Personalized Valentine’s Gifts That Say “I Love You”

Personalized Valentine’s Gifts That Say “I Love You”

By the time February rolls around, nearly every store will be splattered with pink and red gifts to send to your sweetheart. If a random box of chocolates or another bouquet of flowers isn’t tickling your fancy, try wooing your darling with a personalized gift.

Instead of saying, “I picked this up when I stocked up on kitty litter and milk,” let your gift show how much you really care. Customized Valentine’s gift ideas don’t have to take all day to create, either. Cotton Creations is here to help you with the best personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for all the people you love.

Creative Tote Bags

Reusable bags have made a comeback in recent years as people become more environmentally friendly. Whether your sweetheart is a teacher, a crafty mom or a shopper always on the go, personalized tote bags make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

The messages or images that can be inscribed on tote backs are practically endless. Initials and names are always a classis monogram option that will likely be popular for ages. They can be used for play dates, visits to the library or quick trips to the grocery store. Larger ones also make great overnight bags – perfect for romantic weekends away.

Surprise your Valentine with a personalized tote bag stuffed with some of their favorite things, such as a movie-themed bag with popcorn, DVDs and a blanket to snuggle under. If summer campouts are a favorite activity, try filling the tote bag with a homemade s’mores kit, complete with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars. Try to think of fun activities you two can do together and use the personalized tote bag to bring your idea to life. The activity and the bag become a Valentine’s Day gift they won’t forget.

Show Your Love With a Banner

Crafty banners are popular Pinterest and Etsy items – from “It’s a Boy/Girl” announcements to simple “Welcome” signs. Create your own banner with eco-friendly towels or shop businesses that do the work for you.

Make a romantic meal and surprise your loved one with a bottle of wine as they get home from work on Valentine’s Day. An adorable banner declaring your love or even announcing the occasion is a sweet way to make a simple meal feel special.

Personalize an Everyday Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine is a great gift, but wrap it in a personalized flour sack towel and it suddenly becomes a Valentine’s Day treat. Flour sacks can be decorated with craft paint, monogrammed or personalized with needlework. Use them over and over again to make dinners feel special. Wine gift bags are great for anyone who likes to indulge. Pick one out for a parent, in-law or friend to let them know how much you care.

Add Pizzazz to a T-shirt

Customizable T-shirts are a great way to send a unique message to your loved one. Tell the world, “I’m with Handsome” or “I have the best wife,” with the message proudly displayed on your clothing.

Share favorite hobbies, symbols and sports teams by creating a unique, personalized shirt that you can’t find in a retail store. Add names, favorite characters or even an inside joke on the front of this apparel.

If you really want to spread the love, get customized T-shirts for the whole family. They can be worn at family reunions, birthday parties or large group outings.

Add a Photo

Personalized gifts pop with a photo. Whether you want to put one on a mug, T-shirt, baby onesie or a blanket, a photo can be a simple way to make any gift feel special.

For Valentine’s Day, perhaps a photo from your wedding, the birth of your child or a favorite vacation would have significant meaning. Add a photograph to an item that can be used every day to help your Valentine remember those intimate moments.

Get Comfy With a Cute Throw Pillow

If your love interest enjoys getting cuddly, a throw pillow can be a nice way of keeping them comfortable when you can’t be around. One of the great things about personalized Valentine’s Day gifts is that they can send whatever message you like.

These designs can be humorous or meaningful, featuring love notes or poems.

Adorable throw pillows are great on the bed, as décor for the couch or even add a homey touch to the office.

Embroidered Wall Art

Do you have a blank wall in need of some TLC? Send a loving message with embroidered wall art. These pieces are great for not only adding fun color and design to a space, but also for being meaningful. Do you have dates that hold a special place in your heart?

Make a timeline on a cloth poster with dates you and your spouse can remember forever. List your first date, the day you got engaged, when you were married and the day your first child was born.

Another popular option is to embroider a family tree or list the names of immediate relatives to add some loving touches to your home decor.

Did you write your own wedding vows? Do you have a favorite poem or song lyrics? These are also great additions to any wall art. These items that have special meaning could even be passed down to future generations. Something that seems like a simple piece of art now could be a keepsake down the road.

His and Hers Aprons

If you plan on staying home to avoid crowded restaurants this year, make Valentine’s Day feel special with a romantic, home-cooked meal. Cooking together is a great way to talk about each other’s day, too. While you’re whipping up his or her favorite dish and setting out the chocolate-covered strawberries, go the extra mile with a gift they can use long after the meal is finished.

Surprise your significant other with his and hers aprons. You can purchase the aprons plain and design your own crafty pattern, or have them embroidered with names – either real or a cute pet name.

If you’d like to send a monogrammed Valentine’s Day gift to someone other than your date, keep a grandparent, mom or other home cook in mind. Does Dad love to grill? A “Grill Master” apron will make sure everyone at the next cookout knows he’s in charge.

Personalized Kitchen Towels

Just about every home kitchen will shine with personalized kitchen towels. Remember to have fun with monogrammed gifts that add a bit of personality by inscribing names or cute messages. “Hot Stuff” and “Kiss the Cook” are adorable ways to add some love to your cooking chores.

