15 Personalized Keepsakes for Baby in 2015

15 Personalized Keepsakes for Baby in 2015

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Happy 2015! It’s a brand new year, which means it is time to make brand new memories! It’s a sad truth that time goes way too quick, especially when you have a little one on your hands. In order to make sure you don’t let a year go by without capturing as many memories as you can while your baby is still little, read on to see 15 Personalized Keepsakes for Baby in 2015!

1. A Memorable Custom Baby Bib Personalized-Baby-Bib-Blog

For many parents, a bib is a total must-have. Not only has the bib been known to save many onesies from disaster, but it has also been known to be a precious keepsake for parents to hold onto to serve as a reminder of those sloppy days at the dinner table. In order to hold onto something even more special, design a bib to reflect your child specifically! One way to do this, is to put the age of your child, and their favorite things to do, characteristics at the time, favorite foods, etc. Another option is to simply put their name and date, or any other important information you want to remember from that time!

A more unique concept that I absolutely love, is to put your child’s handprints on the bib! Handprints and footprints are something that are uniquely your baby’s, and are constantly going to be growing! By documenting these precious prints on your child’s baby bib, you can always look back and see how tiny they really were once upon a time. Using our Design Store, it really is easy to create this concept (or any of the other mentioned concepts) in seconds. All you need to do, is to stamp your child’s handprints on a piece of paper, scan them to your computer in a high resolution JPEG format, and then use that to create a personalized cotton baby bib! While the handprints will grow, the love you’ll have for this priceless bib will remain constant.

2. Baby’s First Year Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are a great way for both the creative, and non-creative minds to put together a truly memorable piece of art. The beauty of shadowboxes, is that there is no right or wrong way to put one together. Whether you want to throw a bunch of memorable items in the box and let it fall in its own way, or construct and tack pieces in a certain arrangement-the end result will be one-of-a-kind!  It’s a great piece to put in your baby’s nursery, and then can be something you hold onto and admire for years to come after it’s taken off of their wall. They might outgrow the piece of wall art, but there’s always a place on a parents wall for this sort of thing!

3. “Baby’s 1st…” Baseball Cap

This concept is one I hold near and dear to my heart, since I attended my first baseball game at the mere age of two months old. Because of this, I like to think that I have the right to claim I was a White Sox fan since birth, but if only I had a cap to prove it! To ensure your little one doesn’t face the same fate as I do trying to convince friends that I really have loved the White Sox since before I can remember, personalize an infant baseball cap for them to sport on their first game day! With four color options to choose from, there’s plenty of room to get creative and support your favorite team! Whether you want it to say “Baby’s First Yankees Game”, or “#1 Fan”, as long as you include the date somewhere on there, it will be something that both you, and your baby, will love to pull out of the closet and brag about later on!

4. Salt Dough Handprint or Footprint Mold

As I already alluded to, capturing footprints and handprints is really a must in your child’s first years. A very simple way to do this, would be to create a clay-like substance out of salt and dough, and press your child’s hand or footprint into the mold. Wait a few hours for the clay to dry, and you’ll then have your baby’s prints set in stone! For complete instructions on how to create this fun, DIY mold, check out The Imagination Tree’s tutorial! It’s not only the baby’s handprint you’ll want to use this project for, but you can use it for your furry friend’s paw print too! These make great gifts for friends and family, and can be created in no time at all  using supplies found right in your own pantry!


5. Keepsake for the Big Brother/Sister 

Of course, it’s not only your new baby themselves worth commemorating in 2015! The experience of your older children being a big brother or sister for the first time is full of memories worth documenting too! Although, celebrating being an older sibling might not be on the agenda at first, eventually your firstborn will understand that they now have someone to boss around, dress up like their personal doll, convince them to steal the cookies for you, and most importantly, be the best friend they could ever imagine.

One way to show off this new relationship, is to create a printed toddler tee for the best big brother or sister there is! Put a printed image of the two on the shirt, or just put text stating “World’s Best Big Brother”! Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will create a shirt that the older sibling will wear with a great deal of pride! This can also be reversed, by having the baby brother or sister show off some gear that proudly displays how much they love their big sister and/or brother! With a variety of styles and colors, there’s definitely going to be a onesie that is ideal for representing any sibling relationship! This keepsake may not remain in your baby’s closet for long, but it will remain in the hearts of each sibling forever.

6. Traditional Scrapbook

Although the concept of baby books have been around forever, it’s still an awesome way to make sure you’re documenting every possible moment and memory your baby creates for you. Scrapbooks are a perfect excuse to capture every little thing, from the time they drew on the walls, to their first steps. Before the years end, your entire scrapbook will be filled with priceless memories, and lots of pictures! Just as it goes with the shadowbox, there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook! Deck the pages out with stickers, ribbon, and pictures, or keep it simple-the choice is yours! When you eventually flip through the book down the road, it will create an irreplaceable feeling when you think to yourself, “ohhh I remember that!”

7. Embroidered Baby Blanket

Another more traditional keepsake of baby’s first years, but still an absolute must, is a baby blanket! An embroidered fleece baby blanket, complete with your baby’s name, birth date and weight, is something every child should have to snuggle up in! It seems to be that blankets end up not only being a keepsake cherished by parents, but the child too. Like many toys or stuffed animals a child may become attached to, blankets also tend to provide a similar sense of comfort. I know many people, myself included, whom refused to part ways with their baby blanket until they were much older. If my blanket wasn’t on the bed at bedtime, good luck getting me to sleep at a decent hour!

