Custom Baby Bibs

The cotton bib is a caregiver’s best tool for no messes and easy clean-up at meal and playtimes. Our little ones are certainly curious, and love to throw, smush and spill the things around them. On a daily basis, your baby can make more messes than you thought possible, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Moms, Dads, siblings and caregivers know that unsoiled clothes and fresh bibs are a must-have for keeping baby clean and happy. Bibs are a total necessity to keep in the baby bag, in the car or when you’re out to eat. They can also be a show stopping accessory for a special birthday party or expecting parent gift. Cotton Creations is a family-owned business that knows the value of high-quality baby products that keep life moving with a little more ease. We offer plain or custom printed baby bibs in bulk made from high-quality absorbent cotton. Shop customized bibs for babies and choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your specific wants and needs.

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Personalized Infant Bibs

A cotton bib is a simple yet vital accessory when taking care of little ones. Keep clothing free from any spills or tantrums and avoid lots of changing and trips to the restroom. Cotton bibs are ideal to keep handy for a day out with family or as thoughtful and unique gifts. The generous construction is flexible and won’t be tight or uncomfortable on baby. They are of course soft to the touch, pre-washed and ready to use. Save a trip to the store and baby onesies for a great price from the comfort of your home. Shop for a few for yourself, or get hundreds for your non-profit organization.

Plain or customized baby bibs are a wonderful product to sell in your store or at craft fairs! Cotton Creations is your spot for easy ordering and pricing you can’t find anywhere else. We offer wholesale custom baby bibs at affordable prices to all. When you shop at Cotton Creations, you’ll see your best design ideas come to life, because we turn ideas into reality!

Plain and Custom Baby Bibs

custom baby bibsBaby bibs are just another example of how functional and useful cotton can be at all stages of life! Babies rely on the comfort and softness of 100% cotton on their sensitive skin, whether they are sleeping, playing or eating. All Cotton Creations, customizable baby bibs are made from pure high quality cotton. Plain bibs work great and are a must to stock up in your nursery or school, but adding a little something extra makes everything that much cuter! If you work in a hospital nursery, child care facility or just have a whole bunch of your own, we make it easy to get the cotton basics you need. With no minimum requirement and all sorts of pricing discounts, we are happy to provide customize comfort and cleanliness to babies everywhere. Try out one of our bibs today!

We offer two styles of baby bibs that are a great accessory plain or decorated! Match any outfit or party theme with our various color options. You can choose a fine woven terrycloth bib with fuzzy cotton fabric. These bibs are extra cozy on skin and come with a colored trim! The cotton bib is a bright white fabric and the reinforced trim comes in a bold assortment of black, green, light and royal blue, orange, pink, purple, red or plain white. These are excellent for customizing for a business or sports team because you can match a specific logo or team color. Add your name with decorative font or the team mascot’s image and pick the trim to match. Our bulk prices and low minimums make this an ideal souvenir to sell at the merchandise tent or give away to the first few hundred visitors. This terry cotton bib has a snap closure to stay secure on active, happy active babies.

Alternatively, we also offer a jersey style cotton bib. This surface is less textured than the terry cotton, with a smoother and thinner material. The bib is constructed from super soft cotton and a tight weave to keep liquids contained and off of clothes. These baby bibs are 100% ringspun cotton jersey with hemmed sides, much like a comfy cotton t-shirt. The cotton is pre-washed, food and skin safe and available in three soft colors: white, light pink and light blue. This bib is a bit more cost effective with a reinforced Velcro closure and lighter-weight feel. These are wonderful plain in a baby gift basket, or personalized with a newborn’s name or initials. They are also a charming way to show off boy and girl twins and siblings. This budget-friendly baby bib can be purchased wholesale to keep in your business, or just get a handful of personalized bibs for a caring gift.

Either cotton bib you choose will provide a unique element of branding to your business and help expand your product offering at baby boutiques or online Etsy stores. The durable cotton is perfect for custom printing and machine or hand embroidery. Customize your cotton baby bibs in any way you want! You can’t get customized cotton baby accessories at prices like this in-stores. Parents and siblings love to accessorize their little ones with cherished themes, like a local sports team or favorite band. Adding personal decoration or text to your baby bib shows off your creative and witty side, and can be a cherished keepsake when your little one is older.

