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Eco Friendly Flour Sack Towels

The original natural and sustainable flour sack towel! Made from the same 100% cotton, highly versatile flour sack material as our Craft Basics American towel, the Craft Basics Natural flour sacks are the eco alternative to paper towels. Are you tired of buying new towels and paper products time and time again for your home or commercial kitchen? Natural flour sacks can be washed many times while remaining absorbent and strong. Are you searching for an environmentally friendly solution to paper towel waste? Cotton is a natural fiber that helps save trees and prevents tons of paper waste every year.

Shop Eco-Friendly Flour Sack Towels

Many businesses, coffee shops and home designers are going green. That starts with chemical-free linens and reusable resources. Join the movement! Partner with Cotton Creations and offer Natural flour sack towels in your work place or within your home.

Farmhouse Décor and Rustic Appeal

Eco-friendly flour sack towels are a great way to keep your home, craft business or workshop running smoothly. The cotton material is durable and lint-free, perfect for spotless cleaning and scrubbing. They can be reused countless times to save money on paper products and eliminate unnecessary waste!

In the current market, they are also a very trendy addition to décor or as a trusted sustainable tool. As the leading supplier of discount flour sack towels, Cotton Creations provides eco-friendly flour sack towels at incredible prices to individuals and businesses. Use the eco-friendly flour sack around your home and experience the added convenience. Equip your team members with eco-friendly cloths in your brewery or bakery, and give the establishment an ecofriendly, simplistic feel. Customers will notice and appreciate the extra mile you’re going for the environment!

The Craft Basics eco-friendly flour sack towels pay homage to simple, country life. The natural fibers aren’t processed with harmful chemicals or dressed up with polyester reinforcements. Just good old-fashioned cotton that works hard and handles any mess or task you have. You can check out our 8 Piece Sets to customize a country design for your kitchen or to gift to a neighbor. These designs are made by our very own Design Team to reflect the pleasures of farm life and country living.

You can even add your own images or family photos in our Design Station to decorate your home with special touches. The unbleached, beige flour sack material can be fashioned into reusable livestock feed bags or to scrub horseshoes in the barn. These towels don’t just look country strong, they are! Across the web and in-stores, you won’t find the value and simplicity of getting personalized dish towels like you will with Cotton Creations.

Household chores, embroidery projects, workshops — the uses for flour sack towels never end! Get this environmentally and budget friendly linen for your homestead or business today. You will impress with the rustic and classic look, as well as the soft and lint-free touch. Cotton Creations is a family business that knows the value of quality and price, especially if your business is small or local. That’s why Cotton Creations is proud to offer discount flour sack towels in bulk as well as in smaller quantities. There is no limit to plain or customized flour sack towels, and unlike other bulk flour sack suppliers, ours are guaranteed 100 percent eco-friendly and incredibly economical. Try them out today and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Country Weddings and Vintage Boutiques

If you take a look on Pinterest or popular wedding blogs, you will also notice that the rustic charm of natural, eco-friendly towels is a key piece of design. The country and farmhouse theme has taken the wedding industry by storm, and flour sack towels can play so many roles on the big day. Get the classic look you want while staying under budget, no matter if you get plain towels or printed towels!

Create affordable and totally unique personalized flour sack kitchen towels to include in your wedding:

  • Save the Dates
  • Dinner + Drink Menus
  • Wedding Favors
  • Hangover Kits
  • Groomsmen Gifts
  • Getting Ready Boxes
  • Handkerchief Keepsakes
  • Functional Invites and more!


Eco-Friendly Flour Sack Towels – Your Kitchen Essential

Eco-friendly flour sack towels from Cotton Creations are a great alternative to buying new towels and paper towels! These towels are made from an eco-friendly, durable material that has been used for years in the United States and across the world. The medium-weight fabric is soft on delicate surfaces yet tough on sticky stains and grim. Just toss your soiled dish towel in the washer and you’re ready to go for next time. For an extra eco-conscious bonus, wash your cotton towels by hand and air dry to reduce energy and water use! These are the perfect companion for a greener living and working space.

You can also create your own custom-printed flour sack towels to decorate the heart of your home – the kitchen! Proudly display your family name, crest or a recent professional family photo in a modern and unique way. On our online Design Station, you can upload a personal file or use our fonts and effects to create your own design.

