Craft Basics Natural Flour Sack Towel – 22″ x 36″


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The 22 inch by 36 inch Natural kitchen towels from Cotton Creations are eco friendly and ideal for customizing. This sized flour sack is larger than a standard tea towel, making it perfect for cleaning and drying, gardening and working in the garage, or creating a housewarming gift! Made with a weave that is more densely woven than a cheesecloth but still softer than many textiles. Flour sack towels are a staple in many homes, restaurants and kitchens. The unbleached cotton flour sack is pre-washed, dried, ironed, and is food-safe!

Key Features:
Unbleached: Natural Beige Color
• 98% Cotton & 2% Polyester, Pre-Washed, Lint Free
• Made in the USA from Indian Fabric
• Fabric: Medium Weight
• Thread Count: T110
• Piece Processed (not perfectly uniform sizes: 1-2 inch variability)

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lora S.
I recommend this product

Good quality towels for the value!

Towels take ink very well for silkscreening. They get softer with each wash.


Good towels

My order arrived quickly. The towels are good quality and hold their size after washing.


Great for Printing

A good tight weave that works well for screen printing. I appreciate that they offer an unbleached option, and have a wide range of sizes. The hem is not perfect, but more than good enough, considering the price.� � �- Shaun


Natural Cotton is the Way to Go

The 22 inch x 36 inch natural flour sack towel is equally suited for fancy dining as it is for cleaning up the kitchen! The rectangle shape allows you to dry dishes, use as a table cover, drape over food outdoors, or fold neatly and give as a gift. The dimensions are generous for a tea towel yet not too big to carry around or fold in your drawers. This natural kitchen towel hangs easily over chairs and oven handles, always within reach and making an impression on guests. The soft-weave, 100-percent cotton material is both comforting and durable, attractive for any kitchen and even in bathrooms as a hand towel.

The Natural flour sack cotton towel is unbleached and washed without harsh chemicals, so it is food safe and ready to go! The flour sack material stays soft and lint-free even after washing and drying. The beige colored fabric matches any rustic décor or farmhouse setting, no matter if it is plain and pressed or decorated and folded!

This flour sack is truly a home essential. Easily customize with hand embroidery, printing, stamping, dying or other crafts to accent your home. Basic enough for children’s arts and crafts, yet sophisticated enough to print and sell on Etsy! Its plain design can become the background for minimalistic initials or intricate patterns. You can use our Design Station to fully customize your order!

Cotton Creations Flour Sack Towels

The 22 x 36 unbleached flour sack towel from Cotton Creations is lint-free and pre-washed. Use for streak-free cleaning, food-safe uses and stay-true sizes. Cotton Creations oversees every step of production on Craft Basics flour sacks to ensure top quality textiles each time you need them. We are able to offer free shipping and quick turnaround times because we adhere to a consistent production process.

Sturdy enough to wash in the washer on a hot setting, this towel has the absorbency to make clean-up fast. This textile product can be a smart alternative to paper towels if you are seeking a more sustainable way to tidy your space! Re-use each towel over and over again and save money on paper towels! The sturdy stitching can handle your polishing, wiping and other cleaning tasks with no problem.

Most important, because this towel is unbleached, there are no dyes or chemicals in the fabric. Our Natural kitchen towel works for cooking tasks or personal health care tasks. Gentle handling for babies, elderly folks and everyone in-between. Cotton Creations offers unbleached flour sack towels in every size, including the popular 22 x 36 size. Order online in any quantity! Enjoy a 30 percent discount if you buy at least 12 towels. Wholesale orders get a 60 percent discount! Contact us today if you have any questions or want to further discuss our textile products!

Old-Fashion Flour Sack Towels – A Global Tradition

We couldn’t be happier you found us! Flour sack towels have been used in a global long-time tradition starting in the 1800s when tightly woven cotton sacks used for storing flour, sugar, cornmeal and other foods were repurposed and utilized around the home. One of the most popular uses being kitchen tea towels. Sacks were so plentiful, they were being cut into manageable sizes and supplied by the truckload. During the U.S. Great Depression, these cotton sacks were reused into anything they needed – clothing, undergarments, diapers, cleaning towels, bath towels, quilts, curtains, pillowcases, toy dolls and much more! Manufacturers even started printing colors and designs on their sack food packages to appeal to housewives and encourage their reuse into beautiful decorative fabrics.

Food packaging has changed throughout the centuries and so has the supply of old-fashioned flour sack towels. We are proud to produce and supply our cotton towels in a variety of size and density options just like in the ole days! Today, our customers enjoy the homey simplistic look, high absorbency and lint free cleaning of the flour sack towels we offer. Because of their versatility, flour sack towels can be used for anything your creative heart desires!

How Are They Made?

First our cotton is sourced out of India, where it is spun and woven into fabric in a fair-trade facility. This fabric is cut into specific sizes, hemmed and bleached. Piece Processed is a process where you bleach the fabric after you have already cut and hemmed it. As a result, the towels do not come out as uniform sizes but rather within a close range of the approximate size we specify on our product pages.  Our towels are simplistic & rustic in nature and therefore sizes are approximately within 1 to 2 inches of the stated size.

Our facility near Chicago, IL receives this fabric in bails, where they are then sorted, separated, and undergo the final processing. Here we have industrial washing and ironing that takes place. The fabric is opened up, flattened and graded. We put our flour sack towels through a rigorous quality control process to limit color or weave flaws to less than 5%. Random colored threads woven into the fabric may happen and should be seen as a unique characteristic of rustic flour sack towels. Once they are quality and size inspected, they are placed in inventory where our warehouse will pick for shipping and packaging!

This is the life cycle of our American and Premium flour sack towels. Our Natural flour sack towels are also piece processed but without the additional bleaching. These towels will remain their natural beige color. Our Value flour sack towels are Fabric Processed. Fabric processed is the process where you bleach the fabric before it is cut and hemmed (similar to how bed sheets are done). Because of this our light-weight Value towels can be more uniform in size.

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