DIY Wine Bottle Vases

DIY Wine Bottle Vases

DIY Vases From Wine Bottles

Hey, wine lovers, this one’s for you! Not only does this craft entail drinking a bottle of wine (not necessarily in one sitting, but who am I to judge) prior to starting this craft, but it is an excellent way to put your empty bottles to use! With summer coming to an end, soak up as much of the last bit of summer as you can, by filling your house with these wine bottle vases. Between the flowers you’ll be putting in them, and the fun decor you’ll add to the vase itself, your house will be radiating summer spirit as if it’s the middle of July. With the ability to decorate each vase differently, you can create them to match each individual room exactly how you want! So grab some friends and a bottle of wine and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, custom vase and a really good time!


  • Wine bottle(s)
  • Twine (or decorative paper)
  • Paint (alternative to twine/paper method)
  • Accessories (bows, ribbon, buttons, lace, etc.)
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: The first thing that you need to do (after emptying the bottle, however you choose to), is to wash and soak the bottle of any pre-existing labels. Once you get the bottle nice and clean, you’re ready to use it as a canvas!

Step 2: From there, apply the hot glue to a small section of the bottle to start. If you’re decorating the bottle using twine or paper, then tightly wrap either the twine or paper around the glued area. Continue this process until you have covered as much or as little of the bottle that you want for your design. If you choose to paint the bottle, then paint as you wish, and then wait until your artwork has fully dried before proceeding.

Step 3: Now for the finishing touches! Apply whatever accessories you desire, to the newly renovated wine bottle! Even just doing something as simple as gluing a bow on the front can make it super cute! Other ideas could be to create a monogram out of buttons on the front! If you’re painting the bottle, consider gluing glitter to certain areas of the bottle to give your artwork a little extra flare. Once you have accessorized to your liking, you are ready to add the flowers of your choice! Not only will you have flowers to brighten up your room, but an eye-catching vase that will be guaranteed to force your guests to take a second look!

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