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Flour Sack & Tea Towel Blanks

We are your source for plain and freshly cleaned white cotton flour sack towels. Blank flour sack towels and tea towels have been popular in professional and home kitchens for decades. Not to mention the endless possibilities when used for crafting. The plain white or rustic beige material has a smooth texture that makes it an ideal crafting medium for amateurs and professional artists alike. Blank 100% cotton towels work wonders as art supplies and educational tools for kids, students, adults and even seniors. Bulk discount towels are the perfect way to stock up without breaking the bank! Whatever you need this trusted 100% cotton fabric for, Cotton Creations offers the widest range of sizes, color and thickness qualities across the internet and in-store retailers.

Personalized Wholesale Pricing Available on All Flour Sack Blanks

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Shop Flour Sacks and Wholesale Tea Towels:

Cotton can handle it all! With no lint to leave behind, everything you touch with your clean, absorbent dish towel will be sparkling and dust-free. Plain, undyed flour sacks are also perfect tools in the back of house in your kitchen and prep spaces. The Natural flour sack towels are ideal, reusable cloths for straining liquids, poaching, proofing and keeping produce fresh! Buy plain tea towels in bulk to save time and money on the supplies that make life easier. Generation after generation, flour sack towels have been the unsung hero of professional and home cooks and service teams around the world.

Wholesale Blank Flour Sacks and Tea Towels

wholesale tea towelsFor generations, flour sack towels have been used to increase productivity in the home and work place. These plain, 100% cotton towels have a strong weave that absorbs liquid while staying soft. There is no tag or branding applied to the white cotton towel.

Simply as undecorated, clean linens they add a sense of sophistication and modern design to a special event or just dinner at home. Being made of 100% cotton means these can be reused over and over again, unlike paper napkins or towels.

If your home, restaurant or hospitality service needs a consistent source for cotton flour sack tea towels, choose Craft Basics from Cotton Creations! Take advantage of discounted wholesale pricing and keep a large selection of blank flour sack towels handy.

These are extremely versatile and are a great asset whether you offer them blank or customized. Consider stocking plain wholesale tea towels at your:

  • Craft Store
  • Day Camp
  • Art Class (Private or in Schools)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Wedding Venue
  • High Tea Room
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Animal Clinic and more!


Blank tea towels can upgrade your dining or hosting experience, while also saving you money in the long run. And it’s no surprise – flour sack towel crafts are a fun and affordable way to personalize your home goods and décor. They are trendy gifts that also serve many functional purposes. And much like our 8 Piece Sets, you can match a customized flour sack towel with colored tea towels for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift.

Our Towel Options

Now with the Cotton Creations Design Station, you can create custom printed flour sacks perfect for business promotion or home décor! If you use flour sack towels in your High Tea boutique, adding embroidered or printed monograms or floral designs are an elegant and memorable addition. Similarly, you can purchase blank flour sack tea towels in bulk for your coffee shop or bakery to use as an eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins.

Our plain flour sacks include bright bleached or natural beige options in a range of sizes. Plain, rustic tea towels give an Earthy and minimalistic feel to any store, farmer’s market, eco-friendly restaurant or green cleaning service. Keep stack of lint-free flour sacks to use as supplies, or to offer as guests dine-in. These are pre-washed and food-safe, even when you add custom printing!

Explore the design-your-own flour sack towel options at Cotton Creations. While blank cotton tea towels set a dignified tone, adding just a touch of personalization can put customer experience to the next level. Use our Design Station to brand your linens with your business name or logo. Go the extra mile and print your dinner or drink menu right onto the towel. Find out why we’re bringing back these versatile, durable vintage linens perfect for a wide range of messy kitchen tasks and hospitality needs.

Buy plain tea towels in bulk to have reusable, adaptable towels for any occasion or task. Buying plain cotton towels is a great way to stay under budget; this essential work tool stays strong after lots of use. Choose Cotton Creations for the best price and selection of flour sack towels.

