Custom-Made Housewarming Gift Ideas

Custom-Made Housewarming Gift Ideas

Are you looking for affordable, universal options for home products to present as the perfect gifts for new homeowners?

Whether they are moving into their first apartment or their brand new home, people usually already have their furniture and appliances in place. However, they sometimes overlook smaller, everyday items they will need for cleaning or to brighten up their space. These smaller kinds of home supplies are often welcome gifts. 

The list below covers some of the best personal housewarming gifts that will help any new homeowner settle in and save on their overall budget.

1. Custom-Made Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are eco-friendly, economical and multi-functional. With many practical and creative functions, these towels are beneficial in the kitchen but have a variety of other uses around the house. Your recipient can use custom flour sack towels for:

  • Cleaning: Reusable flour sack towels make an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, saving new homeowners money and reducing waste. They are superior to paper towels in quality and durability, and they clean up with an easy wash in the laundry.
  • Decoration: Your recipient can fold flour sack towels or loop them through rings and use them as cloth napkins.
  • Cooking: If your friend or loved one cooks from scratch, flour sack towels are a worthy asset. Clean flour sack towels are food-safe and versatile. Cover bread dough while it rises, or wrap freshly washed salad ingredients, holding their moisture in while your recipient prepares the rest of their meal. These towels can even serve as a cheesecloth replacement to strain homemade jellies and yogurt.
  • Embroidery and crafts: Your recipient can hand embroider flour sack towels with simple or complex designs. These towels have a fine texture and are hemmed on all sides, making them a good base for sewing crafts.
  • Diapers: Flour sack towels save growing families money as an alternative to disposable diapers. They are easy to wash and clean, absorbent and made of 100% cotton.

2. Personalized Cooking Apron

An apron is a valuable kitchen accessory for those who cook at home, whether for their families or because they simply love the process. Aprons are a personalizable housewarming gift that home chefs will use each day, and they can become physical reminders of all the happy memories they made in the kitchen. 

Some details you can have printed onto a custom cooking apron to create a personalized gift include:

  • The name or picture of the recipient
  • One of the recipient’s favorite quotes
  • A sports team’s logo 
  • A picture or silhouette of a pop culture icon
  • Images of the recipient’s favorite dishes or pastries
  • A nickname or inside joke
  • The recipient’s family portrait
  • A picture of pets, children or a family tree
  • A spiritual or religious quote
  • A seasonal message that shows your support or goodwill
  • Their monogrammed initials
  • The combined names of a recently married couple
  • An emblem composed of musical notes, sports equipment or symbols of another favorite activity
  • Any unique artsy details that are difficult to find printed on most aprons

3. Customizable Tote Bags

Customizable Tote Bags

Tote bags have a variety of possible uses in a new home, from organizing miscellaneous items to serving as convenient reusable bags for grocery shopping. You can customize these bags by printing just about anything on them, and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any need. Below are some common uses for customizable tote bags:

  • Eco-friendly grocery shopping: Reusable tote bags replace paper or plastic shopping bags. They’re washable and can easily store in your recipient’s vehicle to use whenever they run an errand for their new home.
  • Picnics or other outdoor adventures: Tote bags are a convenient way to carry food on a picnic, and they provide a convenient place to collect scraps once the outing is over.
  • Wrapping gifts: Tote bags make excellent reusable gift wrap. Your recipient can also use them to collect donations for a toy drive or other charitable cause.
  • Storage: Tote bags work well for collecting and organizing items in a small space, such as a car or a closet. They make functional space savers and are more affordable than extra cabinets or storage equipment.
  • Minimalistic satchels: Tote bags are strong enough to hold a pile of books, and many are large enough to replace a purse. They are helpful for students, working professionals in any industry, gym-goers and frequent shoppers.  

4. Custom Door Mat

You can customize a plain doormat yourself with black paint and a paintbrush — freehand a design or use stencils and a stiff-bristle brush for a more polished look. Finish off the design with a layer of outdoor sealant, and your custom doormat will be ready for its new home.

The front door is the first feature guests see when they come over, and you can make sure your friends or family have a doormat that reflects their personality. Some logos and other decorative elements to consider adding include:

  • The owners’ names or the names of their pets
  • A monogram that represents the owner’s family name
  • A custom greeting message
  • A favorite inspirational or welcoming quote
  • A funny or ironic phrase
  • A warm, spiritual quote
  • A customized color scheme that complements the home’s exterior

5. Custom Cutting Board

A custom cutting board is another item that any home chef would put to good use. 

Personalized cutting boards can include a wood, stone or marble base. You can purchase these custom-made housewarming gifts at shops that sell customizable kitchen supplies. Some of these cutting boards are engraved, while others are treated with a precision laser to achieve the desired customization.

You can also make your own customized cutting board using a simple wood-burning tool:

  1. Using a pencil, draw your design on the cutting board. You can do this freehand or trace the design using a stencil or transfer paper.
  2. Use your wood-burning tool to etch the design into the wood.
  3. Erase any remaining pencil marks and polish the cutting board with a coat of food-safe mineral oil.

Shop for Customizable Home Items With Cotton Creations

The simplest items can make the best custom housewarming gifts. These durable items add a touch of personality that your friends and family can use every day. With a variety of products to choose from, it is easy to find something that would fit their interests.

Cotton Creations offers a wide selection of customizable housewarming gifts. The design process is simple and straightforward, with several options for product size and the type of logo. Browse our customizable home items and contact us if you have questions about any of our products.

Shop for Customizable Home Items With Cotton Creations

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