American Flour Sack Towel – 28″ x 29″ Irregular

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The American-made 28 inch by 29 inch flour sack towel is the crafting standard. These irregular towels are perfectly suited for arts and crafts with children and adults alike! Whether you paint right onto the towel or lay the towel down to prevent drips and mess, your creating experience will be that much easier.

Key Features:
• Soft White Color
• 100% Cotton
• Fabric Weight: Medium

This product is considered “irregular” and may have a high degree of size variation. Product may also exhibit flaws in color, weave, stitching or hem. All sales are final.

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Art Class Just Got Better

At Cotton Creations, we know that teachers and parents are always looking for new ideas to keep kids engaged, creative and learning. Our flour sack towels are so nifty and can be used to create hundreds of different crafts. They can also serve a more functional purpose than your average construction paper craft. Not only can kids create unique masterpieces for themselves, these towels can also be used for holiday artwork and gift giving. Our flour sack towels are trusted across the world in schools, daycares, art classes, extracurricular activities, summer camps and more!

Kids Love Them and Adults Do Too

Kids love making messes… it’s a part of growing up. But when they are actually allowed to paint on a fabric towel without getting into trouble, colorful and brilliant things can happen. The best part is, our irregular flour sack towels are one of the most cost-efficient craft and cleaning supplies out there! Since they are super absorbent and sturdy, you can scrub away paint or soak up water with ease. Keep a stack of towels for a rainy day when you need a fun craft to keep busy. Visit our Facebook or Pinterest pages for more ideas on projects and designs!

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