Tea Towels + Napkins

At Cotton Creations, you can find the plain fabric napkins and tea towels you need for craft projects, embroidery, custom printing, special events and more. Plain cotton napkins work perfectly for upscale dining or for personal health care tasks. Our flour sack tea towels and napkins are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so your towels hold integrity and shape over many uses. The 100% cotton fabric is structured with hems on all sides for a strong cloth. The feel is super soft on hands and skin with no tag or embellishment, so you can add anything to them or present them in any way. Neatly fold for a sophisticated table decoration or add your wedding dinner menu with digital printing. We offer price points for a handful, a few dozen or a few thousand! Cotton flour sack napkins and flour sack tea towels are a modern craft sensation with limitless potential. You can easily get wholesale flour sack tea towels through Cotton Creations without needing a special discount code or buyer account. Your one-stop-shop for bulk discount towels and napkins! Shop tea towels with Cotton Creations and fill the gap between your unique ideas and reality.



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Wholesale Tea Towels

Blank cotton linens like flour sack tea towels and napkins are a great product to offer in your craft supply store, home décor boutique or outdoor and home improvement center. The blank towel is a perfect addition to a bathroom towel set or as a handy cloth to wipe your glasses. Customers use these cloths in more ways than you can think of! Bulk wholesale pricing and quick delivery allows retailers across the country to stock up on Craft Basics towels, because these towels are so popular! Increase the demand in your business for flour sack tea towels and napkins… offer these versatile and plain linens at competitive pricing.

Reusable cotton cloths can be transformed and utilized for any and all tasks from cleaning and preparation to serving and décor. Use as a trusted scrubbing companion or keep nice and tidy as personalized decoration for your home. When you offer packs of plain tea towels, you are offering customers a highly valuable product that can be hard to find elsewhere. Flour sack kitchen towels are a craft and design element that is becoming increasingly popular with each season. DIYers, home project bloggers and art teachers everywhere utilize our cotton tea towels year-round. You can craft and decorate your home, restaurant, salon or business with custom printed towels that complement the space’s environment or the season’s charm; add a Fall themed design with your family name, or add the initials of your diner to give a rustic, country feel. Our Tea Towels with a Loop make hanging these towels for display quick and easy.

Towels can be used as decoration for any holiday, and they will last for years to come. They can also be used to protect furniture, flooring or other surfaces when painting your house or redecorating your kitchen. Not only do reusable cotton towels ride the eco-friendly wave, they also look much more appealing and elegant than disposable towels and paper thin napkins. You can add this modern touch to any space in your home, whether you have plain white or rustic beige tea towels. The possibilities for custom towels are endless at Cotton Creations!

Flour Sack Tea Towels & Napkins

Our most popular towels are now produced in-house! This is the best time to try out cotton tea towels and napkins from Cotton Creations. Over the years, we have improved and perfected our flour sack towel material. We are able to offer lots of sizing and competitive pricing because we produce our towels at a highly effective and efficient rate. Cotton Creations has the most comprehensive and diverse line of tea towels than anywhere else. Linen towels and cotton napkins are adaptive and simple. Try them today and experience the difference! Budget-friendly and family-trusted, our tea towels and napkins are the perfect addition to your cleaning supplies at home or food service ware at work. Our tea towels and cotton napkins are the leading product in the industry for kitchen towels and dish cloths because we provide a consistently superb towel at unbeatable prices. Our Craft Basics Tea Towel with Irregulars can be as low as $0.59 per towel.

Our flour sack tea towels are constructed from the same 100% cotton fabric material that households and service industries have trusted for years. Tea towels and napkins are our specialized sizes of flour sack linens, made specially for detailed tasks and event presentation. Our flour sacks are produced here in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting quality and responsibly sourced textiles. Our team pre-washes, dries and irons your napkins and towels so you can avoid having to prep the towels before use. We also offer custom printing, folding and packaging capabilities. If you require a certain fold or wrapping and need them already set when they arrive, we can provide folding and wrapping services at a per unit price. We offer custom packaging add-ons like:

  • Sticker Placement
  • Pack in Sets of 2, 4 or more
  • Gift or Personal Messages
  • Individual Cellophane Wrapping
  • Include Business Cards
  • Applying Bands
  • Adding Sewn-In Labels or Tags
  • Pack in Customer Provided Box or Wrapping
  • French folding, tri-folding, etc.