Although I eventually learned to part ways with my baby blanket, I still keep tabs on it, and know that it is safe and sound in my parents closet. On the occasions I choose to bring “blankey with tags” down from the closet, I am instantly reminded of my youth. What once was just there to comfort me, is now a symbol of my childhood. Creating a special blanket for your child could be what triggers so many memories for them down the road, too.

8. L-O-V-E Wall Art

If you’re looking for some decorations as unique as your baby to decorate their nursery with, then you definitely need to try out this piece of wall art! For something so simple, it creates an incredible work of art. The steps to create this are simple; Get a canvas board of the size of your choosing, paint the background color and wait for it to dry. From there, paint the letter “L”, followed by your baby’s handprint to be the “O”, then two footprints formed to make the “V” and then finally, paint the letter “E”. There you have it! A beautiful decoration not sold in any stores near you!

9. A Milestone Marked Flour Sack Towelbabys-first-steps-flour-sack-towel

Put a memorable moment on display for all to see, by creating a custom flour sack towel, including the details and date of one of baby’s firsts! One of the best parts about using a flour sack towel to create this with, is that there’s plenty of room to include as much detail as you want! There are so many ways to use or display this towel, which is why it makes an excellent keepsake!

A subtle way to display your newly printed flour sack towel, would be to hang it over the back of the rocking chair in the room, or off of the dresser. You can also hang it freely by nailing or tacking the towel up onto the wall. A final suggestion, that is becoming quite popular, is to put the finished towel into a picture frame to make it even more unique! The texture of the towel will be noticed from far away and will have anyone who sees it wanting to take a closer look! If you want to give this idea a vintage feel, try putting your design on one of our Natural flour sack towels!

10. Repeat a Picture Over the Whole Year!

One of my favorite ideas, with so many ways to do it, is to duplicate a picture of your little one in the same spot, same pose, same everything, every month for a whole year! It will be so much fun to look back and see how drastic the changes become over time, especially from the first month, to month twelve! It’s an unfriendly reminder of how quickly they grow up, but a once in a lifetime period in both of your lives that is too priceless not to photograph and look back on forever.

11. “Baby’s 1st…” Onesie

One of my mother’s favorite keepsakes of me, are the little onesies that I used to fit into. Being a preemie, I always assumed her size description of me was an exaggeration. When she eventually showed me items from my first wardrobe, it was hard to imagine me being so small, which she admitted she also had a very hard time believing! Something that would have made it even more special to look back on, would be if the onesie I was holding, had my name, date and weight on it, for me to get an even better picture of just how tiny I was. If you want to make sure you have this kind of keepsake to show your future teenager, then customizing a onesie with the details of their birth is a must! There are plenty of cute ways to do this, like monogramming their initials, with the details of their birth in smaller text underneath. Another option, is to put a baby picture of your little one on the onesie, with their information surrounding the image. Whichever way you choose to decorate, your baby’s onesie will end up serving as a walking baby book and timeless keepsake.

12. Decorate Your Own Christmas Ornament

Maybe this idea seems so great because Christmas just passed, and I’m having a hard time transitioning out of Christmas mode, or maybe it’s because this idea is truly precious. This is also an extremely simple DIY project that can be completed in minutes! One option to create an ornament commemorating your baby at this point in time, is to stamp their print on a clear, glass ornament, and don’t forget to paint on the year! Another simple idea, is to take the top of the ornament off, and fill it with your baby’s hospital wristband, and other fun facts about baby! They make ornaments with thicker tops, in case you have trouble squeezing your keepsakes into it!

13. Baby’s Prints on Your Coffee Mug

Another hand print and footprint idea-can you tell I love them? This is extremely similar to the ornament project, except it can be used all year around! Simply stamp your child’s hand or footprint onto a blank ceramic coffee mug, and let it dry! Just as before, it’s always good to put the date, so you know exactly what point in time your child left their mark on your new favorite coffee cup! Before their foot dries off, or they squirm away and get paint on your floor, stamp a few extra mugs and give them as gifts to family members! For family members that might not be available to see your little one as much as they’d like to, it would be an extremely heartwarming gift to receive that might help tide them over until their next visit!

14. Baby’s First Masterpiece

What will start as scribbles, will turn into a work of art worth hanging on your wall-no really, trust me. This creative concept created by Squash Blossom Babies, is a perfect way to turn your baby’s first drawing into something to put on display for all to see. Just as Squash Blossom Babies says, you can’t throw away your child’s first piece of artwork, even if it is scribbles! All it requires, is taking your child’s artwork, cutting out pieces of it in the shape you desire, and gluing them to a canvas board in an arrangement of your choosing! The final result of this project might be hard for others to know right away what they’re looking at, but you’ll know how special that decoration truly is. For the complete instructions and items needed for this project, visit Squash Blossom Babies’ Tutorial!

15. Custom Printed Dog Bandanapersonalized dog bandana-blog post

It’s not only the human babies that deserve keepsakes, the fur babies do too! It’s a heartbreaking reality that dogs don’t live forever, so cherishing the memories you have with them while they’re here is of the utmost importance. Considering they grow like babies do, one keepsake concept, is to print your pups’ prints on a bandana! They can prance around in it as a puppy, and then you can keep it for a lifetime once they grow. Just like with the baby bibs, even if you just put your own custom design on your pet’s bandana, as long as you make sure to date it, then it will always be something to cherish! If your pooch is still a puppy, consider making the same design on a small bandana with the date, and then again on a large bandana with the new date once they’ve grown! Having these both to compare down the road will be sure to give you chills while you reminisce on your pups past.

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