A Flour Sack Towel? What’s That?

A Flour Sack Towel? What’s That?

At Towels & Home, one of our top-selling products is the Flour Sack Towel. Despite the popularity of these items, we are at times being asked, “What is a flour sack towel”? Well, let me tell you!

Quite some time ago, flour sack towels were used in a very literal sense; it was a sack that carried flour. However, since the quality of these flour sack towels were so hard to come by, many women utilized these items after they were empty. There were countless ways that flour sacks were found useful after they had served their initial purpose. From creating dolls, to sewing together aprons using the fabric, to creating actual-size clothes for their family, the possibilities seemed endless.

flour sackNow fast forward to present day, where we still see flour sack towels around, but not in the same way they were in the past. Today, it is common to see flour sack towels at the heart of many incredible crafts! One big sensation sweeping the flour sack towel nation, is using flour sack towels to screen print your own design onto. Whether it’s for a holiday gift or an item to brand your work logo onto, using a flour sack towel as a canvas can lead to some very cool results! Designing flour sack towels is not always done using technology, however, as many people enjoy embroidering their own design onto them! Another common craft that flour sack towels are used for, are to sew them into sacks, believe it or not. Since there was no longer a need to create actual sacks to carry flour, people are sometimes sewing the towels back into sacks to hold other various household items. Even though there are plenty of examples of more up-to-date crafts, there are also quite a few borrowed techniques from older flour sack uses.

Both years ago, as well as today, flour sack towels have been known to be phenomenal cleaning devices. Due to their high quality fabric, as well as the fact that they are lint free, cleaning with a flour sack towel provides streak free results on any surface. Another borrowed concept, was using flour sack towels for baking purposes. Many people believe flour sack towels are the magic touch when it comes to baking bread, my own relatives included! By placing a flour sack towel on top of a baking loaf of bread, it seems to drastically help the bread rise.

Whether you fancy some of the more aged uses, or are intrigued by some of the recent ones, flour sack towels are guaranteed to provide some sort of use to you! From cooking, to cleaning, to crafting, flour sack towels are an indispensable item that will forever find a place in time.


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