Take Your Wedding Place Setting to the Next Level: Napkin Displays

Take Your Wedding Place Setting to the Next Level: Napkin Displays

Brides and grooms today have endless possibilities to personalize their big day. Pinterest can be overwhelming for DIY brides, and all those projects can quickly add up.

One project that’s sure to make a big impact without breaking your budget is to take your wedding place settings to the next level with unique napkin displays. Get wedding place setting ideas and learn how to fold wedding napkins below.

Why You Should Care About Your Wedding Place Settings

While guests expect to see decorations throughout your reception area, they might not linger very long at the gift table or notice the childhood photos you placed on the men’s and women’s bathrooms. One area they will spend a lot of time at is their seat. A unique place setting is sure to get noticed while you have your first dance, go through the toasts and cut your cake.

The key to wedding place settings is coming up with a theme and incorporating it throughout. That theme can be as simple or as involved as you like, but the wedding place setting should complement the rest of your reception décor. Inexpensive touches can provide a big impact.

Inexpensive Wedding Place Setting Ideas

Adding a gold charger plate, for example, costs just $3 but will instantly up the glamour at each wedding place setting. Other inexpensive DIY ideas that will dial up the wow factor of your place settings include using mismatched vintage china that you pick up from a thrift store, dip-dyeing your silverware to match your wedding accent colors or personalizing mason jar drinking glasses with chalkboard paint for each guest.

What’s in a Name?

Place cards are another area to personalize your wedding place settings. You can go with traditional tented place cards, but add some style with a fun accent color, kitschy stamps or unique handlettering.

Another option that’s increasing in popularity is flat place cards displayed at each wedding place setting in a unique way. Brides and grooms are using metallic spray-painted animal figurines, wine corks and even pieces of fruit.

All About Napkins

What many brides and grooms don’t realize is that certain rental items are actually cheaper to buy. One of those items is most definitely your napkins.

This Satin Band Poly Napkin is the perfect addition to your place setting. As any wedding planner will tell you, how you choose to fold wedding napkins really sets the tone.

Many sites detail how to fold napkins for a wedding, and Pinterest does a great job of aggregating these tips. If you’d like specific tips for how to fold wedding napkins, this step-by-step video from Martha Stewart is a great place to start!

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that the devil is in the details, but wedding place settings are one area that you can know your planning and DIY projects won’t go unnoticed!

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