Need Some Motivation to Work Out? Wear a Funny Exercise Shirt

Need Some Motivation to Work Out? Wear a Funny Exercise Shirt

It’s 5 a.m. Your alarm clock goes off, and you roll out of bed, ready to face your morning workout. You’ve made the commitment to increasing your physical fitness, embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Or maybe you want to lose 20 or 30 pounds.

Those workouts used to be something you dread. But not anymore. Not since you invested in funny workout wear. You throw on your T-shirt with the silly slogan emblazoned on the front, and you can’t help but smile as you look in the mirror. Then it’s off to tackle your morning workout.

Gone are the days when your only options were to don spandex leggings and hum-drum tank tops or sports bras so you could hit the gym. Exercisers with a sense of humor now reveal their personalities by wearing funny workout clothing that brightens up an otherwise boring workout.

Personalized workout attire makes you feel good as you run those laps, climb that Stairmaster, lift those weights or perform any other kind of exercise to get that body lean and mean. Wearing the right workout clothing makes your workouts more enjoyable. It motivates you to exercise instead of making you want to stay home on the couch eating a bag of potato chips while you watch a marathon of your favorite TV show on Netflix.

Workout Attire Outside the Gym

If you buy fun workout clothes, you can wear them anywhere, not just at the gym. Of course, you may not want to wear them at the office, but you can certainly wear workout clothes on weekends or when you go shopping. Whether you’re going to a casual restaurant or plan to hang out with friends, workout wear is a good choice.

When you think about it, lots of people wear athletic clothing when they have no intention of working up a sweat. Modern-day workout clothes aren’t like the fitness gear from the 1980s. During the era of big hair and parachute pants, people who exercised wore bright-colored leotards, slouchy legwarmers and shiny neon leggings. Not something that would be appropriate when shopping at the local supermarket — unless you wanted to get some weird looks.

Workout Clothing Grows in Popularity

Fast-forward to modern times, and you’ll find today’s workout clothing is comfortable and attractive. You can find fitness clothes in a wide variety of colors and styles. And no matter what your taste, you’ll usually find something that makes you feel and look great. People throughout the U.S. are buying athletic clothing in record numbers. In fact, the NPD Group mentions that from July 2013 to June 2014, $33.7 billion in fitness wear was sold in the U.S.

Wearing workout clothes makes you feel healthy and fit, even if you’re … well … not. They help you proclaim to the world you are trying to live a healthier life, even if you haven’t quite made it there yet. And they’re a great motivator to get you out there and start being more active.

When you’re wearing clothes that make you feel attractive, you’re more likely to head to the gym, walk around the neighborhood or blow the dust off that exercise DVD and break a sweat. And since the clothes are trendy, you can take them from the gym to grocery story and beyond. Not only are the clothes fashionable, they’re functional, too.

Funny Workout Shirts

So why not wear some funny workout shirts that make you feel good? Here are some funny workout shirt ideas you may want to consider when choosing personalized athletic clothes.

We’ve grouped these ideas according to focus and style.

Sassy and Spirited Slogans

  • Are you a runner planning to participate in a marathon? Find ironic T-shirts with a slogan such as “I Hate to Run” emblazoned on the front.
  • Any bodybuilders out there? Proudly display your hard-earned muscles by wearing sleeveless shirts saying, “I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off.”
  • Maybe you enjoy retail therapy more than you love to exercise. That’s okay. You can score a shirt that states, “Shopping is My Cardio.”
  • Would you rather stuff your face at the local Olive Garden instead of perform an endless array of crunches? Lift your spirits by wearing a tank top that says, “I Just Wanna Have Abs-olutely All the Pasta and Breadsticks.”
  • Not everyone loves to work out in the middle of the day. If that describes your personality, try a shirt with a slogan such as this: “I Work Out. Just Kidding. I Take Naps.”
  • All you vegans out there who love a killer workout may want to score a T-shirt like this one: “Eat Clean. Train Dirty.”

