How To Turn An Old Window Into A Picture Frame

How To Turn An Old Window Into A Picture Frame

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Turn On Old Window Into A Picture Frame

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; there is no such thing as having too many pictures. Since I firmly believe in this statement, I am always looking for new ways to display my pictures, and came across one way in particular that I absolutely had to share…an antique window picture frame! Not only is this one of the most creative ways I have seen pictures displayed in a home, but it is unbelievably simple! This is an easy way to express your creativity, all while putting some of your favorite memories on display for all to see!

Items Needed:

• Antique window frame (found on Etsy, E-Bay or even a local flea market)
• Pictures or other items to display within frame (wall hangings, hooks, Vinyl wall quotes, etc.)
• Scotch tape
• Decorative paper (optional)


What’s next? It’s simple! To use the window as a picture frame, simply place your pictures facing down on the back side of the glass. From here, all you do is tape the pictures to the glass-it’s really that easy! If your pictures do not cover the entire space of the frame, or if you do not want them to, you can lay the decorative paper face down, on top of the picture and then tape this down, too. Doing this will create a background for your pictures! If you want to make this project even simpler, use one big picture to take up the entire frame! Printing a picture of this large of a size can be done very inexpensively at a number of office supply stores, such as Staples! By securing the picture to the back of the entire frame, it will give the appearance that you are looking out of the window to see the picture taking place! How neat is that?

If you’re looking to spice this project up even more, there are plenty of other cool ideas! One suggestion, is to alternate placing pictures in the window frames, with your decorative objects! This option is more easily done with window frames that are solely the frame, without the glass. By removing the glass from the frames, this allows you to hang more three-dimensional objects within each frame! For example, you can have one frame be a picture, with the next frame containing a wall-hanging! There are so many possibilities to get creative with this project, which is why it is one of my personal faves!

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