Initials are also a popular option found on many Etsy and other craft sites. Adding initials or names to kitchen towels can add a nice touch to anyone’s décor. If your Valentine has a favorite animal, saying or catch phrase, be sure to include those, as well. Adding multiple touches lets them know you’re paying attention.

Meaningful Placemats

People often like to change little décor items from time to time to keep their style fresh. For the party hostess in your life, personalized or uniquely decorated placemats can add a welcoming touch to any table, party or cookout.

Placemats are versatile gifts. Monogram them with names or initials for regular dinner guests. Embroider or paint a design that goes with the style of the dining room or of their home barbecue area.

These types of gifts can be used repeatedly and can give special meaning to a holiday centered around love and thoughtfulness.

Monogrammed Napkins

Food is a common way to express affection or celebrate life’s accomplishments. Remind your special someone how much you love them with each wipe of the lips thanks to monogrammed napkins.

These additions to a dining table can make an ordinary place setting pop with personality. If your favorite cook likes to create meals for family members, you could even have a monogrammed napkin for each person at the table, creating a timeless name card each time that loved one visits.

Make the Wrapping Meaningful

If you’re worried about wasteful wrapping paper piling up in landfills, try wrapping whatever gift you give your Valentine with reusable, eco-friendly options. Flour sack towels are great for adding an extra personal touch to any present.

Decorate the towels with craft paint or needlework that’s a creative reflection of the person you’re giving the gift to. They can either keep the flour sack towel as an additional gift – they make great kitchen towels, decorative pieces and art – or pass the thoughtfulness on to another.

Deliver Custom Treats in Style

Does your boyfriend go crazy for your homemade cookies? Whip up something tasty as a special surprise and deliver it in a beautifully bundled package.

Homemade foods made from the heart are a sweet way to say “I love you.” Whether it’s cookies, brownies, wine, a unique main course or just a big bowl of ice cream, deliver a treat that lets them know you were thinking of them. You can even wrap the food in a comforting, beautifully designed towel, which can be a gift used long after the edible one is gone.

Bring Old Photos to Life

Do you have vacation photos from 20 years ago that are just collecting dust in the attic? What about special moments, such as weddings, birthdays or holiday activities? Pull those pictures out of storage and turn them into unique, personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Many stores allow people to bring in old photos and scan them to be enlarged. Make one poster size and make it the new focal point in your bedroom. Maybe you and your spouse have been together 20 years or more, but you have photos from your first year together hidden in a box. Turn that old memory into a new keepsake.

A collection of photos can easily be turned into a personalized photo book with notes to caption each memory. Show your Valentine that those precious moments are dear to your heart – and promise to make many more in the future.

Date Night Jar

Next time you’re sitting at home, wondering what to do with your sweetie, pull an idea from your date jar and get busy. This Valentine’s Day, decorate a jar and fill it with Popsicle sticks – each with a unique date idea. These can be as simple as cooking a meal together, watching a classic film, going for a sunset drive or competing in a game of bowling. Whatever the Popsicle stick says to do, you’ve got to do it.

This little idea will help keep things fresh. If you’re on a budget and looking for at-home date ideas, try playing a board game together, going for a walk around the neighborhood or volunteering with a charity you both support. If you really want to give of yourself, remember to put a few ideas in there that are specific to your partner. If he or she is athletic, suggest exercising together. If they have a favorite sports team, plan to cheer them on during the next game.

This simple but affordable idea is one way to keep the spark alive without spending a lot of money or wracking your brain for ideas in a pinch.

Show Love to Fido

If someone with four legs has stolen your heart, don’t forget to share the love with your furry friend. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts can be given to your pet.

From collars to leashes and even bandanas, your little fur baby can proudly show how much it’s loved with a personalized gift. These are especially great if you have more than one pet and want to easily tell their belongings apart. Monogram Fido’s bed to keep his kitty pals out, or get personalized bandanas for each of your pets. If you like sending out Valentine’s cards, a cute idea is to photograph your pets in their newly monogrammed bandanas and put them on a postcard. Now, everyone can share in the cuddly love.

Bibs, Baby Blankets and More

Don’t forget about your little ones this Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing quite as sweet as celebrating the new addition to your family. Deck your baby out in some special Valentine’s décor this year and show off your cutie to friends and family.

Monogrammed hats, bibs and baby blankets make great gifts for the little tike, or even the lucky lady who recently gave birth. Add special images, initials or even full names to apparel for your baby. Thinking of ways to surprise the baby’s father? Try monogramming “Daddy’s sweetheart,” “I love my Dad” or “Dad’s Little Prince/Princess” to a bib or T-shirt.

These are also great ways to help kids feel included on Valentine’s Day. If your child is old enough, let them help pick out a special message to be included.

Think of Your Valentine First

Whatever personalized gift you choose, make sure it is a reflection of your Valentine. Be sure to choose items that interest them first, and then add the personal, intimate touches that will make it unique. This Valentine’s Day, make sure your gift shows how much you really care.

Be sure to check out the many personalized Valentine’s Day gift items available at Cotton Creations. Our embroidery and screen printing machines can help make your personalized Valentine’s gift idea into a reality.

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