Whatever your needs, we can help you accomplish them. We also have tons of business branding ideas on our Pinterest page. Ask our Sales Team today about these helpful options!

These cotton tea towels and napkins are made to be highly absorbent while staying soft and lint free. No worry about fuzzy pieces or scratchy fabric leaving guests and family members been uncomfortable! These napkins can be used to dry hands and wipe up surfaces with ease, without becoming loose or tearing. Tea towels and cotton napkins really set the tone of sophistication and class in dining establishments, tea rooms, wedding venue spaces and even in your own home. Place under silverware, adorn with a ribbon or flower, or print the afternoon’s menu right onto the flour sack napkins. Designers and home decorators love these linens when adding a product line to their stores. Cotton Creations offers a wide selection of plain flour sack tea towels or customized napkins to upgrade your gift giving, home décor and customer experience!

Put Your Logo on a Cotton Towel

An inexpensive and functional way to advertise your business or services to customers is with customized flour sack napkins or towels! Our towels are produced in-house, keeping costs low and quality high! This is an added advantage for business owners because you can stock up on highly useful and beneficial customized items without going over budget. Simply upload your logo into our Design Station to get started.

Towels can easily be given for free to new customers, put in swag bags at networking events, or even sold with your other merchandise. Tea towels are something you don’t see every day, yet they are so useful they can be used every day! Offer something more diverse and custom print your logo, mission statement or contact information on a reusable cotton towel. The small square napkins or rectangular dish cloths can be kept handy in a customer’s car, gym bag, or kitchen and always be a reminder of your great quality service.

Lots of businesses and local organizations benefit from giving away a little token to customers for their working with their business. This is a great incentive to get people to return and remind them of your business while they’re away. You can give these affordable towels away at local parades, community events, fundraisers, 5k and race events and so much more! Folks love free and functional items like high-quality custom printed kitchen towels. Remind customers of your business hours, contact number, address, special services and more by printing it on a towel. We get wholesale printing orders from trusted, local businesses like:

  • Heating, Ventilation + Air Conditioning
  • Nail and Hair Salons
  • Pet Grooming + Veterinarians
  • Ecofriendly Private + Commercial Cleaning
  • Dentists + Orthodontics
  • Local Realtors
  • Family Planning + Classes
  • Restaurants + Grocers
  • Car Washes + more!

The tight weave and strong cotton that make up our time-tested tea towels allow the material to be smooth in texture, rather than thick and bulky, without losing any absorbency. They are flexible and hemmed on all four sides for support and durability. Custom printed flour sack tea towels are a long-lasting visual business marketing tool that you only pay for once! See how this product can enhance your business. Contact us today to learn about bulk pricing and our wholesale cotton napkins!

Bleached, Unbleached and Colored Cloths

Cotton Creations is hands down the best place for Craft Basics American made flour sack towels and colored cotton utility towels. We stock more sizes and shapes than you will see anywhere else. We’ve made it easy to get wholesale pricing on our famous flour sack tea towels, even at low quantities and with custom printing added!

We offer two different colors of our medium and heavy-weight flour sack tea towels: bleached white and unbleached beige. Both the bleached and unbleached towels are made from the exact same 100% cotton flour sack material, they are simply processed differently during the wash cycles. We use a gentle bleach formula to give the towels a bright white color without feeling starchy or having an odor. Use either style for food service, event decoration or home improvement projects! If your business has a more rustic and Earthy vibe, use the unbleached tea towels to wrap your silverware. On the other hand, bright white linens can give a crisp and clean look to any wedding venue or even a sterile medical office. There is also an assortment of vibrantly colored and striped 100% cotton dish cloths and kitchen towels! These are ideal for embroidery projects, gift baskets and stocking up a day care or breakfast diner. Bulk discount towels are the perfect way to stock up without breaking the bank!

