How to Host a Recipe Swap Party

How to Host a Recipe Swap Party

Throwing a Recipe Swap Party can be such a fun and creative way to celebrate with something everyone loves, FOOD! And not just any food, these recipe swap parties are where those favorite family recipes come out, along with their “secret ingredients”, funny backstories, and precious memories of loved ones.

Hosting a recipe swap party is also a great way to bring people together who may come from different backgrounds in a way that everyone can relate to AND learn from each other. They can be an opportunity for people to share a piece of their culture with everyone and create common ground between them. Whether they’re strangers or close friends and family, at a recipe swap party, guests are sure to feel included and have fun!

And while you can certainly throw a recipe swap party purely out of your love for food, many also choose recipe swapping as a theme for other celebrations, such as a recipe exchange bridal shower!

If you’re interested in learning how to host a recipe swap party of your own, just follow these steps and your recipe exchange is sure to be a tasty success!

Must-Do Steps for Planning a Recipe Swap Party

1. The Preparation

Create and Send a Recipe Exchange Invitation or Evite

    • Plan ahead and give both you and your guests plenty of time to prepare and gather supplies, such as 3 weeks in before the party.
    • But first, consider a themed recipe party to challenge your guest and inspire creativity! You can do themes like “Thanksgiving”, “Around the Word”, or even “Iron Chef” where guests must have a key ingredient included in their recipe
    • Have fun while designing your in/evite but be sure to give your guests clear instructions so they know exactly what’s expected of them and don’t miss out on anything!
    • Request that everyone bring multiple copies of the recipe they plan to share so there’s enough to go around.
    • Try going to to find inexpensive recipe cards ready to download and print. You may even find some that match the theme of your party!

Recipe Swap Party Favors

    • While the recipes will be the real take-home, you as the host can create a decorative folder, bag, recipe box, or basket for your guests to collect new recipe cards in
    • For example, you can print a special recipe on flour sack towels that your guests can get to take home to use and display in their own kitchens.
    • Cotton Creations also has a variety of tote bags available that make for a great way to organize the recipe exchange and help guests get the rest of the party favors/recipes home safely and in style!

Serving Utensils

    • Make sure ahead of time that you’ll have plenty of plates/bowls and serving utensils prepared for your guests’ arrival, so everyone is able to dig in when the time comes!
    • Short on dishes? Get creative and consider throwing a themed recipe swap party such as “Soup Recipes – B.Y.O.B. (bowl)” or a “Finger-Food Recipes” in which little to no dishes are need to be provided by you


While the rest of these steps may happen on the day of the party (decorating, activities, exchanging recipes), they should absolutely be taken into consideration during your preparation phase, so that you can make sure that you have all the materials needed before the day of the recipe swap party.

    • To help you feel organized and make sure you’re not forgetting anything, try writing lists!
    • Sit down, close your eyes, and try to visualize how you planned the party to go and write a list for each part of the event (icebreakers, appetizers, activities, etc.) of the supplies you’ll need
      • Anticipate your guests’ needs and any problems that may arise ahead of time and your future- self will surely be thankful you took this important step!

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2. Decorations & Recipe Swap Ideas

    • Give yourself plenty of time for this step so can really let your creative juices flow and fun!
    • Transform your home with décor and music that reflects the theme or occasion of the exchange party and help get your guests get in the spirit!
    • Need ideas? If you’d rather not go spend a bunch of money at your local party store to decorate for your recipe swap party, you can always look to Pinterest for trendy DIY décor that suits your style or theme.
    • Get crafty with the materials you already have at home including flour sack towels which are 100% cotton and customization-friendly! There are many you can craft with flour sack towels so that it reflects a theme or occasion in some way. Check out the Cotton Creations Flour Sack Towel Crafts Board on Pinterest to see for yourself!

