Craft Basics Premium Natural Flour Sack Towel – 28″ x 29″


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Our famous Craft Basics unbleached towels are now available in our Premium line! This towel is sure to exceed quality, aesthetic and price expectations. Our cotton, heavyweight towel line now comes in the ecofriendly beige color that works beautifully for custom printing or food service. These towels have a thick and tight weave that allows for heavy duty cleaning or elegant and professional designing. You will notice that the unbleached cotton is super soft and gets softer with each wash. These towels are pre-shrunk and pressed, so you are ready to go! Partner with Cotton Creations to access the best pricing and towel quality across the industry, online or in-stores!

Key Features:
• Unbleached: Natural Beige color
• 98% Cotton & 2% Polyester, Pre-Washed, Lint Free
• Made in the USA from Indian Fabric
• Fabric: Heavy Weight
• Thread Count: T130
• Piece Processed (not perfectly uniform sizes: 1-2 inch variability)

In stock (can be backordered)


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 9 $4.54
10 - 49 30 % $3.18
50 - 249 60 % $1.82
250 - 999 64 % $1.63
1,000 - 2,999 66 % $1.54
3,000+ 67 % $1.50
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Ellyn S.
I recommend this product

Product misrepresented

Negative. Product was low quality, coarse, hems wide and poorly stitched.

Heather B.
I recommend this product

The edges were not square in a quarter of the towels I purchased.

Not very good. It would be fine for someone’s shop towels.

Bonnie J.
I recommend this product

Great Customer Service, Prompt Shipping

We were so happy to find USA made towels in a natural fiber that could be customized AND they were very accommodating and fast! Thank you for such a great experience.

Lucia L.

Nice natural look

I like the natural look and feel of these. There were some small threads on the edges that needed to be cut off. Overall good and I would buy again

Simply c.


Great product and great service Fabric is perfect color and perfect weight Thanks


Setting the Standard for Eco Friendly Linens

We know the importance of remaining environmentally conscious when producing our cotton linens. That’s why we keep as much production in-house as we possibly can, to lower energy usage and harmful freight emissions! While we launder our towels, we make sure to use specially formulated mixtures and gentle solutions to lower air and water pollutants. We also make sure that every piece of fabric, whether it passes inspection or not, will be used in a productive way! This ensures we keep textiles out of landfills and in the hands of our valued customers. By doing this, we can keep our prices super low while still providing high quality goods.

Cotton Creations also knows the value of skin-sensitive and unbleached products when it comes to food service or working in healthcare. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive selection of flour sack towels on the market. No matter the size, shape, weight or color cloth you need, we have lots of options that have positive impacts on your budget and on our planet! By offering unbleached flour sack towels within your business, you are sending the message that ecofriendly products are important. Not to mention budget-friendly and even more effective than bleached or disposable paper products.

Upgrade Your Business with Premium Naturals

From our business to yours, there will never be compromising on quality, cost or service! Contact our Sales and Design Team to see how adding Premium Natural flour sack towels can help your business. Flour sack towels can be used for any part of your business model, from cleaning, prepping, marketing and branding. If you own a design or marketing business, high-quality digital printing can be very effective. Our Premium Natural flour sack towels are a wonderful and cost-effective medium to expand and launch your mission. Customers love the functionality and simplicity of a high quality, printed towel. Use a customized cloth in any number of proactive ways:

  • Give as a ‘Thank You’ to Special Clients
  • Offer in your Restaurant or Museum Gift Shop
  • Design with Witty Sayings and Sell Online
  • Have Towels as Favors for a Grand Opening
  • Upgrade Special Events with Custom Napkins
  • Donate as a Raffle Price for Local Fundraisers

On the other hand, if you work in a more hands-on industry, like a spa services or food service environment, natural flour sacks can be utilized in a variety of ways that help eliminate paper waste. Use reusable natural towels for food prep and even to wrap or serve various items, cleaning and as upscale table napkins. The lint-free fabric allows you to clean and polish silver and glassware without leaving a trace. You can also embroider your business logo for an added professional touch. The possibilities are endless at Cotton Creations!

Old-Fashion Flour Sack Towels – A Global Tradition

We couldn’t be happier you found us! Flour sack towels have been used in a global long-time tradition starting in the 1800s when tightly woven cotton sacks used for storing flour, sugar, cornmeal and other foods were repurposed and utilized around the home. One of the most popular uses being kitchen tea towels. Sacks were so plentiful, they were being cut into manageable sizes and supplied by the truckload. During the U.S. Great Depression, these cotton sacks were reused into anything they needed – clothing, undergarments, diapers, cleaning towels, bath towels, quilts, curtains, pillowcases, toy dolls and much more! Manufacturers even started printing colors and designs on their sack food packages to appeal to housewives and encourage their reuse into beautiful decorative fabrics.

Food packaging has changed throughout the centuries and so has the supply of old-fashioned flour sack towels. We are proud to produce and supply our cotton towels in a variety of size and density options just like in the ole days! Today, our customers enjoy the homey simplistic look, high absorbency and lint free cleaning of the flour sack towels we offer. Because of their versatility, flour sack towels can be used for anything your creative heart desires!

How Are They Made?

First our cotton is sourced out of India, where it is spun and woven into fabric in a fair-trade facility. This fabric is cut into specific sizes, hemmed and bleached. Piece Processed is a process where you bleach the fabric after you have already cut and hemmed it. As a result, the towels do not come out as uniform sizes but rather within a close range of the approximate size we specify on our product pages.  Our towels are simplistic & rustic in nature and therefore sizes are approximately within 1 to 2 inches of the stated size.

Our facility near Chicago, IL receives this fabric in bails, where they are then sorted, separated, and undergo the final processing. Here we have industrial washing and ironing that takes place. The fabric is opened up, flattened and graded. We put our flour sack towels through a rigorous quality control process to limit color or weave flaws to less than 5%. Random colored threads woven into the fabric may happen and should be seen as a unique characteristic of rustic flour sack towels. Once they are quality and size inspected, they are placed in inventory where our warehouse will pick for shipping and packaging!

This is the life cycle of our American and Premium flour sack towels. Our Natural flour sack towels are also piece processed but without the additional bleaching. These towels will remain their natural beige color. Our Value flour sack towels are Fabric Processed. Fabric processed is the process where you bleach the fabric before it is cut and hemmed (similar to how bed sheets are done). Because of this our light-weight Value towels can be more uniform in size.

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