Natural Flour Sack Towel – 22″ x 36″

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Key Features:
• 100% Cotton
• Eco-Friendly
• Natural Beige Color
• Fabric Weight: Medium

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In the kitchen, 22 x 36 natural flour sack towels can help you with cooking, cleaning and other tasks. Made with a weave that’s more densely woven than cheesecloth but still softer than many textiles, flour sack towels are a staple in many home and restaurant kitchens, and Cotton Creations lets you purchase them right online.

Why Choose This Towel?

The 22 x 36 natural flour sack towel is ideal for clean-up. The rectangle shape allows you to dry dishes, and the towel hangs easily over chairs and oven handles, meaning it is always within reach. The soft-weave, 100-percent cotton material is both soft and durable, attractive for any kitchen and even in bathrooms as a hand towel.

This flour sack home essential can also be easily customized with printing, stamping, dying or other crafts. Its plain design can become the background for minimalistic initials or intricately designed patterns. You can use our Design Station to fully customize your order.

Cotton Creations Flour Sack Towels

The 22 x 36 unbleached flour sack towel from Cotton Creations is lint-free and pre-washed, ensuring streak-free cleaning, food-safe uses and stay-true sizes. Sturdy enough to wash in the washer on a hot setting, this towel has the absorbency to make clean-up fast.

This textile product can be a smart alternative to paper towels if you’re seeking a more sustainable way to tidy your space. Re-use each towel over and over again — the sturdy stitching can handle your polishing, wiping and other cleaning tasks with no problem. In addition, the lint-free towel design ensures that no cotton fibers are left behind.

Because this towel is unbleached, there are no chemical dyes, which enables you to use it for cooking tasks such as poaching, straining, covering and otherwise preparing food.

Buy Flour Sack Cloths

Cotton Creations offers unbleached and bleached flour sack towels in every size, including the popular 22 x 36 size. Order online in any quantity, and enjoy a 30 percent discount if you buy at least 12 towels or a 60 percent discount if you buy 50 or more. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to further discuss our textile products.

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