If you own a business, think wholesale! Funny sayings, pop culture references and popular logos are all unique elements to add to a baby bib. Custom baby bibs are a playful and functional product to offer at:

  • Bookstores
  • Concerts
  • Baby Boutiques
  • Fundraisers
  • Day Cares
  • Sporting Events
  • Parenting Classes
  • Doctor’s Offices + Hospitals
  • Gift Shops

You may be a part of a local Mom’s group or own a family photography studio. Custom baby bibs are not only super useful, but they can be an inexpensive item to give out. Purchase as little as one dozen bibs for 50% off, and give to each mom in your group. Include custom printing to add an inside joke or family names. Bibs are also a fun accessory to give to customers and clients for free, whether after you have photographed a family or helped them purchase a new home! Giving personalized swag is a key way for clients to associate your business with quality and attention to detail.

Design a Personalized Bib With Cotton Creations

embroidered bibsThe Cotton Creations Design Station makes it easy, convenient and fun to create a custom baby bib. In just a few minutes, you can create a Christmas gift for every mom on your list, or purchase hundreds for a fundraising 5k. Customized baby bibs are awesome as gifts, souvenirs, or event promotional items… and the best part is creating one for your own child! No design experience necessary to create a totally unique and modern looking accessory for baby. Make a one-of-a-kind bib for a birthday photo shoot or special family reunion. The Design Station allows you to upload your own artwork, digital design or simply add text with our stylish and decorative array of fonts. If you need some help, our Design Team can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Visit our Pinterest page for tons of ideas on custom baby products and personalized accessory gifts! If you can’t find what you want in the stores, then make it yourself with our highly detailed and bold custom printing. The water-based ink is safe for skin and doesn’t crinkle or crack over time. Simply toss the customized bibs in the wash or hand wash and air dry. These are made to last long after baby needs a bib. Even better, when you choose to shop at Cotton Creations, we can customize a quote for your specific needs. No matter your price point or inventory needs, we can find a wholesale option that works for you. We offer our customer printing in-house for super fast turnaround time and close attention to detail.

Much like a baby t-shirt or cotton onesie, a personalized baby bib can help express your individuality as a family. Whether you are taking a family trip or visiting the ball park for the first time, show your creativity, personality and witty side with baby accessories. After all, babies make the cutest sports fans! Design a bib for any occasion. Take memorable pictures, celebrate milestones or even sell your custom designs with Cotton Creations as your design partner.

Wholesale Baby Bibs in Bulk from Cotton Creations

wholesale baby bibsCotton Creations is your friendly online source for blank white bibs in bulk and personalized wholesale cotton products. We have provided custom cotton textiles to businesses and families across the country for generations. Our products are made with natural cotton that has a long lifetime of keeping you clean and comforted. Quality, interaction and value are pillars we stand by at Cotton Creations. Our team works efficiently and quickly to deliver high quality products at unbeatable prices. You can order as little as one dozen plain bibs for a 50% discount! Stock up your day care facility or crafting corner with cotton baby bibs. There are also extra soft baby blankets and cap beanies you can get plain or personalized! Adding an array of baby accessories to your shop or little one’s wardrobe will surely add lots of smiles and value to your day.

If you need a larger order, you can enjoy savings of 60% and even get free shipping when you order 50 or more. Blank baby bibs are ideal to keep in churches, schools, and even retirement homes for a functional and adorable crafting medium. These soft bibs are great for hand embroidery projects, stamping, paint and inks and of course, custom printing. Our low prices allow you to purchase just what you need while still getting top savings. No need to order thousands just to get a discount!

Blank cotton baby bibs are also wonderful for baby shower crafts and games, or to give the cousins to decorated for a new family member. The absorbent cotton will hold on tight to paint and markers whether you are decorating in a baby shower relay race or making a special bib for each of baby’s first holidays. Wholesale cotton bibs are available to all customers, without needing a special code or wholesale account.