Craft Basics Cotton White Huck Towel 13″ x 26″

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These white cotton huck towels come brand new (not reclaimed) and pre-washed just like our classic flour sack towels! This provides a soft and stable product suitable for craft, embroidery, and cleaning. These medium-weight towels are an eco-friendly addition to any kitchen with high absorbency and low lint levels. Use them to wipe up spills, dry dishes and wash and polish windows, mirrors and glass. Throw them in the wash and use them again and again — they’re a fitting paper towel replacement!

A huck towel is made from 100% cotton and woven in a bird’s-eye pattern. They are hemmed on all sizes, ready for use as soon as they arrive! The pre-washed size is about 13-by-26 inches (allow a 1-inch size variation).

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 100% Cotton, New, Pre-Washed, Low Lint
• Made in India
• Fabric: Medium Weight

• Piece Processed (not perfectly uniform sizes)


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What Is a Huck Towel?

A huck towel is one of the most practical cloths for cleaning compared to other standard towels. Because of its soft 100% cotton material and lint-free finish, huck towels are great for cleaning mirrors, windows and furniture in various settings. Huck towels can last anywhere from a few years to a decade due to their undeniable durability.

Huck toweling consists of a bird’s-eye pattern. This sewing technique allows the material to withstand wrinkles over time, ensuring a longer, more reliable life span. The craftsmanship that goes into these towels is unique for creating smooth sides and neatly sewn edges to prevent loose threads. This pattern and fabric combination allows for quick absorbency for any cleaning project, big or small.

The medium weight of a huck towel’s fabric makes it easy to store multiple cloths together for optimal cleaning preparation. They are also sewn in smaller dimensions of 13 inches wide and 26 inches tall so they can fit neatly in cabinets, closets, cleaning tubs and even in your back pocket for easy access.


A cost-effective material that can be used for cross-stitching, Swedish huck embroidery (huckaback embroidery, huck weaving or huckery), and other fun projects and crafts! If you enjoy sewing, huck towel material makes an excellent embroidery base for crafting projects as it is comprised of vertical and horizontal lines. These lines provide a straight edge to work with as you reference back to patterns throughout the process.

These medium-weight towels have looser loops, great for medium to large size threads. Order these plain white huck towels and decorate them with a pretty pattern! There are heaps of patterns online, check out a great article here on a guide to huck weaving.


Huck towels are known superstars in the window cleaning industry as well as car detailers, restaurants and cleaning companies. Why? Because they tend to hold up even after many washes, making them great for areas with heavy towel loss or towel abuse! These durable, absorbent cotton huck towels are ideal for cleaning glass, windows, and mirrors. These towels work excellently in cleaning food service areas, gyms, country clubs, hotels and B&Bs, nursing homes, hospitals, physical therapy clinics and health care facilities.

There’s no reason you can’t use the same industry-benefiting towel right at home! Instead of using disposable wipes or paper towels to clean windows or your bathroom mirror, try using huck towels instead. Keep mirrors, windows and sliding doors clear and lint-free with the absorbent material of huck towels. Dust and polish furniture with huck towels and use old towels to dust and polish outdoor furniture on the patio and porch. You can use them in your garage as a handy towel for wiping down tools and polishing your car. How eco-friendly of you!

Serviette Napkins and Hand Towels

These are soft yet durable — ideal for drying your face and hands. The size is perfect for folding into a table napkin or to hang as a standard kitchen towel. Used as napkins or tea towels, these huck towels have a clean, rustic, vintage-style appeal!

How Do You Wash Huck Towels?

To keep your huck towel durable for longer, we suggest washing your cotton huck towels in your washing machine with half the amount of detergent you would normally use. If you need to keep your towels lint-free, do not wash with terry bath towels as lint can get trapped in the weave and make them not as useful for cleaning glass and mirrors.

Another tip to keep your huck towels for longer is to avoid putting them in the dryer.  Like any material, they will wear out quicker if you use the dryer instead of drying them on a line. Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets. These will make them less absorbent.

Fun fact: Huck towels are the same as surgical huck towels without the FDA certification.

Why Are They Called Surgical Towels?

Huck towels provide many benefits in the medical field, particularly in hospitals and surgery rooms. Doctors prefer the low-lint absorbent material of huck towels to clean sterilized medical instruments. The durability and absorbency of huck towels provide medical staff with a cleaner alternative to paper towels or heavy cloths, whereas huck towels can make cleanups quick and effective.

Huck towels provide a thorough lint-free finish to medical instruments that helps eliminate the possibility of spreading infections after their initial use. This small factor provides many doctors peace of mind as they go about their everyday routines.

The simple and time-effective washing process for huck towels helps keep these cloths available for medical staff at any time of the day. Complex maintenance routines for other materials can limit the number of towels needed by patients and doctors at any time. Buying huck towels wholesale provides doctors with as much material needed to make each day go by a little smoother.

Wholesale White Huck Towels

The small yet mighty properties of a huck towel provide many businesses and homes with the reassurance of an effective clean. While these towels last for several years at a time, many users choose to own multiple at a time. Opting to purchase a large selection of huck towels can eliminate the use of paper towels. This method is cost-effective and provides a better cleaning every time.

Whether you plan to use these towels for housekeeping, home decor, supplying material for hospitals or general cleaning, trust huck towels to get the job down quickly and effectively. Rest assured that having multiple towels at your disposal in your home or business can provide the clean you need in half the time and half the detergent.

Start designing the perfect cloth for your cleaning and decor needs by adding huck towel embroidery to your order. Shop wholesale huck towels today through our personalized pricing services.

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