Everything You Need in a Blank Tea Towel

Cotton Creations has worked in the cotton linen industry for years, and we know the value of high-quality cotton and durable construction. No matter if you use plain flour sack towels on a daily basis to wash and clean, or you customize them to sell as decoration, you can trust they will last. The weave is strong enough to grab on to liquids and scrub surfaces without leaving marks behind. The variety of fabric thickness also allows you to choose reusable cotton for delicate healthcare tasks, or tough construction site clean-up. Buy blank cotton towels to increase the efficiency of your daily responsibilities.

Flour sack towels from Cotton Creations are washed, ironed and inspected all in-house. This keeps our production times low and quality levels high. Each towel is thoroughly washed and sterilized, dried and ironed, and then measured and inspected during multiple quality control processes. We consistency launder and stock the tea towels you rely on.

Plain flour sack towels are a homey and comforting touch to rental properties, guest rooms, diners, and spa facilities. A fresh, clean towel sets the mark for cleanliness and luxury. If you decide to add custom personalization to your tea towels, the linen will still be soft and smooth to the touch. Our water-based ink absorbs right into the towel for a seamless feel that doesn’t crack or bleed over time. Shopping with Cotton Creations, you not only get to design your own linens, but you also benefit from the quality of these pre-washed, all cotton, lint-free sacks. Your personalized or plain flour sacks will absorb liquids quickly, yet dry fast. They’re terrific for polishing, wiping down, heavy-duty scrubbing and light dusting. Reach out to our Sales Team to see how you can benefit from blank or custom printed flour sack towels!

Custom Printed ‘Design Your Own’ Flour Sack Towels

custom printed tea towelsThe Cotton Creations Design Station is proud to be your premier industry provider for personalized flour sacks. It has never been easier to add a simple monogram or even an intricately designed logo onto a cotton tea towel.

Branded linens are a wonderful gesture when providing a luxurious and sophisticated experience to customers. Take just a few minutes to add your artwork file into our user-friendly design tool and create a customized towel you can’t get in-stores. Whether you’d like to enhance your home or your business, our Design Station team can help you create distinctive, high quality unique pieces. We treat each order with careful attention to detail and offer pricing for all budgets and quantity needs.

Blank flour sack towels can be transformed into branding materials, home décor, informative flyers, educational craft projects and more. Cotton towels are so useful in all kinds of environments and have come back as a trendy and valuable piece of home design. If you are an artist looking to expand your product offering, or even just looking for a place to start, flour sack towels are in-demand and super affordable to produce.

Our highly detailed Design Station is capable of color blending and printing fine lines and text. Unlike screen printing, we do not require color separation or multiple screens to apply the design. This allows us to produce large orders with ease and keep wholesale pricing and quantities low. Contact our team to get printed samples! This is a great way to test out the feel and quality of a custom printed flour sack towel.

Also, Scouts, Youth Groups and Non-Profit Organizations love working with plain flour sack towels from Cotton Creations. These are wonderful to use when cleaning at a service mission or to donate to those in need of clean linens. Our low prices make it easy to buy a lot of tea towels for a low, tax-free price. Keep them plain as a reusable tool, or customize with your troop number!

The Design Station has lots of bold and decorative fonts to choose from. You can design your own flour sack towel to gift to each Scout when they rank up, or print useful conversions and stats onto the towel to take on camping trips. Add their names and the year to keep as a souvenir of their awesome time in Scouts. You can even use this activity to gain a patch or special achievement in working with digital design or eco-friendly supplies!

Because both our bleached flour sacks and unbleached flour sacks are 100% cotton, you have a wide range of options not available elsewhere. Our flour sack towels are guaranteed to last longer than paper towels and flimsy rags, and adding custom printing can help keep your supplies all accounted for. Adding the business monogram or contact information can elevate the appearance of your business. If you prefer the clean and simple look, purchase plain tea towel napkins for a fine dining experience, or utility-sized flour sacks to keep handy at a job site. You can also check out our irregular flour sack towel selection to get further discounts on these versatile cloths. Wholesale plain flour sack towels can really be the key to a more efficient and lucrative operation.

