60 Uses For Mason Jars

60 Uses For Mason Jars

These glass jars have a long history in the U.S. and they are known for being eco-friendly. Just like our old-fashioned flour sack towels, glass jars can be used over and over again in so many ways! There a few notable companies that produce them. You may have heard of Mason jars, Ball jars and Ker jars. You probably recognize the use of the term “mason jar” as it has become somewhat of an umbrella term for all glass jars in this category but it is indeed the manufacture name of a brand of jars. For the purpose of this post, I will use the term “mason jar” to describe any glass jar type, style or brand. Glass jars have a ton of uses, from canning homemade goods like jams and jellies to storing wet and dry cooking ingredients. Owing to their airtight lid design and heat-resistant glass construction, mason jars are also great for holding liquids and just about anything that will fit in them. Let us know what your favorite glass jar to use is! Is there a best one? Here is 60 ways to use a mason jar and ideas for what to do with old mason jars:

Mason Jar Uses In The Kitchen

1.Coffee Pot

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mesh pour-over cone can be used to brew coffee directly into a Mason jar, which easily doubles as a coffee mug.  No filters required.

This Mason jar French Press can replace a tea infuser as well as make coffee.

Love cold brew? Use mason jars to make the perfect cold brew right at home. Here’s how: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

2. Blender

You may already know that a regular mouth canning jar can be screwed onto a traditional blender base. Now there’s a special base just for Mason or Ball type jars. This extra small blender base doesn’t take up as much room on the counter and you can keep re-using all of your glass jars.

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Or use your own magic bullet blender, these can fit regular mouth mason jars perfectly.

Then drink from your jars right out of the blender with these special lids. A pouring spout lid and blender ball to mix protein shakes or salad dressings.  The lid of a can of dry Coffee-Mate creamer will fit as well.

3. Cooking/Baking in – Banana Bread

via Tasty.com

This mason jar banana bread is so tasty convenient to make. With just a few ingredients you will have a warm homemade breakfast or snack baked right in the jar!

4. Citrus Juicer

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The best part about this juicer lid is that the juice can be stored in the jar after juicing, resulting in fewer dishes to clean.

5. Cocktail Shaker

Impress your friends with your fancy drink mixing skills with this copper lid set. All you need is ice!

6. Salt/Pepper Shakers

You’re probably thinking this doesn’t take up any less space than regular salt and pepper shakers.

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But do you have an extra container of salt in your pantry?  If so, eliminate the need for it by purchasing salt from a bulk bin and storing it in this shaker jar.  The lid rotates to allow shaking or pouring of just one or both.

7. Sugar Dispenser

Make a handy sugar dispenser for your morning coffee by outfitting a mason jar with a spout from a salt container.

8. Fried Egg Ring

Make a perfect sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.  Here’s a video that shows how to do it.

Really, the eggs turn out perfect every time! You’ve got to try this… Bake Perfect Eggs in Mason Jar Lids

9. Cookie Cutters

No need to hang on to your cookie cutters for making biscuits or Christmas cookies.  The rings in this photo are being used to cut pie crust for single-serving apple pies baked in Mason jars (get the recipe here).  Maybe you don’t need a pie pan, either!

10. Muffin Tin

Image credit: Joe Lingeman via thekitchn.com

If you don’t make muffins or cupcakes very often or usually only make a few at a time, you can eliminate the need for a specialty pan by using jar rings and baking cups on a regular baking sheet with this idea from thekitchn.com.

(Note: if using in a toaster oven, be sure you have enough clearance for the batter to rise, and consider using foil cups to avoid risk of fire.)

Bonus: A mason jar can make the perfect storage for cupcake liners to keep them organized, clean and damage free.

via Ecojarz.com

11. Cheese Grater & Lid

Not only can this idea save space, you can also store the cheese in the jar after grating it.

It’s very simple.  Just fill a Ball Jar with parmesan cheese, and switch the lids off of one of the store bought parmesan cheese shakers.  No more crappy plastic holding your cheese for months.

The Kraft lid fits! Easy Cheesy.

12. Condiment Server

via thegreenhead.com

Put Condiments in neat Mason jars. Love this idea for a backyard BBQ party. Make your own chalkboard condiment jars perfect for summer cookouts and potlucks!

Use this Mason Jar Pump Lid for easy and mess free condiments.

13. Utensil Holder

Set the table in no time with this efficient DIY Utensil Holder. Organize cooking utensils to make them easier to find than ever before!

14. Spice Organization

Create a spice drawer with labeled mason jars. Easily be able to spot the spice you need and re-fill them when getting low.

15. Toothpick dispenser

Keep toothpicks organized with this DIY toothpick dispenser just about anyone can make!

via Amazon.com

16. Honey Storage/server

There are lots of ways to store honey (some of them stickier than others) but this handy attachment makes jars of local honey incredibly easy to serve!


