Featured Designer: Andrea Garvey Art

Featured Designer: Andrea Garvey Art

We are happy to showcase Andrea Garvey as this season’s Featured Artist!  After 20 years of working in Corporate America, she was determined to follow her passion and build her own business. While working part-time and being a mother, Andrea was able to turn her dream into a reality.  Inspired by her life by the sea, Andrea creates vibrant works of art she can share with the world.

Andrea Garvey

1. Can you give a brief description of what your business is all about, in general?

I make colorful art that makes people smile. Whether that’s in my acrylic paintings, watercolors or printed products. My subject matter is usually colorful floral, animals or landscapes. A couple years ago I did a 365 art challenge and painted a flower a day, which soon turned into my flour sack tea towels! I also sell printed products from my various paintings; tea towels, prints, gallery wraps and cards as well as I work on commission paintings, teach art classes and sell my art in the summer through art festivals.


decorated flour sack towel2. What is the story behind how your business came to be?

I’ve always enjoyed art and worked in some sort of a creative role in Corporate America for the past 20 years, but it was after my mother-in-law passed away suddenly that I realized life is too short and that I needed follow my passion – which was creating art full-time and sharing it with others. It took a few years of working a day job while painting in the evenings and weekends while raising small children. But after hard work and determination I was able to leave the office world and work from home. The timing was perfect and I haven’t looked back.


3. Where does your inspiration come from for your work?

I am fortunate to live by the beach in Santa Cruz, California. The sea is an endless source of wonder and imagination for me which is probably why my favorite color is blue, while the mild seasons by the beach give me endless amount of floral inspiration from all the local gardens. I am happiest getting lost in the painting process with all the details and layers that make up my art. I choose colors that make me happy – inspired by the beauty that is all around us.


4. What is your favorite product that you make or sell for your business?

Everyone loves the flour sack tea towels and as I change out the design every few months I get a lot of repeat customers, and they always have wonderful things to say about the quality of the print and material as well as the unique design.


5. Do you have any future plans for your business?

decorated tea towels

I have many ideas floating around in my head! I love creating new products from my art, and am always trying to find ways to offer something unique to my customers. I am also expanding into wholesale this year and offering my flower towels to local and small boutiques.


6. What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to get into this type of business?

Make sure you are passionate for your business. Where there is passion, there is the joy. It’s a lot of hard work, trial and error as well as patience. But it’s also the most rewarding too!



To follow Andrea’s artistic journey and see future creations check out one of her links below!

Etsy Store: Andrea Garvey Art


Instagram: @andreagarveyart


Facebook: Andrea Garvey Art


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