Simple Gift Ideas for Baby from Big Brother or Sister

Simple Gift Ideas for Baby from Big Brother or Sister

Coming up with the perfect gift ideas for baby, can sometimes be a challenge. It can be especially challenging when your older, little one is asking what kind of gift they can give to their baby brother or sister. Sure, you can buy something and slap your kiddo’s name on the gift, but that’s not as special as them helping to create the gift themselves! This might seem unrealistic to some parents, but we’re here to tell those parents that there is a way! Here are four simple gift ideas for baby, for their big brother or sister to give!

1. A Flour Sack Towel Letter 
Big brother or sister might not have the best handwriting, or maybe they even just learned how to spell their name, but that doesn’t matter for this simple gift idea! All this project takes, is a tea towel, a marker, and your little tyke! Whether your child wants to keep their “letter” short and sweet with a simple “I love you”, or wants to conjure up enough to write a few sweet sentences! No matter what their message to baby entails, it will end up creating one of the most precious keepsakes you could possibly imagine. Although baby might not have any idea what the towel says now, it will be priceless for them to look back on when they’re older, to see how loved they were by their older sibling. This gift idea can be used for so many occasions; from baby coming home from the hospital, to baby’s first birthday, or even a “just because” gift!

Creating the flour sack towel letter is simple. The first method, will involve help from mom or dad. Start by having your child write their message with a dark marker on a piece of paper, and then scan the message to your computer. Head on over to T&H’s Design Store, and upload it onto the towel of your choice to print the message permanently onto a flour sack towel! This is a great method to ensure that the message lasts and lasts, throughout time and even potential wash cycles!
If time won’t allow for you to order a printed towel through T&H, order a blank one and have your toddler write their message with a permanent marker, or fabric markers, onto the towel for immediate gift-giving! This will still create the same sentimental effect, and is guaranteed to be just as special.

2. Create a custom tote bag or backpack
For someone so tiny, babies sure do have a lot of stuff! It is inevitable that family members will need convenient ways to tote around baby’s belongings, which is why creating custom tote bag is a perfect solution, and great gift idea!
Instead of using a traditional, store-bought bag, use this opportunity to have big brother or sister create a custom one, for all of baby’s essentials! Tote bags can make a great canvas for your child’s next masterpiece, and is an easy craft for them to do! Fabric markers and finger paints, work great on the canvas material that makes up these bags! An alternative suggestion instead of buying your tote blank for your toddler to paint on, would be to once again, utilize the T&H Design Store! Similarly to the previous two concepts, this entails scanning the artwork that your child wants to put onto baby’s backpack or tote bag, and upload the design onto the product! If you think your child would have more fun experimenting with creating a design using the tools in the Design Store, that is an excellent and easy option as well! The ultimate look of the accessory won’t end up mattering as much as the sentiment behind it.


3. A Picture Perfect Bib
Why buy your signature “I love my big brother” bib from a store, when big brother himself can design one for his new sibling in his own unique way? Your mini fashion designer will have a blast coming up with a sweet saying, or doodle, to transfer onto the bib of their choice for baby to show off. Whenever you dress your infant in this stylish and unique bib, not only will your heart melt at the sight of them wearing something designed by their big brother or sister, your youngster will love seeing their artwork on a real baby bib! Make sure your tot has a seat pulled up to watch the show, as you upload their design onto our Design Store! As their design pops up on the screen, their face is sure to light up as they witness their design coming to life on the screen! You’ll even have the option to add a little something extra to the doodle using clipart and text offered within our Design Store, if your little Picasso chooses to. If you love this idea for bibs, it can easily be applied to numerous other items too, such as onesies or baby tees!

4. Design Matching Outfits
Who doesn’t love dressing their kids up in matching outfits, at least for the occasional family outing or Christmas card? Make the matching outfits even cuter, by having them designed by baby’s older sibling! To start, your older, little one will need to create their artwork on a piece of paper. Even if it’s just a doodle, it’s 100% original, and that’s what matters most! Once that’s complete and your little artist is pleased with their work, scan it to your computer for phase two. From here, it’s time for your child to do a little shopping on our website! One suggestion would be an onesie for baby, and a toddler tee for themselves! If they’re past the point of toddler clothing, we also have youth t-shirts available for customizing, too! By this point, you know the drill for what to do next; enter the Design Store and make your idea a reality! Before you know it, you’ll have the matching ensembles at your door, and ready for the photo-op.

Header image source: Intelligent Nest

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