First, we have the bleached tea towels and napkins. The white cotton towel is our most popular towel that we have perfected over many years. The blank canvas allows bold colors and intricate details to really pop with our digital printing. Create a one-of-a-kind towel as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or celebrate a milestone in your life. The white fabric is ideal for printing images, watercolor paintings and more. The bleached napkins are neatly hemmed and leave no white lint behind, providing an effortlessly crisp and clean look to your home, party or business. These towels can accomplish just about any task, whether you are hosting a meal, redoing your bathroom or crafting with kids! The white cotton flour sacks are made to last and stay soft even after many trips through the washer and dryer. Keep a stack of bleached white tea towels in your pantry or cabinet and replace that need for paper towels.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, we offer the Natural line of medium-weight flour sack tea towels and napkins. This line is our unbleached option, preserving that natural, beige colored cotton. The Natural line of flour sacks is the best towel for rustic farmhouse décor, or dirty tasks like gardening and working on your car, which might stain your towels anyways. A perfect example is our Premium Natural Flour Sack Towel. Its 20″ by 20″ size makes this flour sack towel the perfect size for your elegant farmhouse décor. The thicker weave of the fabric also makes is versatile and great for applications that are more intense like gardening and working on a car. They also work wonders with food service as they are breathable and produced without harsh chemicals. Medium weight flour sack material is so multi-functional because it is soft but strong, and absorbent but not thick, and does the job of many products in a single cloth. The beige color is a welcomed attribute to accompany farmhouse designs, eco-friendly boutiques or shabby chic home décor. When you buy a dozen or more, you get a high-quality product for a lot less money than disposable products. A huge perk of ordering flour sacks from Cotton Creations is having access to

Lastly, we are happy to offer a colorful selection of 100% cotton, softly woven kitchen towels and dish cloths. Super absorbent with a soft surface textures, these cloths grab on to dirt and liquid in the kitchen, bathroom, inside the car and more. The bright colors are fun in a teenager’s bathroom or to custom embroider for your book club, golf team or scout troop. These towels are also included in our Cotton Creations original 8 Piece Personalized Kitchen Towel Sets. Save when you buy a pre-made set as a gift for yourself or a friend! The two distinct sizes are the home makers ultimate companion when cleaning and prepping mealtime. Spread the colored kitchen towel over the counter to set drying dishes or cover a steaming tray of food. Use the smaller colored cloth as a drink coaster, hot plate or even as a face wash cloth. We have quite the assortment of plain white and colorfully patterned cotton tea towels and napkins; whatever linens you need for preparing, crafting or gifting… partner with Cotton Creations!

Wholesale Tea Towels and Cotton Napkins in Bulk

This is the easiest and most affordable source for kitchen towels, tea towels, cleaning cloths and flour sack napkins. We offer a range of fabric constructions and thicknesses, color styles, sizing and shapes and weave types so you can have access to quality and affordable textiles all in one place.

Enjoy our cost-effective pricing without needing to sign up for a special account! Blank cotton cloth napkins or custom printed tea towels will add value and efficiency to your home, work place or organization. Our wholesale bulk options are available to all, with discounts beginning at as low as a dozen towels. Value is around every corner at Cotton Creations… for some lines, you can order as little as 12 towels for a 50% discount! Wholesale pricing and free shipping is crucial when ordering large amounts of inventory for:

  • Wedding Venues
  • Bars + Lounges
  • Gyms
  • Churches + Youth Groups
  • Bakeries
  • School Organizations
  • Coffee Shops
  • Animal Shelters
  • Healthcare Facilities

Shop bulk pricing with Cotton Creations without needing a special resale certificate or forms. Our unprecedented discounts allow even the smallest budgets to get access to top-quality cleaning and baking supplies, sterilized towels and marketing materials. You can purchase customized, wholesale tea towels once and enjoy the benefits long after you’ve given it away or sold it. Premium kitchen towels are needed in all walks of life. Get what you need now! Many of our wholesale orders ship within days, bringing the best quality tea towels available straight from our warehouse to your door.