As a service (FAAS)


Don’t worry about inventory.  You focus on design.  We take care of everything else.


Using our software, easily add
new designs & products at any
time. We are here to help!


As a full service fulfilment center,
your order will be done right the
first time for happy customers.


We produce & process orders
all in the same place ensuring
quick & cost saving shipments.

About Our Services

Our FAAS service is the first turnkey solution in the market.  Where product manufacturing, inventory management, print production, packaging, and shipping all take place under one roof. Our fulfillment services are fully customizable to your business. Using any of our cotton products and your designs, we supply software that allows you to manage your customized products for D2C (direct-to-consumer) dropship orders. We produce only what you sell so there’s no longer a need to hold inventory or lose revenue on unsold designs! Perfect for medium to large scale operations and unlimited designing capability.

Design ⇢ Production ⇢ Satisfied Customers

With Cotton Creations, you get a team dedicated to helping your business grow to new levels.  Our FAAS software allows you to place your customers’ orders at your unique wholesale pricing and have it ship directly to the customer with your branding. The online fulfillment portal is simple and intuitive making our service one of the best options for print on demand. We are always  implementing new processes and improving our products to match the needs of our partners. We would love to hear from you – contact us today with your needs!


Plus the most extensive flour sack towel program in the country

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