Natural Flour Sack Towel – 29″ x 36″

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Key Features:
• 100% Cotton
• Eco-Friendly
• Natural Beige Color
• Fabric Weight: Medium

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When you need an eco-friendly flour sack towel ready to handle a tough cleaning, kitchen or craft job, 29 x 36 natural flour sack towels are the right choice.

Why the 29 X 36 Natural Flour Sack Towel?

This textile, with its large utility size, is perfect for big jobs. It can be used for a variety of purposes both inside and outside your home or business, including:

  • Lining refrigerator drawers to prevent excess moisture and keep your produce fresher
  • Cleaning up gardening messes or covering up freshly planted seeds
  • Keeping pastries fresh until they are ready to go into the oven by covering them with a dampened 29 x 36 unbleached flour sack towel
  • Keeping a towel slung over your shoulder as you cook to wipe wet hands or freshly washed fruits and vegetables
  • Polishing silverware
  • Drying those big pots and pans before they go back in the cupboard
  • Creating unique personalized towels with printing, stamping or appliqué to be used in your home or to gift to a friend

Cotton Creations offers only high-quality, 100-percent cotton flour sack towels that are pre-washed and lint-free so you receive textiles that can stand up to a busy kitchen, clean-ups and more. These unbleached towels can be machine washed so they are easy to keep clean for repeated use.

Cotton Creations Offers Quality Flour Sack Towels

If you are looking for larger utility size towels, you will find that Cotton Creations allows you to order online at any time. Order as few towels as you need or buy more for bulk discounts. When you purchase 12 or more towels, you receive a 30 percent discount. You can also buy at least 50 towels to enjoy a 60 percent discount.

Cotton Creations can also handle large-volume discounts for crafters, individuals and businesses. If you need design services as well as flour sack towels, the Cotton Creations Design Station lets you import images, text and other looks to customize the final product. Reach out to us to learn more about our high-quality, cost-effective home basics.

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