DIY: Chalkboard Dresser

DIY: Chalkboard Dresser

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In a child’s room, organization is key in order to try to counteract any possible “tornadoes” that might tear through it. It’s also nice to be able to have every bedroom accessory give the space a little personality. One way to give a room not only the desired organization, but some character too, is by adding in a DIY chalkboard dresser! Even though this might require a little bit more effort than some of the other projects I’ve featured, for those who enjoy making old things become new treasures, this is definitely a project for you! With the help of the masterminds behind this project, Refreshingly Chic, I have broken down this project to give you all of the info you need to create your very own Chalkboard Dresser!


What you’ll need:

  • Antique dresser (Fun to find at flea markets and thrift stores!)
  • Medium-grit sandpaper (for wooden dresser only)
  • Fine-grit sandpaper (for wooden dresser only)
  • Paint primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint color(s) of your choice
  • Accessories for the drawer knobs


How it’s done:

Start by removing the drawers in order to easily work on those separate from the body of the dresser! An additional first step, could be to add any extra touches to the dresser, such as small legs, like Refreshingly Chic did. Once any alterations to the structure of the dresser have been completed, you can then continue to prep for the painting.

If this is a wooden dresser, you might want to begin by sanding down the dresser (and the drawers) using the Medium-grit sandpaper. If your dresser does not have any sort of glossy finish to the wood, then you will not need to worry about sanding prior to proceeding to the next step. You will not want to sand the dresser down to the bare wood, only enough to make the surface appear and feel dull. If you are working with a laminate dresser, then you will not have to worry about sanding at all!

The next step will be to paint your dresser with the primer! Even if your dresser is laminate, using a primer is incredibly important in order to make sure your paint adheres properly to the dresser. Don’t forget about the drawers you set aside too, since the chalkboard paint will also need to get a good grip on the surface! Once your primer has dried, sand the dresser one more time with the fine-grit sand paper. Only sand enough to smooth out the surface, but nothing rigorous. This extra sanding process is done to ensure a polished finish on the final product. Once that is done, it is time for my favorite part-the actual painting!

Start by painting the body of the dresser using your desired color or colors. While you’re waiting for that to dry, go ahead and apply your chalkboard paint to the dresser drawers! After you have waited for everything to dry, it is time to apply the knobs of your choosing to to the drawers! Once everything has been glued, painted and set in place, re-assemble the dresser! Put the dresser in it’s new bedroom and watch as the entire room transforms before your eyes.

Why it’s so great:

A chalkboard dresser is not only great because it serves as a place to store all of your child’s custom baby clothes, but it can be fun to re-label the drawers and easily leave reminders for yourself too! If you need to remind yourself that all of your customized baby onesies need to be washed, or that you need to buy more socks for your little one’s constantly growing feet, write it on the drawer where there’s no way you can miss it! Once your child is ready to start perfecting their “ABC’s” and reading skills, the chalkboard dresser is a perfect way to start associating pictures with words, as well as then reading and writing the labels themselves!

The best part about a chalkboard dresser, is that it can stick around for as long as you want it too since the labels can be re-created as needed! Once your small one grows into a bigger one, and needs to fill a drawer with big kid shirts instead of their personalized baby bibs, just erase and recreate the label and you’re good to go! Even if the decor in the room changes, all it takes is a new color of paint and an eraser to make sure your chalkboard dresser grows as the room and your child do! After using a chalkboard dresser, you won’t want to go back to using a store-bought one ever again!


Image source: Refreshingly Chic



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