Spa and Comfort Wash Cloth by R&R Textile Mills, Inc.

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Finding the right washcloth can make all the difference in your bathing experience. You want one that’s strong enough to withstand long-term use, yet soft enough to feel gentle on your skin. You need a washcloth that works equally well on your full body in the shower or on your face when you remove makeup at the end of the day. Most of all, your washcloth should stand up to multiple washings, especially if you’re using it at a spa or hotel, where it will be tossed into the washing machine daily.

If this sounds familiar, Cotton Creations has a product that’s perfect for you. After using this spa and comfort washcloth, you will feel completely rejuvenated.

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Affordable Prices on Spa and Comfort Washcloths

Most likely, you’ll want to purchase more than one of our washcloths for your hotel, spa or home. Because we offer standard low wholesale prices, you can buy as many or as few custom spa and comfort washcloths as you want.

Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t dictate a minimum number you have to buy to take advantage of our low prices. We offer every one of our customers the chance to enjoy our standard wholesale pricing. If you need to place a really large order, you may be able to take advantage of even lower prices! Just get in touch with use to discuss whether you qualify for this offer.

The Design Station

Imagine putting your spa’s logo on your custom-embroidered washcloths as a little reminder for your clients during their services. Our Design Station allows you to add those unique touches to your products. You can also get custom phrasing or monograms on your products. If you’re buying washcloths for yourself rather than a business, you may want to brand them with your family surname so your kids don’t lose them at their next sleepover, or you can have them embroidered or printed with your initials to add a luxury look to your bathroom!


**Customization can only be completed using embroidery. This product cannot be printed. Please request a quote through the Design Station for embroidery pricing.**

Weight .3 lbs

Natural, White

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