance elegant and bold with customized Premium flour sacks. Print your dinner menu, business logo, fundraising slogan, or call to action on our towels using our Design Station. The Craft Basics Premium flour sack towels are professional and trendy, perfect to leave a lasting impression when networking, doing business marketing or branding, or hosting a gala. Choose between classic, bright white and or rustic, unbleached beige to match your theme or color scheme. Your personalized Premium towel will be ironed for an attractive look, plus the high-quality fabric and digital print last a long time so you’re sure to be remembered! If you don’t want to compromise on value, comfort and high-standards, you need to invest in the heavy-weight flour sack towels from Cotton Creations. Make a good impression on your wallet, the planet and your friends and family when you use our Premium heavy-weight flour sack towels.

Restaurant, Hotel and Retail Options

Customized flour sack towel with fruit on itWhen you think of luxury and top-quality at the best price, remember the wide selection of textiles and linens from Cotton Creations! Our flour sack towels are the top choice of reusable linens in restaurants, coffee shops, vacation properties and more. The flour sack towel is a cotton linen that can be used for so many things… it is a wonderful item to provide to customers to make their experience better. The Craft Basics Premium flour sack comes in a larger towel or in a smaller napkin size, so you can provide comfort and convenience anywhere.

Whether you work in a hotel, spa, healthcare industry, or are a homemaker, these flour sacks are suited for high-quality experiences. These are ideal for important guests, dinner parties, charity luncheons, wedding receptions, and any other occasion where you want your guests to feel like a million bucks. The larger size is great to have on-hand as a utility towel or even to use as a placemat while dining. You can customize with a monogram, logo, image or catchy phrase. The smaller, napkin sized towel is wonderfully convenient as a hand towel in the bathroom, or for use as a high-quality cotton dinner napkin. Choose bright white for an elegant display, or rustic natural for an eco-friendly feel. Upgrade your hospitality or dining experience in a simple way!

Our heavy-duty flour sack towels are already washed and ironed when you get them, so you can get to work right away. The Natural Premium towels are not treated with added chemicals, and our Bleached Premium towels are treated with a gentle, specially formulated solution to make towels food and skin safe! Each of the four sides are finished with a tightly stitched hem that adds to the towels’ durability and helps the towel keep its shape after all your uses and washes. Provide in hotel rooms for guests or equip your cleaning team with this super absorbent towel.

Wholesale and Bulk Pricing

When you think of a fancy restaurant or glimmering hotel, you think of high-quality, freshly cleaned linens and the ease of having everything taken care of. Give your guests that same feeling of class and elegance with our 100% cotton flour sack towels. The fresh white fabric in our bleached Premium towel gives the experience more elegance and adds a modern, simplistic style to any table setting, bathroom set-up or party décor. Even better for large parties or hospitality needs, you can order these high-class towels in bulk to save over 60%. Bulk discount towels are the perfect way to stock up without breaking the bank! That means you can upgrade your hosting experience for less money and less hassle. Spend less time placing orders or visiting the stores. We also offer free shipping and can ship around the world!