Points for Just Showing Up

  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Try a shirt that says: “I run so I can eat cupcakes.”
  • You’re not ripped … yet. You’re a work in progress. Until then, flex in a shirt like this: “Six Pack (Coming Soon).”
  • Maybe you hate Burpees with a passion. Well, make yourself feel better while doing them by wearing a shirt that says, “Burpees Don’t Really Like You, Either.”
  • Do you want everyone to notice how fabulous you are as you work out? Get a shirt that says, “I Don’t Sweat. I Leak Awesome.”
  • Convinced that zombies walk amongst us and are plotting to take over the world? Train harder and wear this shirt: “Training for the Zombie Apocalypse.”

Amusing and Honest

  • Yes, education is important. But so is working out. Let everyone know by buying a shirt like this: “Education is Important but BIG Biceps are Importanter.”
  • Working out helps to promote a sense of wellbeing. Walking is even known to help people battle the blues. Wear this shirt as you walk around the neighborhood: “Cardio is Cheaper than Therapy.”
  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast never wore a shirt like this one. But this is the perfect T-shirt for women who want to look like a princess but know they have to work hard to get that princess body. Choose a T-shirt with a slogan like this: “Train Like a Beast. Look Like a Beauty.”
  • You may be more physically fit than your best friend. And you want to brag about it a bit. Okay, maybe you want to brag about it a lot. You can do this by wearing a shirt that says, “Your Workout is My Warmup.”
  • You know you’re sweating buckets. But you have a sense of humor about it. After all, your goal is to lose weight, not worry about something as trivial as perspiration. So wear this shirt: “It’s Not Sweat. It’s My Fat Crying.” Or try a shirt that proudly proclaims, “I Don’t Sweat. I Sparkle.”
  • Are you a guy who’s losing your hair? Maybe you’re completely bald. No worries! Wear a shirt broadcasting the following message: “With a Body Like This, Who Needs Hair?”

No Excuses!

  • The next time it’s 5:30 a.m. and you’re thinking of a million-and-one reasons not to work out, throw on this T-shirt: “Excuses Don’t Burn Calories.”
  • In the past, you were addicted to sitting in the easy chair watching TV as you ate popcorn. It’s been a long road, but you’re making baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Show the world how far you’ve come by wearing a shirt like this: “Recovering Couch Potato.”
  • The wedding is five months away, and you’re determined to whip your body into shape. That white dress is gorgeous, but you intend to make it look even better. So buy a shirt with this slogan: “Sweating for the Wedding.”
  • Training for a marathon isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. But you’re not giving up. And if you pass out halfway through it, your shirt will provide onlookers with instructions. They are as follows: “If Found on Ground, Please Drag across Finish Line.”
  • If your idea of exercise involves carrying your fast food bags to the kitchen table, this shirt is for you: “Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries.”

Hard Core and Happy About It

  • Your personal trainer is shouting at you in a manner worthy of a drill sergeant, ordering you to do three more Burpees. But that’s okay. You’re wearing a shirt with this slogan on it: “Burpees Fear Me.”
  • Celebrities and supermodels can afford plastic surgery. But you don’t need to go under the knife. You’re shaping your body the good old-fashioned way — with exercise. So wear a shirt like this: “Working Out. The Poor Man’s Plastic Surgery.”
  • Let those other girls dream of pink dresses and tiaras. You, my friend, are destined for greater things. So show the world exactly what you think. Wear a shirt with this slogan: “Forget the Glass Slippers. This Princess Wears Running Shoes.”
  • Eating healthy is important. But so is exercise. And rabbit food gets a bit boring sometimes. So wear this shirt when you work out: “I Work Out Because Salads are Boring.”
  • Maybe you don’t have the perfect body. And that’s perfectly fine with you. So silence the critics by wearing a shirt with this slogan: “I’m in Shape. Round is a Shape.”
  • Your yoga skills are phenomenal. Wear this shirt to proudly proclaim that fact: “70% Yogi. 30% Ninja.”
  • When you work out, it’s intense. You’ve worked hard for the body you have. But it hasn’t been easy. So show it off in a shirt with this slogan: “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body.”

