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White plain handkerchiefs are perfect for everyday use! The cotton fabric squares are hemmed on all four sides and come bright white. Handkerchiefs are great for do-it-yourself (DIY) craft projects and customization. Add a custom printed design or monogram with Cotton Creations using our in-house direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and wholesale discounts!

These medium to large-sized handkerchiefs are 100% cotton with good moisture absorption, air permeability, and a strong flat hem making these super durable and eye-catching. Their usefulness goes well beyond the traditional facial tissue; use as a pocket square, bandana, or old-fashioned hanky!  Add them to your cart and start enjoying these lovely handkerchiefs.


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Many Applications for Your White Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are indispensable items. You can put them in your briefcase or bag for easy, elegant solutions to wiping down any messes. These handkerchiefs replace disposable, single-use products like tissues and paper towels, saving you money and offering a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Spotless white handkerchiefs have a dignified air, whether you use them for aesthetic or practical purposes. Our cotton handkerchiefs for sale have several advantages for any application, including their versatility, quality and durability.

Versatility for Several Uses

These lint-free, 100% pure cotton handkerchiefs make a perfect pocket square for parties, travel, special events and other occasions. With a strong, flat hem and high absorption abilities, they are perfect when you have the sniffles or want something elegant to dab your eyes with during a touching moment. Consider using a handkerchief for these applications, too:

  • Bandanas for pets.
  • Improvised napkins during picnics or dinners on the go.
  • Cooling towels to sip in water and place on your temples or neck.
  • A graceful, compact way to freshen up when you are away from home.

Quality for Creative Pursuits

Fine-weaved handkerchiefs from Cotton Creations are also excellent options to explore your creative side. Buy handkerchiefs in bulk for projects like:

Bulk handkerchiefs are the perfect blank canvas, and you can order enough to explore all the possibilities. Do you have a small business where you sell your own hand-designed creations? If so, handkerchiefs are an economical material for various art mediums.

Durability for Many Cycles

If you have fished out crumpled facial tissue from the bottom of a bag, you know that paper products have limitations. Starching your handkerchiefs prepares them for when you need them and offers a sophisticated solution to life’s surprises.

Unlike paper tissues, handkerchiefs are cotton, allowing them to withstand water, soap and even bleach. Because they stand up to thorough cleaning, you can use them to touch up your makeup or clean up an errant spill. Instead of letting a stain set in until you reach the supplies you keep in your laundry room, use a portable resource for immediate results. You can dab at the mess with a cotton handkerchief and use club soda, water or other solutions to lift the stain.

Handkerchiefs are easy to take care of, too. You can machine-wash blank ones in cold water. If you buy personalized handkerchiefs that feature customization options, you can hand-wash them in cold water. We recommend hanging all handkerchiefs to dry them, which prevents wrinkling. Starching them will help you achieve a stiffer fold, which is ideal for applications like pocket squares, which need sharp creases.

We made it easy to buy handkerchiefs in bulk from Cotton Creations, so you will always have handkerchiefs for any of your applications.

Affordable Pricing on Handkerchiefs for Sale

Cotton Creations offers handkerchiefs for sale in bulk. Buying large quantities saves you money and ensures you always have handkerchiefs on hand when you need them. As they get worn out, you can just replace them without ordering more and waiting for them to arrive. The next time you need a pocket square for a special event or a piece of fabric for an art project, you will have all the material and absorption you need.

With a larger order, you only need to choose once. Cotton Creations lets you buy online at any time and have your order shipped directly to your home or workplace.

Beyond reducing your consumption of single-use products, bulk cotton handkerchiefs have other benefits for the environment. Wholesale handkerchiefs arrive in a single shipment, meaning that making larger, less frequent orders reduces the carbon emissions from shipping your purchase.

Make a Statement With a Personalized Handkerchief

If white handkerchiefs are a practical addition to your purse or wardrobe, a custom handkerchief elevates that versatility. Handkerchiefs personalized with initials or logos make a perfect wedding present or another special gift for anyone. Everyone will appreciate a gift created just for them. Monogrammed handkerchiefs exude classic, timeless sophistication.

Custom handkerchiefs are also great for branding. They can be a stylish pocket square that promotes your company using your logo during formal business events. Personalized handkerchiefs with your logo are a splendid gift for customers, clients or even vendors. They are a unique statement for your business and. Because this product is more practical than other promotional items, you may find customers hang onto them. That means people will always have your company logo in mind.

Cotton Creations offers DTG printing for handkerchiefs and all cotton-based products. Our full-color printing services are a cost-effective and exciting way to add a logo, design, initials or other designs to your handkerchief. Pus, the Cotton Creations Design Studio lets you explore all the options to create one-of-a-kind, custom handkerchiefs for yourself or to give as gifts.

Buy Your Bulk Handkerchiefs From Cotton Creations

Whether you are interested in wholesale handkerchiefs or want to customize your order, Cotton Creations can help. Our design services give you the exact look you want. Choose from different fonts, text effects and colors to write a name or marketing message. You can also upload an image, logo or design to make your handkerchiefs truly yours.

If you want to buy in bulk, Cotton Creations makes it simple. You can see the exact amount you will save right on the order page. With our bulk discounts, the more you buy, the more you will save. Some larger orders can even qualify for free shipping, making your purchase even more cost-effective.

Our team has more than 30 years in the textile industry, and we have helped many customers get the exact handkerchiefs they need. Our in-house processes and exceptional customer service are there to serve you. We founded Cotton Creation because there was a genuine need for quality handkerchiefs, cotton towels and other textiles at affordable prices. Our team put you, the customer, first and created a process for ensuring you always feel satisfied with your purchase.

Buy a custom handkerchief or contact us for pricing to buy handkerchiefs in bulk from Cotton Creations.