Featured Designer: Sabine Michael Ovesen

Featured Designer: Sabine Michael Ovesen

This season we are excited to showcase Sabine Michael Ovesen as our Featured Designer! Sabine loves spreading smiles with her whimsical characters reflect the beautiful area in which she lives and sells her work printed on various products including Craft Basics Tea & Flour Sack Towels. Having been born and raised in Denmark, surrounded by a lot of art and creative people, helped shape Sabine’s way of designing dynamic characters while maintaining a clean and simplistic “Danish style” in her work. Within just a year, this busy artist/art teacher/mother was able to turn her dream into a growing business, creating artwork for products sold by local shops in and around the beloved town of Solvang, CA.

1. Can you give a brief description of what your business is all about, in general?

I want to create art where young & old people can all find enjoyment in the whimsical characters I create. My goal is to make people smile.

2. What is the story behind how your business came to be?

Being a Danish artist and settling down in Solvang, California, I thought it would exciting to create whimsical characters to help embrace the essence of Santa Ynez Valley and the sweet town of Solvang.


3. Where does your inspiration come from for your work?

Raising a family with three boys is an inspiration in itself. Additionally, being an art teacher for every grade level makes my days filled with creative ideas to gain inspiration for my work. I was raised in Denmark in a creative family with art all around, which has helped me find a fun way to apply my whimsical characters (keeping a clean and simplistic Danish style in mind).


4. What is your favorite part about your business?

It is having fun creating my whimsical characters and let them come to life. Creating art gives me so much peace, excitement, positive energy & enjoyment and want to share that feeling through my art for other people to enjoy. Cotton Creations gave my the opportunity to expand my product line. They did such a great job on the tea & flour sack towels that now selling in local boutiques in the beautiful town of Solvang, California.


5. What is your favorite product that you make or sell for your business?

My favorite product is the Cotton Creations tea & flour sack towels because of the vibrant colors that bring out my whimsical character designs. Thanks to the great quality, I receive positive feedback from customers who are buying them from boutiques in Solvang, CA. In addition, the great service from Cotton Creations makes the ordering process easy. The quality of the towels really makes the art come to life. This is the best part of my job.


6. Do you have any future plans for your business?

Within a year I have grown my dream into a business with the intention to look forward and see what the future brings.


7. What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to get into this type of business?


Find the one thing that makes you stand out from a crowd, and just go for it, without looking back or doubting yourself. It can be intimidating to put your art and passion out to the public, but the reward is all worth it. There will be many trials and errors, but use them to help better yourself. But most importantly enjoy what you do, because it will be seen in your work.



To follow Sabine’s artistic journey and see future creations check out one of her links below!

Website: S Michael O.


Instagram: @s.michael.o


Facebook: S Michael O.


Pinterest: S Michael O.


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