Five Ways to Look Good and Stay Warm

Five Ways to Look Good and Stay Warm

Being a Midwest native, I am all too familiar with the annual dilemma of how to dress in the cold. More than once, I have found myself battling my conscience, which is telling me I should sacrifice fashion for warmth. Or was that my mother? Either way, it has always been a mission of mine to stay stylish all year long, despite the temperature. If you are someone who also finds themselves making this a goal, then here are my Fab Five tips for you:

1. Wear a Fun Coat

Winter Coat (Fab Five Blog Post)

A coat to a winter outfit, is like the peanut butter in a PB&J-you can’t go without it. Depending on where you live, some can get away with wearing a lighter coat than others, thus, have slightly more options to choose from. Do not fret, my arctic tundra friends, since I too, have to deal with the heavier coat options in order to avoid hypothermia (Did I mention that I am a huge baby when it comes to cold weather?). With whatever coat you need, wear one that is either of a bold color, or even one with a pattern on it! Pick something fun to allow you to stand out and make a statement! Even the puffiest of jackets leave room for a little self-expression.

2. Wear a Stylish Hat
Even a traditional knit hat can go a long way for a fashionable winter outfit. By pinning a decorative flower or bow to a regular knit cap, you have created a brand new work of art for your head! There are also tons of templates to crochet or knit your own custom head piece. Whether it’s a hat with its own unique flare, or a glitzy headband to keep your ears warm, you will be sure to be stylin’!

3. Go Out With Your Boots On
Boots have become a fashion staple for fall and winter weather. Personally, I could not be more obsessed with the boots phenomenon-I can’t have enough of them! Boots are perfect for chilly weather for a number of reasons. First, you can wear those thick, fuzzy socks with the dancing snowmen on them that keep your feet toasty warm, and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! Second, there are boots for practically any occasion. Going for a casual coffee break with a friend? Flat boots are perfect! Do you have a date? Wear some boots with a little heel! Want to look chic in the office? Black boots will go with any casual office look! Lastly, boots are going to be in style for the foreseeable future, so your investment will surely be worth your while.

4. Accessorize Accordingly

Matching Scarf and Gloves (Fab Five)

As I previously stated, the coat is somewhat of the main event, but you can’t forget the mittens and scarves! If your coat has a pattern with a number of colors, I would suggest picking the boldest one and wearing a scarf and gloves of that color. If your coat is a solid color, then pick out either the scarf, the gloves, or both that has a pattern to give your outfit a little something extra!

5. The Layered Look
Now, I know that I made a big deal about a winter coat, but some places are fortunate enough to not have to worry about a thick, heavy coat. If this is the case, then the layered look could definitely work for you! Now although this suggestion is catered towards those with milder winters, everyone can create this look at some point throughout the year! With a lot of layers, comes a lot of warmth and also a lot of opportunities to create a fun look. One way to do this, is to layer a collared shirt under a sweater, and either a vest, light jacket or cardigan to be worn over those! Of course, the scarf, headband and other accessories previously mentioned can be added, as well. The layered look allows you to show off more of your favorite colors, and even more of your personal style!

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