Mason Jar Uses for Special Events

17. Party Glasses Display

Mason or Ball jars are an inexpensive and fun way to use glass party cups or glasses at your event. You can even have them personalized and brought home as a party favor for your guests!

via marthastewart.com

18. Frozen Party Drinks

Add a fun frozen cocktail to your event and have them served in glass mason jars. They will keep your drink cold and your guests coming back for more.

19. Place Setting Jars

Use the jars as place setting by writing the person name with chalk or sharpie. Add a decorative tag or label.

20. Table # Jars

Similar to using the jars as a place setting card, you can use them for the table numbers too.

21. Tealight Holder

Probably one of the most common table display uses for a glass jar is adding tea lights or votives and placing in the center of your table. The glass will give off spectacular light and guests will love the classic look!

22. Candy Displays

Every party needs some sweets! Separate candies by color to match your theme and place them on your dessert table or around the party for guests to enjoy a little treat as they mingle.

via weddingbells.ca

23. Backdrop Display

You can use mason jars in any kind of backdrop or lighting stage. It’s easy to find ideas and inspiration from other online.

Mason Jar Uses For Kids

24. Lunch Box

This dip container would also be great for keeping salad and dressing separate until lunchtime. (Psst…you can accomplish the same thing using a regular flat lid and ring with an empty fruit cup.) Make tasty salads to go for fresh and easy lunches with this helpful infographic.  For a big, hearty salad, I prefer to use wide mouth quart jars for easy eating.

25. To-Go Cup

Use as a to-go cup for anything you can image. Jar lids are perfect for screwing tight and not leaking all over! Add this connector to join two jars of any shape.  Soup and salad, anyone?

Your kids will love a mason jar lunchable for snacking on the go!  Heading to the park? Pack a masonable!

26. Baby Bottle

Who knew? You can use this trick to turn a mason jar into a baby bottle. Find the sleeves here. Or, they have full mason jar baby bottle sets here.

27. Fairy Jar or Lantern

Make some fairy jars with your children by putting some tiny light strings. Make them solar lights or with a battery pack. Something cute and fun for kids of all ages!

28. Snow Globe

A cute idea from smartschoolhouse.com is Mason Jar Lid Snow Globes. This is such and easy and beautiful craft for kids and could make a great DIY gift idea.

29. Piggy Bank

All kids need a place for their money! Cut a slit in your mason jar lid for coins and dollars to be placed in. Have a craft day for your little one to decorate it and keep on their dresser.

via preschoolinspirations.com

30. Calm Jar

This idea comes from preschoolinspirations.com, where they show you can use many different materials to mix in a jar and have a beautiful, sparkly, mesmerizing display that children can use to calm down with. You’ll need glitter for this project!

31. Bubbles

Bubbles are a super easy and fun way to keep your kids entertained. Just add water and a drop or two of dish soap to create the bubble liquid in your glass jars. Screw on the lid for safe keeping.

Masson Jar Gifts

32. Pre-Mix Recipes

Premix dry ingredients for often-used recipes like pancakes and biscuits and store in mason jars for an easy to grab meal.

Need a quick gift? The kids can help make these adorable Hot Chocolate Gift in a Mason Jar sets that can make the perfect gift for teachers, their friends, and even the bus driver!

33. Gift Sets/Party Favors

Add a mason jar to a gift basket to be used however you want. Customize mason jars for a fun and unique party favor or give a nice personalized set as a bridal shower, birthday, or wedding gift.

34. Photo/Memory Jar

via parabo.press

Store your favorite little trinkets, notes, pictures, souvenirs, concert tickets, and more in a glass mason jar. Make a vacation memories themed jar! Instead of using a box that you will rarely open, you can display your glass jar to be seen everyday and relish in the good memories.

35. Frames

This is an interesting project that I have not seen before! Add a picture under the glass jar and display together for an appealing shelf of family pictures. The curvature of the glass adds dimensions and flare!

36. Ornaments

via curlycraftymom.com

Use any size mason jar for to make festive Christmas ornaments for your tree or to display on a shelf. Perfect gift for friends, family and neighbors.

37. B-Day cake in jar

Cake in a jar, a tried and true gift! Add the dry ingredients for a cake and some fun sprinkles on top. Wrap with some ribbon, stickers or a nice card.

Mason Jar Uses For The Home

38. Bathroom Organizers

It’s a no brainer – have an extra mason jar laying around, turn it into something useful! Cut holes in the top or buy an adaptor for the perfect toothbrush holder. Add your cotton balls, cotton swabs or little soaps inside mason jars for great bathroom storage solution and pretty bathroom aesthetic.

39. Soap Dispenser

via thehappierhomemaker.com

Make your own soap dispenser you can refill again and again with this easy tutorial. Bonus:  You’ll save money by buying your soap in bulk, or you can make your own!

40. Potpourri

Use orange slices, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and apple peels to make your own potpourri. Simmering potpourri are natural air fresheners that work wonderfully.