Sarcastic Wit

  • Running. Walking. Biking. The miles add up, and sometimes you feel like you’re ready to quit. Well, before you start your workout, wear this T-shirt to give you the will to keep going: “Just Pretend the Miles are Cupcakes!”
  • Chasing a two-year-old around the house is enough exercise to make anyone shed a few pounds. Make someone laugh by wearing a shirt that says, “I Don’t Work Out. I Have a Toddler.”
  • You want to be a winner. So why bother trying to lose weight? If that’s your philosophy of life, you may want to get a T-shirt with the slogan: “I Would Lose Weight but I Hate Losing.”
  • It’s no secret you and Fat aren’t exactly best friends. In fact, you may even call the two of you mortal enemies. So as you work out, tell Fat exactly what you think of him. Wear a shirt with these words on the front: “Dear Fat, I’m Gonna Obliterate You.”
  • You know you need to work out. And that working out is good for you. You even bought this fitness T-shirt to wear during a workout. On the front of the shirt it says, “I Thought about Exercising. It’s the Thought that Counts.”
  • You’ve tried exercise, but it just didn’t work out, if you’ll pardon the pun. So now you’ve decided to give it up. Tell the world all about it by wearing a shirt with the slogan, “I’m in the Fitness Protection Program. I’m Hiding from Exercise.”

Spice Things Up

  • Add some flair to your workouts by scoring a cool fitness T-shirt with these Spanish words printed on the front: “Hola Flaquita.” (For all you non-Spanish-speakers out there, that means, “Hello Skinny.”)
  • Do you have that competitive spirit? Do you always strive to be the first to cross the finish line? Maybe you want to lift the heaviest weights or perform the most crunches. Well, this T-shirt is for you. It features the slogan, “I’m Not Competitive. You’re Just Not Going to Beat Me.”
  • While other people are downing protein drinks, you’re settling down to eat a hearty country breakfast. And you definitely don’t feel guilty about it. That’s why you’re wearing a T-shirt with the words, “Keep Calm and Eat Bacon.”
  • Going for a run at 5 a.m.? Boost your mood by wearing this funny T-shirt: “I am not Jogging. I am being Chased!”
  • Some people exercise when they’re stressed. Other people … um … eat. And you place yourself in the second category. So why try to hide it? Wear a T-shirt with this slogan on the front: “I Work Out to Relieve Stress. Just Kidding. I Drive to the Store in Workout Clothes and Buy Ice Cream.”

Stay True to Yourself

  • Maybe you don’t have the tightest body, but you’re not ashamed. At all. So that’s why you wear a shirt that says, “I Am All Muscle Except Where I Am All Flab.”
  • Other guys may long for six-pack abs, working out until they pass out from exhaustion. But not you. Show everyone what you really think by wearing a shirt with this slogan: “If I Wanted a Six Pack, I’d Just Go to the Store.”
  • Your friends are trying to get you to run with them. They say it’s fun — that you’ll experience a runner’s high. But you don’t believe them. In fact, you have a shirt that explains why. It has these words printed on the front: “The First Time I See a Jogger Smiling, I’ll Consider It.”
  • Let the whole world jump on the fitness bandwagon. You’d rather enjoy yourself. So the next time your best friend asks you to go with her to her spin class, just point to the words on this T-shirt: “Every Time I Hear that Dirty Word ‘Exercise,’ I Wash My Mouth Out with Chocolate.”

Customize Your Funny Workout Shirt

Working out doesn’t have to be boring — not if you try some of these custom work out clothes ideas. Shirts with funny fitness or even anti-fitness slogans make you feel better about walking on that treadmill or lifting those weights. Even those not interested in fitness can express their personalities and views by wearing a T-shirt with a funny slogan.

So whether you are the epitome of a gym rat or a die-hard couch potato, consider some of these personalized work out apparel ideas to make you look great — in or out of the gym. Cotton Creations can create and customize these shirts for you. Contact us today to get started!


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