Blank Tea Towels For Embroidery

cross stitch vs embroidery fabricMany customers use our plain white flour sack tea towels for embroidery and needlepoint! With looser weaves like the Craft Basics Value, to tight and thicker weaves like the Craft Basics Premium, we have a cotton linen that can match your personalization technique. Cotton Creations wants to be your trusted partner for needlepoint fabric and napkin supply.

We have customers from all across the United States that use our blank tea towels to personalize as gifts for loved ones, care takers, doctors and friends. These are also a wonderful linen to sell in gift shops or craft fairs! The bright white cotton color is a perfect companion to bright stitching or applique, while the rustic natural tea towels give a farmhouse, vintage feel. You will enjoy the sleek cotton fabric in your hands as your work, with no tag or manufacturer addition to get in the way. Whether you embroider by hand, use a machine, or put in a loom for cross-stitching and needlepoint crafts, the flour sack tea towel is just what you’ve been looking for!

Great for Cleaning, Cooking and Creating

Flour sack towels are the answer to a variety of cooking and crafting needs. From cleaning counters, straining jam to decorating fine dining establishments, 100% cotton flour sack towels are setting the quality standard. Our cotton towels are pre-washed and preshrunk, so you can trust the integrity of the shape and weave. These reusable cloths are extremely adaptable inside and outside of your home and serve a range of purposes! Never underestimate the convenience of keeping clean, absorbent linens in drawers and closets around your home.

Another fantastic and famous use for our tea towels is craft projects. Used by schools, day cares, and grandma’s worldwide, our flour sack towels are a unique and different medium for kids and adults to work with. Not often can kids color and paint on Mom’s white tea towels! Think out of the box with our plain flour sacks. From custom printing, stamping and tie dying – with flour sack towel crafts – the ideas are limitless. Head over to our Pinterest page to see ideas for customizing your flour sack towels for holidays, special events, birthday parties and more! And if you need a large order, consider ordering bulk flour sack towels so that you can save on costs.

Blank flour sack crafts are perfect for parties, ladies nights, your home décor Etsy shop, or even just a creative weekend afternoon with the kids. Not to mention, crafting and customizing can be very expensive. Flour sack towel crafts are an affordable way to get cute, creative and personal without breaking the bank!

Bulk Discount Tea Towels

Looking for wholesale kitchen towels? Get bulk pricing of 30% off when you order just twelve Craft Basics flour sack towels and napkins. You can’t find lower wholesale prices! If you need towels for a larger group or event, take advantage of higher discounts when you get as little as 50 units for 60% savings. No need to order hundreds of towels just to take advantage of our bulk discounts to get top savings! Get what you need and get it fast with Cotton Creations. We offer multiple styles and sizes of towels so you can get just what you need without having to compromise.

In addition to saving money while buying linen tea towels wholesale, you can enjoy many other benefits, including:

  • Increased profit: Buying cotton tea towels in bulk can give you a stronger profit margin if you’re in the resale business. You’ll receive a discount rate for buying wholesale and can make more money while reselling towels.
  • Better quality: Having high-quality towels is vital to your business’ success. Wholesalers often offer their high-quality bulk tea towels for a lower price because they know buyers will purchase a large quantity. Stocking up on wholesale towels provides an excellent value for the money.
  • Saved time: Tea towels in bulk can help you save time whenever you need to restock your supply. Whether you’re a gym, pool or another business that offers complimentary towels, your guests likely use them frequently. Having a bulk of towels available at a moment’s notice helps you save time when replacing the towels.
  • Increased quantity: Purchasing tea towels in bulk gives you access to a large number of towels at an excellent price, so you can be fully stocked.
  • More variety: Bulk tea towels have many options for colors, sizes and materials. When you buy in bulk, you can receive towels that stay consistent with your business’s branding. Additionally, if you need several types of towels in various colors and sizes, you have the option to buy them in bulk for a lower cost.

Purchase Flour Sack & Tea Towel Blanks Today

Flour sack and tea towel blanks are great additions to your business, whether you’re reselling them or using them during a stage in your business operations. When it’s time to add more towels to your collection, consider buying them in bulk to increase your supply while saving money.

Learn more about our wholesale pricing when you contact Cotton Creations today!