Personalizing your home adds a sense of comfort and excitement. You should feel good when you arrive home! Add dashes of personalization to functional items that will bring you joy. Add rustic, eco-friendly tea towels to your kitchen décor for a modern and simple touch.

Originally, flour sack material came from cotton sacks that 100-pound bundles of flour came in. These sacks provided homemakers with a large amount of material to stitch into household items such as towels, curtains and more. These reusable, budget conscious kitchen towels were known for their durability and are still manufactured for home use today. What better way to personalize your kitchen than with custom printed flour sack towels?

Bring a piece of history into your home décor. Flour sack towels are highly absorbent and soft, yet robust, increasing their value as they can be used for a variety of household tasks. Our quality line of eco-friendly flour sack towels are pre-washed and food-safe, so you can use to clean and dry dishes or strain and over food.

Though incredibly useful and simple, flour sack towels are considered to be “gourmet” linens because of their thickness and classy construction. They are often used by chefs and professionals around the world who never compromise on value or quality when it comes to the customers’ experience. Custom flour sack towels are entirely safe for any kitchen and around food because they are manufactured without any added dyes, color treatments or chemicals.

Even with customized towels that Cotton Creations has digitally printed, these towels remain absorbent and safe on skin. Our water-based inks are eco-friendly and do not contain dangerous additives. Plus, they can be used time after time because they are machine washable and hold their shape. Cotton Creations is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive lines of flour sack towels available, including eco-friendly flour sack towels and flour sacks processed in America, at the most competitive prices out there.

Wholesale Eco-friendly Flour Sack Towels

At Cotton Creations, we provide you with the option to buy wholesale flour sack towels that are completely customizable and entirely eco-friendly. Even for a single towel or one dozen, our prices are affordable, and we never require a minimum.

If you need a set for your family or thousands for your business, we have multiple price points to suit your needs. Since we manufacture our flour sack towels in-house, we are able to provide highly competitive pricing while keeping quality consistently high and products well stocked. Wholesale partners of Cotton Creations enjoy the quick turnaround times and increased efficiency that flour sack towels add to their business.

Not only do eco-friendly towels benefit our financial and visual goals, they also help us contribute to a safer and healthier environment. You can feel good knowing your purchase saves time, hassle, trees, and keeps paper waste out of our landfills. Even more, we offer irregular flour sack towels and dishcloth rags as super low prices to ensure cotton linens do not go to waste.

Organic cotton flour sack towels are a great way to make your bakery, restaurant or hotel more environmentally stable. These lint-free towels are highly effective and will hold up after hundreds of washes to give you the best value for your money. Buying wholesale flour sack towels is an ideal option for your bottom line and when sourcing quality supplies.

Our wholesale prices are also available to families and school organizations. There is no need for a special account or code to access these incredible savings. Purchase a stack of plain towels to keep in the basement or work shed, or load up the craft room at home for a rainy day. These kinds of towels make very special gifts for teachers and loved ones. You can buy wholesale flour sack towels to give as housewarming or wedding gifts, or teach yourself a new crafting technique. At Cotton Creations, we are proud to offer quality eco-friendly flour sack towels made of 100% cotton sure to last your family for years to come.

Instead of buying unsustainable towels for your home or business, invest in the environmentally-conscious flour sack towels from Cotton Creations! Eco-friendly flour sack towels make a great impression on clients and guests, and keep your business green. Cotton Creations has the best pricing available on eco-friendly flour sack towels, plus we offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more! Be sure to take advantage of the great prices we offer. Contact our Sales Team today to navigate all your great options for wholesale blank or printed organic flour sack towels.

Bulk Discount Eco-Friendly KitchenTowels

Looking for wholesale kitchen towels? Get bulk pricing of 30% off when you order just twelve Craft Basics flour sack towels and napkins. You can’t find lower wholesale prices! If you need towels for a larger group or event, take advantage of higher discounts when you get as little as 50 units for 60% savings. No need to order hundreds of towels just to take advantage of our bulk wholesale discounts for top savings! Get what you need and get it fast with Cotton Creations. We offer multiple styles and sizes of towels so you can get just what you need without having to compromise.