Five Fun Nursery Ideas

There are a few things in this world that I feel that I can speak intelligently about. Of these, pregnancy is not yet one of them. However, home decorating certainly is! This being said, if I can help a few parents-to-be in any way, it will probably only be in the decorating department. So here […]

15 Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I’m now at the age where my Facebook news feed is chock full of pregnancy photos, birth announcements and baby pics. This isn’t a complaint — it’s just an observation about the progression from the wedding and new apartment pictures of the past ten years, to the current baby boom in my newsfeed. This infant-loving […]

Featured Designer: Counter Couture

Counter Couture is a business derived upon a lifestyle concept that so many dream to live-it’s sweet and simple, with a little creative spice mixed in to keep things fun. Creators of Counter Couture, are lovebirds Kaelin Tillery and Richard Duggan. If it’s not their love story that will get you hooked, their products surely […]

DIY: Chalkboard Dresser

  In a child’s room, organization is key in order to try to counteract any possible “tornadoes” that might tear through it. It’s also nice to be able to have every bedroom accessory give the space a little personality. One way to give a room not only the desired organization, but some character too, is […]