Irregular Flour Sack Towels

Irregular flour sack towels can be used in a variety of ways — from cooking and cleaning to cloth diapers and crafting projects. Made from the same high-quality, 100-percent cotton construction as our regular sack towels, these flour sack towels with irregular features let you explore options in an assortment of sizes. Cotton Creations offers the option to purchase products individually or — for a better value — in bulk.

Everything You Need

Flour sack towels that come in irregular sizes, colors, weaves, stitchings and hems have inconsistencies, making them ideal for diverse uses around the house, as well as unique projects, that require non-standard supplies. Are you experimenting with hand embroidery or other crafts and looking for an assortment of sizes on which to practice? Want to test a prototype for a project before you commit? Irregular size flour sack towels provide an option for trying new printing, stamping and appliqué techniques at a further discounted price.

Irregular flour sack towels also make useful tools for cleaning. These economical towels are multipurpose around the house, as you can use them to clean up, polish, absorb liquid spills and more. If you are looking to reduce waste in your home or office, choosing flour sack towels over paper towels or disposable napkins provides an eco-friendly solution to decrease your use of paper products.

Versatile Uses for Irregular Towels

Irregular flour sacks have become a household staple due to their highly absorbent cotton constructionl — especially for those households that have gone paperless. Some of the more unique ways you can use irregular flour sacks around the house include:

  • Food Strainers: Layer as needed to strain cheeses and other substances.
  • Gift WrapAn alternative to paper wrapping with a personalized touch.
  • Refrigerator Liners: The perfect liner for shelves, bins or to keep damp vegetables and fruits dry.
  • Household DustersThe lint-free towels will not leave behind debris, ideal for dusting mirrors and furniture.
  • Furniture Covers: Use as a protective covering for furniture to prevent wear and tear.
  • Stain Removers: The fast absorbing and dye-free material works quickly to remove stains. Soak in a water-vinegar solution, then apply to the stained surface.

At Cotton Creations, you have the option to buy a small number of irregular towels or place a bulk order, increasing your savings on our already-low prices. Our irregular towels include bleached flour sacks and unbleached flour sacks, all of which are pre-washed and made from 100% quality cotton.

Cotton Creations

We are proud to offer irregular flour sack towels in a variety of sizes. If you are seeking towels but are not sure which size and type are correct for your needs, contact a customer service representative for guidance. Cotton Creations has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the garment and textile industries. Because our expertise is in-house, we maintain a high degree of quality control and can offer an end-to-end service.

Try our irregular flour sack towels today, or contact us for assistance with your order.