3. Make it Competitive!

Voting Ballot

    • Have multiple categories titles to compete for such as most decorative, most spicy, most tasty, etc.
    • Decide on a way to organize the voting phase of the night ahead of time and make sure you have supplies prepared ahead of time
    • Once the forks have settled, have your guests vote on the winner for each category
    • Find a theme-related way of organizing how your guests cast their vote! For example, if you are hosting a Christmas themed Recipe Swap Party, you could have a stocking hung and labeled for each category, where your guests will leave a slip of paper with their vote written on it. Or you could find a variety of small boxes to decorate to look like wrapped gifts, into which the votes would be cast.
    • But suppose you’re hosting a Bridal Shower Recipe Swap Party with a large group of people. In that case, you may want them to stay in their seats and keep things simpler by using a voting ballot card with each of the categories listed along with a spot to fill in the name or number for the recipe of choice.
    • To make voting easier, set up numbers, along with the recipe card, next each contestant’s entry that everyone can use to mark their vote instead of writing out each recipe name


    • For the voting ballet, give each category winner a fun prize with their newly earned title on it
    • Design your own fun yet functional prizes in the Design Station where there’s easy-to-use tools for adding and transforming text and images onto any 100% cotton flat-woven products such as the popular, Craft Basics Flour Sack Towels.
    • Create prizes that relate to the game or overall theme/style such as a T-Shirt customized with “Most Spicy” for the voting ballot. Or for a wine tasting challenge, print a Wine Tote Bag with a funny saying like “More Wine, Less Whine” or “Love the wine you’re with”
    • Think of fun ways to reward the crowd-favorite recipes with door prizes such as a bottle of wine, decorative glassware, etc.

Add more Games!

    • Hold epic competitions to discover who the best chef truly is i.e
    • Find or make a blindfold using a decorated flour sack towel and put your guest’s senses to the test!
    • Depending on the theme or occasion, set up games like “The Spice Challenge” or “Guess the Cocktail”
    • “Master Chef” challenge where teams create a recipe from ingredients you provide

4. The Exchange


    • Be sure to provide some snack foods or appetizers as an option before the actual tasting begins.
    • Include water on the table in case your guests need a palate cleanser between tastings
    • Get crafty and include a fun theme-related appetizer that your guests will love!
    • For instance, for a Thanksgiving Recipe Swap party,  arrange a veggie platter to look like a turkey that will bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Taste Time!

    • When the time comes to eat, announce it to everyone and explain any voting or swapping system you have set up
    • Hand out the voting cards, slips of paper with pens, or any other materials needed for everyone to cast their votes with
    • Be sure to allow plenty of time for your guests to get a chance to try every dish
    • After about an hour (or before the food runs out) have each guest share what the dish they brought is, where they got the recipe, any funny stories or secrets about the dish in case anyone wants to make the recipe


    • Organizing a recipe swap can be a difficult task to accomplish depending on how big and crazy your group of guests is
    • Decide on a system for the exchange ahead of time and make sure your guests understand how it works
    • Hand out the bags, baskets, folders, or whatever organizing tool you’ve prepared for your guests to collect new recipes in
    • Manage time wisely and encourage your guests to swap recipe cards and chat among themselves before counting up the votes and announcing the winner

Whether you’re looking to throw a recipe exchange bridal shower with a big group of guests from all sorts of backgrounds or just want to have a few girlfriends over for a fun recipe swap night, following these steps will helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to host a recipe exchange party that everyone enjoys! And with a variety of products available for customization, Cotton Creation is here to help make your party a success! But really, you can’t go wrong with good people and great food.

Virtual Recipe Swap

Maybe you can’t get together in person because of distance, health concerns or simply busy schedules. Whatever the reason may be, a virtual recipe swap is also a great way to swap recipes and have a good time! Depending on how tech savy the participants of the swap may be, you can try hosting a video call with Zoom, Google Meets or Facetime. And if that doesn’t work, feel free to tweak or find work-arounds so that everyone can participate. While you may not be able to taste other dishes virtually, showing off how a dish looks is a fun way to keep things competitive and still allows guests to cast votes for best apperance! Remember, as the host of a recipe swap, you have the freedom to include and exclude whatever you’d like so feel free to make it your own!

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