The Best Customizable Gifts for Dogs

The Best Customizable Gifts for Dogs


For dog lovers, there’s nothing more fun than pampering our pooches.

Maybe you have a pug, a Doberman or a retriever, or you’re buying for a friend’s ball of fur. Whatever your needs, you can find a stylish, sassy gift — such as custom dog t shirts — that can even be customized with your dog’s name or other identifying information.

And unlike when you buy for humans, you don’t have to break the bank. All of our gifts for dogs are reasonably priced. You can even buy several at a time when you want a really well-dressed or well-accessorized pup.

Of course, what you decide to purchase will depend a lot on the dog’s personality. Some can pull off a personalized dog tanktop — others look better in a personalized dog hoodie. Still others will want a more practical gift option, such as a pet collar that is both durable and fashionable.

Read on for a gift-giving guide for dog owners. It will help you figure out the differences between our products and assist you in picking the best look for your pet based on personality, size and age.

Browse the choices and then customize your item to give your pet his or her own very special, personalized gift —nothing says “I love my puppy” like custom dog T shirts.

Read on for the 10 best gifts for dogs from Towels & Home.

bandana1. MPP Pet Bandana

Why a bandana — Bandanas may be the most adorable accessory you can put on a dog. They give the dog an air of sophistication, as though they are slightly French and returning from a day on the Riviera. But they can also be practical. They sop up sweat during long walks, and you can wet them on a hot summer day to wipe down your dog, keeping him or her from overheating.

Best for — Small and large dogs of any age.

Special features — The bandanas are available in 12 colors and are made of 100 percent cotton, which is gentle on dogs’ skin. They are available in different sizes, too, so your German shepherd can get a different size than your Chihuahua.

Fun way to customize — Snap a picture of your family posing with your dog and have that printed on the bandana.

2. DS Tank Top XS-L

Why a tank top — Tank tops are not just for basketball players. Keep your dog warm in a tank top that hugs his or her body. It’s light enough for a fall day, but it won’t overheat your pup as he or she runs around outside. Just as you would insist a toddler wear a jacket outside in cool weather, your dog should wear a tank top on days when temperatures drop.

Best for — Small- to medium-sized dogs that need a little bit of extra warmth. If your dog is skinny or does not walk well or quickly, a tank top can keep him or her toasty during a walk in brisk late fall or early spring weather.

Special features — This adorable tank top comes in six different colors. Choose the ones that match your dog’s personality, from pink to black. It is made of 100 percent combed ringspun cotton, and at five ounces it’s light enough to wear even on cooler summer nights.

Fun way to customize — Make a personalized dog tank top with the date you bought your beloved dog printed or embroidered on it.

hooded-tshirt3. DS Hooded T-Shirt with Pocket

Why a T-shirt — Dogs have great personalities. Show off your dog’s sassiness with this personalized dog shirt featuring a completely adorable pocket that stretches around the dog’s back. There may be nothing cuter in the world than a dog with a pocket shirt! Plus it’s actually practical: You can store a few dog biscuits in the pocket for a mid-walk treat or as a reward for a dog in training once your pet has done his business at the curb.

Best for — Dogs that live in cold or wet climates and older dogs who need more warmth even in pleasant temperatures. This sweet little hoodie can offer your dog extra protection from a fierce wind or light snow.

Special features — This personalized dog shirt comes in four colors: blue, pink, black and red. If your dog has a four-legged best friend, you can even get matching shirts for when they go to the park together. It’s remarkably lightweight, at only five ounces, making it perfect for cool or cold weather.

Fun way to customize — Create your own dog shirt by embroidering or printing your dog’s name and breed on the material. This also ensures the shirt won’t get lost, either, because it’s easy to identify.

nylon-collars4. Nylon Pet Collar

Why a pet collar — Every dog needs a collar — but there is no excuse for buying a boring one. Give your dog a dash of pizzazz with a nylon pet collar available in eight different colors to suit your dog’s personality. Have a feisty little dog? Buy a red collar to warn people he may get angry. Have a gentle giant? Choose mellow light blue, perfect for dogs who like to chill out.

Best for — Any dog, because of the customizable size. Dog collars are a necessity in most communities, and you can attach your pet’s vital information via tags to the nylon collar.

Special features — The collar comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. This makes it easier than buying a one-size-fits-all collar that is difficult to adjust and either slips off of or chokes your poor pooch.

Fun way to customize — Get an embroidered collar that has your dog’s name on it as well as a fun graphic. For instance, if your pet’s name is Daisy, you could get a small picture of a flower embroidered on the collar.

5. Luxe Leather Collar

Why a leather collar — Leather is the most durable material you can find for a collar. When you want one that will last for the long haul, pay a little extra for leather, and you can bet it will be around for years. Plus, leather just looks good. It gives your dog a sophisticated look, even when doing something silly like chasing his or her tail.

Best for — Very active dogs who give all of their belongings a workout as they burn off energy. The collars are also ideal for dogs with very big or very small necks, because they come in customizable sizes. The supple leather feels good on your dog’s fur.

Special features — As with the nylon collars, the leather collars can be ordered in small, medium or large sizes. They come in eight colors, including turquoise, jade, goldenrod and violet.