41. Vases

Of course flowers or herbs can be put in a jar without a lid, but this way a single flower or one with a flexible stem will stand straight. It’s a simple country chic look that’s easy and cheap!

Photo by Heather Ford

42. Bookends

Fill a glass jar with something heavy, I suggest beautiful rocks or even coins. Place on the ends of your stand-up books to hold them in place. Adds storage and something beautiful and unique to look at.

43. Chandelier

This idea may take a bit more handy work if you don’t want to buy a pre-made chandelier but it is well worth it! Glass jars and lights were made for each other and there is endless ways to make it your own.

44. Lamp Base

If you need a pair of matching lamps, there’s a budget friendly solution with mason jars. For under $20, purchase a mason jar lamp kit adapter or re-purpose one you have at home. Pick our your own shades for a custom DIY look!

45. Wall Sconce

There’s no end on how you can make beautiful lighting fixtures with any size glass jars. Your set of wall sconces can hold lights and flowers.

46. Candles

DIY your own candles in a jar or purchase one! Keep those bugs at bay with this DIY Mason Jar Soy Citronella Candle from Yesterday on Tuesday.

Photo by Jillien M

47. Matchbox

This nifty idea is too cute not to mention.  I don’t know about you, but I find matches always end up falling out of the original cardboard box as it deteriorates.  Instead of the side of the match box, you can also use sandpaper on the lid as long as you buy “strike anywhere” matches.  Cutting a small hole in the lid lets you shake a match out without having to unscrew the lid each time.

48. Sewing Supply Holder/Pin Cushion

An old-fashioned needle pin cushion top on a mason jar has been a long-time DIY that is a must-do! Great storage for your sewing supplies and and easy way to keep your needles were you want them.

49. Office/Craft Supply Organizers

In this day and age, good storage solutions in the office or craft room is a must. They do get crowded with all our things! Because mason jars are see-through glass, these are great to keep office supplies like paper clips, staples, post it notes, pencil, pens and more organized and see-able! Organize like a closet – the more it is visible and in access to you, the more you will use it and not buy more thinking you are out. Checkout out some great ideas here: Mason Jar Organizer | DIY Chore Chart | Supplies Organization

50. Twine Jar

If you’re looking for that country rustic look, nothing says it more than twine on a jar. Use a glue gun and some twine to wrap around the jar, either the whole thing or just the top works fine. Use as a decorative vase or storage!

51. Button Jar

Another storage solution that’s a staple in any sewing room or household. Keep all of your buttons together and visible in a glass mason jar.

Mason Jar Uses Outdoors

52. Lanterns/Oil Lamp

via factorydirectcraft.com

An endearing way to light up your outdoor living spaces is using oil lamps and lanterns. Oil lamp burner parts can be purchased relatively cheap or re-purpose an old one for the project.

53. Solar Powered Light Jars

You can find solar powered tiny or fairy lights at most outdoor stores or big box retailers such as Menards, Home Depot, or even Walmart. Add the lights in and and the solar panel on the top so it gets the most sun and have a lit-up garden at night!

54. Wind Chime

These beautiful wind chimes are more for decorating the outside of

via savedbylovecreations.com

your home but that’s important too! This is a great project for using up some of that old vintage jewelry you may have on hand. You’ll need to cut your jars in half and then drill holes to hang the jewelry. I absolutely adore the rustic look of these and they’re really simple to make – if you have the right tools on hand. A garden wind chime creates beautiful sound and light refractions that make your garden come to life.

55. Birdfeeder

Check out this DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder that’s a perfect upcycle of a mason or ball glass jar. It is likely you already have most of what is needed for this easy do-it-yourself craft.

56. Beehive

Another great upcycle for the glass jar you have lying around is to make a beehive. Create your own colony to collect honey, this article will shows you how mason jars can be incorporated in the building and collecting of your super beehive.

57. Herb Garden

Make your own easy indoor herb garden in mason jars. Suitable plants for herb jars include: Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Chives, Thyme, and Rosemary. Start the seeds in seed starters first and transplant them into your jars to watch them grow. Make sure to use them in your cooking! Add a fun carry mason jar caddy.

58. Topiary Planters

Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometric or fanciful. The term also refers to plants which have been shaped in this way. Plants suited to this style of topiary are ivy, tree roses, hydrangeas, fuchsias, hibiscus, or woody herbs like myrtle or rosemary. In temperate climates, these potted plants can be left outdoors year-round.

59. Terrarium

Terrariums are miniature gardens, housed inside small – and usually sealable – containers like bottles and jars. Here’s a fun video on building your own terrarium with mason jars.

via HobbyLobby.com

60. Jar Art

via Etsy.com @dropclothdesignco

Jars can be used in any craft project but I particularly love painting and stenciling. With a small variety of art supplies (and even kid friendly art supplies) and any stencil design, you can create a piece of art. Lovely jar art inspiration is easy to find on Etsy!

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