Five Ways to Use a Custom Tote Bag

Five Ways to Use a Custom Tote Bag

Five Great Uses for Tote Bags


Sometimes, the simplest things, are the best things. Let’s take tote bags, for example. All that they consist of, is some canvas with a couple of handles, yet it’s one of the most desirable accessories since the slap bracelet craze of the 90’s. Might as well move over Fendi, tote bags are coming through. Okay, maybe they aren’t quite up to designer bag status yet, but here are five excellent custom tote bag uses that make them pretty darn close:


1. A Modern Day Briefcase

Don’t make lugging around your laptop and work essentials more painful than it has to be by carrying around a boring bag. Spice things up with a customized tote bag, which is perfect for storing your laptop, pens, notepads, snacks, or whatever it is that you need to get you through the day! Before you know it, you’ll have an entire office following your lead.


Tote bag wedding favor

2. A Wedding Day Necessity

Tote bags as wedding favors have been one of the most popular wedding trends over recent years. If you don’t want to take on the project of creating bags for all of your guests, consider customizing some just for your bridesmaids! Not only is it a fun bag to store all of their belongings in on your wedding day, but it could make for a cute photo op, too! A wedding day tote will be more than just a bag to your bridal party or guests, it will be a symbol of an incredible memory as well.

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3. A Walking Business Card

Why hand out business cards when you can walk around with one on your shoulder? Get your business name or logo printed on a tote bag, and show it off everywhere you go! By being so fashionable, who wouldn’t want to know more about who you are?


Baby Tote4. A Baby Bag

Tote bags are perfect for storing your baby’s supplies on the go! Don’t let their size fool you, there is plenty of room for diapers, bottles, wipes and much more! Tote bags can look good, even in their simplest form, but customizing your tote bag just for your baby can make them even better! Be careful though, walking around with a stylish, customized tote on one arm with a baby on the other, might just be cuteness overload.

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5. A Gift Bag as a Gift

Next time you are giving a gift, arrange your gift in a tote bag instead of a paper one! By giving your gift in a tote bag, there really isn’t any part of the gift that won’t be special. A custom tote bag is so great as it is, they won’t even need to see what’s inside! In addition to the excellent look of the bag, you can rest assure that unlike a paper gift bag, this one will stick around for the long run.


Anxious to get your tote bag to try out for one of these uses? Head over to our Design Store now to get started!


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