Ten Scary Good Baby Halloween Costumes

Ten Scary Good Baby Halloween Costumes

(Image source: Parents.com)

Halloween really creeped up on me this year! It has come up so fast, that I still have not decided what this year’s costume will be. Instead of turning to the web for my own costume’s inspiration, I have found myself spending many minutes giggling at pictures of hilarious baby costumes, in which I now encourage you must do the same. I could really share a hundred of my favorites, but I have narrowed it down to my top ten! Enjoy this Huffington Post inspired article:

1. Baby Harry Potter


Daniel Radcliffe makes an awesome Harry Potter, but he really doesn’t even compare to how awesome baby Harry Potter is! No doubt about it, this one earns some major points for Gryffindor.

Source: Huffington Post

2. Breaking Bad Duo-Jesse and Walter

To say I was obsessed with this AMC hit series, is a serious understatement. I didn’t know it was possible to love Walt and Jesse any more than I already did. That is, until I laid eyes on baby Walt and Jesse! Is there anything better than a baby with a goatee?


Source: WorldWideInterWeb

3. Carl from Disney Pixar’s “UP”

Whoever this little guy belongs to, they really nailed the whole Halloween thing, and have a visible “Spirit of Adventure”. Be careful of the balloon count attached to your little one, or they really could be UP and away to Paradise Falls!


Source: Huffington Post

4. Lobster Baby

Even the non-seafood lovers out there can love this type of lobster! The idea of this costume is adorable in itself, but a bonus has got to be the convenient carrying the pot provides. At least for the first few minutes…


Source: RyanSeacrest.com

5. The Flamingo

I can honestly say this costume has baby version of me all over it. For starters, this costume looks totally sassy, which was practically my middle name as a little girl. Also, trick-or-treating in Chicago weather always meant abnormally cold temperatures, and this costume looks like a great way to stay warm!


Source: Huffington Post

6. The Little Mermaid

Have you caught on yet to the fact that I’m a huge Disney fan? That might be part of the reason I fell in love with this Ariel costume, but the other part is the fact it is hilarious to see a baby nearly submerged in an “under the sea” stroller, with a pile of red hair on it’s little head. Making the stroller part of the costume is really an all-around genius idea to make for convenient trick-or-treating!


Source: Costume Works

7. Baby Popcorn

This costume is perfect for newborns! Although it requires a parent to make the concept complete, it seems super easy! The popcorn hat on top of the little kernel’s head, makes this costume warm and cozy for the baby!


Source: This Place is Now a Home

8. Marhsmallow Man-Baby

I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a plump little baby. Even though the “plump” part of this baby comes from the costume, the rolly-polly look it portrays is just to die for.


Source: World Wide Inter Web

9. Strawberry or Chile Pepper? You decide.

This costume is so simple, that I find it so funny. This should serve as inspiration to all that you can truly make a costume for anything. Despite the fact it can be up for debate as to whether this is a strawberry or a chile pepper, one thing that is for certain is this costume will be keeping your baby super snug!


Source: Parents.com

10. Sno Cone

I had to save the best for last. Please try and look at this picture and not laugh, because it’s impossible.


Source: Costume Pop

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