Home Basics Colored Dish Cloth – 12″ x 12″ (2-Pack) by R&R Textile Mills, Inc.

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Our colored dish cloths are a necessity for your home! Perfect to add a little pop of color to your space, or personalize a colored dish cloth with lots of options to match your home. They work wonders for cleaning up spills in the kitchen or washing your face in the bathroom. Constructed from 100% cotton fabric, they are soft and non-abrasive on your skin and on the surfaces of your home. They are also lint-free to ensure nothing us left behind. These cloths are tried and true. A 2-pack comes with two matching colored 12” x 12” dish cloths, and you can choose from royal blue, magenta, gold, tangerine and lime!



Soft and Colorful Cotton

Mix and match your colored dish cloths to really give your space a fun and vibrant touch. These colors are perfect for kids and teens to use in their bathrooms or with art supplies and school projects! The 2-pack makes it even easier to always have a towel around just in case! Get creative and customize a colored dish cloth for a friend’s birthday, Girl Scout activity or sleepover craft.

These cloths are nice and soft even after many washes, and the cotton material holds tight to the bold colors. If you plan to use them in your kitchen, they’re perfect to dry dishes or line your fridge drawers. These kitchen cloths can be used for almost anything to make your home or business cleaner, more modern and more efficient.

You can place in the bottom of a bread basket or set on your dining table to use as a mat for hot dishes. The possible uses are endless, and the towels are sure to last through all of your daily tasks! Customize a colored dish cloth set for a housewarming gift or to include in a basket! You can even personalize colored dish cloths with hand embroidery, applique or ribbon.

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We challenge you to replace at least 3 paper products in your home with the Home Basics colored cotton cloths and see the difference for yourself! You will save money because you can throw these cotton dish cloths right in the washer for another use. You will save time by not having to run to the store for paper towels, and you will increase your comfort and convenience level by always having a clean towel when you need it. Cotton Creations wants to help make your life a little easier. Plus, these towels come at a great price!

We are sure you will want to order more than one 2-pack, so we offer 33% off when you order 12 packs! We also offer free shipping if you’re looking to get some for your business or event! When you have these cotton cloths handy around your home, it lessens your need to buy disposal paper products. Plus, our kitchen towels and colored dish cloths are already washed and ready to use when they arrive. You can roll them or fold them and stock up your kitchen drawers, pantry or linen closet. Or for a modern touch, you can display them neatly in a large glass vase or woven basket!

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Gemstone Multi-Color, Multi-Color, Aqua, Blue, Gold, Green, Lime, Purple, Red, Tangerine