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Customized canvas tote bags

At Cotton Creations, we care about the world we live in, and we value having an ethical dynamic between our manufacturing process and its impact on nature. Therefore, we take every precaution we can to ensure we are both socially and environmentally conscious with the products we carry, the packaging we utilize, the team members we hire, and our manufacturing process.

To put that into perspective, here are the steps we take to supply organic products with the highest ethical standards:

This world matters to us, so everything we do and the products we carry are defined by it. We thank you for being part of this commitment.

Organic Apparel

Our growing selection of 100% certified organic cotton apparel is easy to clean and fun to customize. We stock unisex short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts, as well as unisex polo shirts, using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Other than being environmentally friendly, 100% pure cotton materials provide high quality for an affordable price.

Artists who enjoy adding their custom design features to apparel will find the fabric is easy to stain, paint, or dye. If you want us to add a design to your order, use the form in our Design Station. We use DTG printing with water-based inks that will result in an unaltered texture after the dying process, unlike traditional screen prints which stiffen fabrics.

Our products are also perfect for minimalists who appreciate simplicity. We prefer to produce functional clothing that is built to last — cotton is breathable and lightweight, making the fabric a good choice to wear whether you’re indoors in the air conditioning or outside in the summer heat.

If you have sensitive skin, a pure cotton shirt free of chemical dyes might be what you need. 100% organic cotton can prove to be a safe choice for people who have contact dermatitis from allergies caused by the chemical processing used to produce most fabrics. Our products are made without using chemical treatments, so they are often an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

Are you interested in buying cotton tees in bulk? Whether you are outfitting a volunteer group or a school class, we have classic short sleeve v-neck tees and polo shirts with discount opportunities for buying in bulk. This way, everyone will look and feel amazing during your event.

Organic Baby Products

Our baby clothes made with 100% cotton fibers are soft to the touch and luxuriously comfortable — and are also durable when treated to the highest heat setting on your washing machine. Organic cotton is completely natural, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic, making it safe for your baby’s skin. We stock pure cotton bibs, baby tee shirts, and baby onesies at wholesale prices to meet all of your eco-friendly parenting needs.

Plain baby onesies next to cotton with text that says "organic baby products"

Cotton Creations cotton baby onesies come in an array of colors with size selections equipped with either long or short sleeves. They absorb the scent of fabric softener and detergent for a refreshing clean you can smell. They are easy to open for diaper changing and stay securely in place on the most active babies. Pair them with a cotton bib for mealtimes, and make washing and reusing your baby’s clothes simple.

The long-sleeved onesies are snug in cooler weather and pair well with our natural receiving baby blanket for a cozy nap in a walker. Take your baby for a stroll in an outfit comfortable enough to encourage them to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Eco-Friendly Flour Sack Towel

Our original organic flour sack towels are made from unbleached cotton flour sack material. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to paper products. If you want to transition to a more waste-free lifestyle, reusable towels with a thin but strong fiber are an ideal item to stock for cleaning, hygiene, and spill absorption.

Cotton Creations Craft Basics American towels and Craft Basics Natural flour sacks make excellent replacements for napkins and paper towels. They can also be used as highly durable kitchen dish rags, washcloths, or cosmetic wipes.

Our products retain their absorbent properties after numerous heavy wash cycles. Switching to reusable cotton towels will reduce your need to buy products that require manufacturers to process logged trees for bulk production. Discarded paper products accumulate in waste bins, inevitably winding up in landfills and our oceans.

These flour sack towels are lint-free and made without industrial chemical treatments. In addition to being easily washable, they are highly customizable. Have them dyed or embroidered and fold them around silverware to replace disposable napkins for a special dinner occasion. The possibilities for these towels are limited only by your creativity!

Natural Goods

Our eco-friendly cotton bags are made with strong fibers for a flexible hold. We have a bag for any occasion, whether you need to take a roomy, understated accessory on a shopping trip, want to color your own bag to express yourself, or require a tote to hold your groceries. These cotton products make it easier to avoid collecting more plastic bags that will either get thrown away or stored in excess.

We have a variety of styles for different purposes, including simplistic canvas tote bags that are popular as carrying sacks. Try using one as a minimalistic travel bag or diaper purse. They are also a popular item to use at farmer’s markets, whether you are selling fresh produce to customers or collecting your own fruits and veggies to take home.

Cotton Creations flat pouches make the perfect washable cosmetic bags. They can be treated with cleaning agents that will quickly remove makeup stains and emerge from the wash cycle looking like new. Order a customized bag with our Design Station.

We also carry 10-ounce double wine bottle tote bags you can use to bring bottles of soda or water with you on a hot day while keeping your hands free. Maybe you will even take a bottle of your favorite wine on a romantic picnic date!

Shop for Organic and Eco-Friendly Products

Cotton Creations offers sustainable, 100% cotton products with impressive properties. From apparel to towels, we have the items to help you sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle. We hope to make a difference in the consumption and waste of disposable materials by being the change we want to see.

As a responsible consumer who values the lasting health of your planet, we appreciate your consideration of shopping with us. Purchase cotton for its simplicity and buy it again for its outstanding durability in the years to come. Let the fabric speak for itself.

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