Fun way to customize — If your dog has a tendency to wander away from home, have your phone number printed on the collar. That way anyone who finds your frightened Fido will know exactly what number to contact without fumbling with tags.

large-pet-beds6. Large CPC Pet Bed

Why a pet bed — Does your large dog have trouble finding a bed that fits his or her frame? Too many dog beds seem to be made for pets the size of a cat. With a large pet bed, your dog can get comfy during naps and overnight snoozes. Bonus: Your beloved dog will no longer feel the need to crowd into your bed at night!

Best for — Large dogs, obviously, but also very young or very old dogs — those that need a bit more cushioning. Young dogs like the comfort of a bed, which reminds them of snuggling up to their brothers and sisters as puppies. Older ones can protect their brittle bones by lying on the bed, which prevents them from feeling the cold, hard floor.

Special features — The bed comes in four different colors, including a pale sage with white lining. Depending on your dog’s color, you can choose a bed that will camouflage shedding.
Fun way to customize — Embroider a tribute to your pet, such as, “The heart of our house” or “The ruff-est dog in town,” on the bed to make it unmistakably his or hers.

7. Pet Hand Towel

Why a pet hand towel — You love your pet, but just as you would not want to share a personalized dog sweatshirt with your pooch, you don’t want to share your hand towels with him either. A pet hand towel is the perfect solution. You can use it for anything, from wiping off your dog’s paws after a walk in the rain to cleaning up after him or her after inevitably slobbering the water out of the bowl.

Best for — Messy dogs that can’t seem to keep food or water where it is supposed to be. Just like people, pets can be slobs. But if you are not worried about using your good hand towels to wipe up after them, that makes cleanup a lot more tolerable.

Special features — This soft cotton towel measures 16 by 30 inches. It comes in two colors: white or the slightly more forgiving ecru.

Fun way to customize — Differentiate your pet’s towel from the family towels by getting his or her name embroidered on it, along with a cute paw print that tells everyone that this is the dog’s property.

washing-glove8. Pet Washing Glove

Why a washing glove — If you have ever tried to get a dog clean after a romp in the mud, even if part of the dog’s body was protected by a personalized dog hoodie or personalized dog sweatshirt, you know that it is nearly impossible to get all that mud off without some serious cleaning tools. Since you would probably rather not use your own personal scrub brush on your pet, it’s a pet washing glove to the rescue.

Best for — Small, medium or large dogs of any age or temperament. Every dog gets dirty. By using a washing glove, you can turn bath time into spa time, which your pet will enjoy much more than simply being hosed down with water.

Special features — The 100 percent microfiber dog wash glove protects your hands from getting gunked up with grime from your dirty pet. It is easy to wash out afterward to get it clean before the next use. It’s also so soft you can use it to give your pet a massage when the glove is dry.

Fun way to customize — Embroider your dog’s washing glove with his favorite way to get dirty. For example, you might say, “Use after a long walk in the woods” or “Use after chasing squirrels.”

9. Nylon Pet Leash

Why a leash — The best part of any dog’s day is when he or she goes outside for a walk. Enjoying the fresh air and the companionship of his or her master are truly the best things for your dog, no matter how big or small. But it is also important to practice dog safety, and that means keeping your dog on a leash when you leave your yard. Getting a spunky nylon pet leash in a bright color can add an element of fun to the daily walk.

Best for — Any dog, anywhere. Keeping him or her on a leash allows you to control how close your dog gets to others. Nearly every community has a leash law or regulation, and it is especially important to have your dog on a leash when he or she may be near young children. Pooches are naturally curious, and while they may not mean any harm nosing around a child, the child’s sudden reaction may scare or alarm your dog.

Special features — This six-foot-long leash comes in six different colors and can be ordered to match your nylon pet collar. It comes in small, medium and large sizes — perfect for miniature to extra-large dogs. These leashes can still be used when it’s cold outside and your pooch is dressed in a personalized dog sweatshirt or personalized dog hoodie, too.

Fun way to customize — Be cute. Put an amusing phrase on the leash, such as “Who’s walking whom?” or “I can walk faster than my owner.”

10. Coral Fleece Baby Blanket

Why a baby blanket — Sometimes you have to think outside the box for pet gifts. While you can find pet blankets, there is nothing that compares with the softness of a baby blanket. For puppies, these blankets can be particularly comforting. They not only keep your pup warm, but he or she can also snuggle into it when feeling lonely or afraid — two common emotions among young dogs. Just like babies, they crave smooth, velvety surfaces against their faces and bodies.

Best for — Young puppies who have just been separated from mom, though older dogs with special needs will enjoy these blankets as well. The size of this blanket works best with small- to medium-sized dogs.

Special features — Each 100 percent polyester blanket measures 30 inches by 40 inches, plenty big enough for a small or medium puppy. They come in three colors: pink, green and baby blue.
Fun way to customize — Have your dog’s birth date embroidered on the blanket. That way you will not forget the important milestone, as you will probably want to keep the blanket for your memory box once the puppy has outgrown it.

When you buy these fun and creative dog gifts from Towels & Home, your pooch will be the most pampered pet on the block. These also make wonderful presents for a child’s teacher, a relative or a friend you made at the dog park. Whether you decide on a personalized dog tanktop or create your own dog shirt, your personalized gift will be given with the most important thing of all: love.


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