Craft Basics American Flour Sack Towel – 29″ x 36″


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Our high-quality cotton American flour sack towel will be your next go-to utility cloth! This large cotton work towel suits a myriad of different purposes, whether you are working around your home or getting things done at work. You can wash, dry, cover, wrap or display just about anything with this cloth. This flour sack towel is sure to last wash after wash. You can rely on the Craft Basics American line from Cotton Creations!

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 98% Cotton & 2% Polyester, Pre-Washed, Lint Free
• Made in the USA from Indian Fabric
• Fabric: Medium Weight
• Thread Count: T110
• Piece Processed (not perfectly uniform sizes: 1-2 inch variability)

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Super helpful!

Cotton Creations was super! Jessicca was so helpful, and helped me complete my design. She was so patient with me, and assisted me every step of the way, from editing my photograph to the end product. Can't say enough about how good this company was in helping me fulfill my order!! - Cynthia


Fabric Made to Withstand the Tough Stuff

This cotton work towel is fully processed in the US and will help you get the job done. Our time-tested flour sack towel material is made to be durable and multi-functional. While the cotton is soft and gentle enough to use on skin and delicate surfaces, it is also skillfully woven to provide strength. This towel will not deteriorate after a few uses and washes… it will last for months of hard work.

Whether you are working on oily cars or cleaning up after little children, take pride in your work and use the best quality towels. You can trust our flour sack towels will help to eliminate your need for paper towels and other single-use paper products. During our in-house production processes, towels are washed, dried and ironed to minimize your need to prep before use.

Our cotton work towels are also weighed and measured so you know the product you order will be the correct size and high-quality cotton fabric you expect from Cotton Creations. The 29 inch by 36 inch American flour sack towel is a value sized towel, absorbent and sturdy for tasks big and small. Buy in bulk to get maximum savings, and always have these towels on hand.

Cotton work towels are a life saver when you’re working with your hands, and quite possibly making a mess! Even after a day of dirt and grim, this towel can be washed and used again and again.

Brand Your American Flour Sack Towels

No matter if you are on a construction site, cleaning an office space, or serving food at a local event, our towels are there to help you be productive and successful. Your customers and clients notice the branding and small details you add to make your business stand out.

Something as simple as adding your logo or company mission statement to your towels can elevate your professional appearance. When you present your business or product in a better way, it will improve your customers’ experiences!

Your business may also benefit from selling high-quality towels to customers or giving them as “thank you” gifts to your partners. This way, when they think of a service they need provided, they will associate your brand with a job well done. Just like our cotton work towels, we hold our custom printing to a very high standard. Simply send over your logo and we will make it look great.

On a daily basis, we are printing high-quality artwork and business logos that help our customers’ businesses soar. A simple yet professional touch can go a long way when making an impression on your clientele. Adding your business name is also a cost effective way to make sure your materials are accounted for. Don’t let you supplies get lost after a long day of work and travel. Reach out to our Design Team today. See how you can take your business marketing to the next level!

Old-Fashion Flour Sack Towels – A Global Tradition

We couldn’t be happier you found us! Flour sack towels have been used in a global long-time tradition starting in the 1800s when tightly woven cotton sacks used for storing flour, sugar, cornmeal and other foods were repurposed and utilized around the home. One of the most popular uses being kitchen tea towels. Sacks were so plentiful, they were being cut into manageable sizes and supplied by the truckload. During the U.S. Great Depression, these cotton sacks were reused into anything they needed – clothing, undergarments, diapers, cleaning towels, bath towels, quilts, curtains, pillowcases, toy dolls and much more! Manufacturers even started printing colors and designs on their sack food packages to appeal to housewives and encourage their reuse into beautiful decorative fabrics.

Food packaging has changed throughout the centuries and so has the supply of old-fashioned flour sack towels. We are proud to produce and supply our cotton towels in a variety of size and density options just like in the ole days! Today, our customers enjoy the homey simplistic look, high absorbency and lint free cleaning of the flour sack towels we offer. Because of their versatility, flour sack towels can be used for anything your creative heart desires!

How Are They Made?

First our cotton is sourced out of India, where it is spun and woven into fabric in a fair-trade facility. This fabric is cut into specific sizes, hemmed and bleached. Piece Processed is a process where you bleach the fabric after you have already cut and hemmed it. As a result, the towels do not come out as uniform sizes but rather within a close range of the approximate size we specify on our product pages.  Our towels are simplistic & rustic in nature and therefore sizes are approximately within 1 to 2 inches of the stated size.

Our facility near Chicago, IL receives this fabric in bails, where they are then sorted, separated, and undergo the final processing. Here we have industrial washing and ironing that takes place. The fabric is opened up, flattened and graded. We put our flour sack towels through a rigorous quality control process to limit color or weave flaws to less than 5%. Random colored threads woven into the fabric may happen and should be seen as a unique characteristic of rustic flour sack towels. Once they are quality and size inspected, they are placed in inventory where our warehouse will pick for shipping and packaging!

This is the life cycle of our American and Premium flour sack towels. Our Natural flour sack towels are also piece processed but without the additional bleaching. These towels will remain their natural beige color. Our Value flour sack towels are Fabric Processed. Fabric processed is the process where you bleach the fabric before it is cut and hemmed (similar to how bed sheets are done). Because of this our light-weight Value towels can be more uniform in size.

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