Garden Rake Turns Home Decor

Garden Rake Turns Home Decor

Wine Glass Rake

Garden rakes are almost always known for making your yard look good, but what if I told you they can also make the inside of your home look good, too? You might be thinking I’m nuts, but stay with me! If someone had told me this, prior to the discovery of this craft, I would have thought they were joking, too. After seeing some of the incredibly practical and stylish ways that a garden rake can provide IN my home, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been told about this craft sooner! Although there are a ton of ways to get creative with this tool, I want to point out a couple of my favorites.

First up, is the garden rake turned wine glass holder. One of my favorite past-times, is getting together with my girlfriends for a wine night. What better way to store my glasses until that occasion, than by using a classy display? It not only gives my kitchen a little something extra, but the rake fits the wine glasses perfectly, instead of shoving them together in a cabinet. For those who might not care for a display of wine glasses, there is another great way to use a rake in your home that I am a big fan of!

Rake jewelry holder

This second décor option using the rake head, is as a jewelry holder! Finding a place for all of my necklaces can often be a challenge. If I do find a jewelry hook for my accessories, it is often not particularly what I had in mind, does not look good with my room, or is not strong enough to withstand the weight of all of my necklaces. By using the rake instead, I can decorate it however I please, in order to match my room to my liking! Being as strong and sturdy as the tool is, I will never have to worry about the weight of my necklaces being an issue either.

If that option still isn’t striking your fancy, another practical use for the rake head would be as basic as a coat or key rack! Even though you have the ability to decorate the rake however you want, some may not like the idea of one hanging in their room or kitchen. If this is the case, use the rake as simply a place where you hang your keys and coats by the door, your laundry room, or any other more subtle location!

It truly is amazing how so many simple things around us, can be something so beautiful. Who knows? The next big craft sensation could be sitting in your garage right at this very moment!


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