6oz. Home Basics Tote Bag – Irregular by R&R Textile Mills, Inc.

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The irregular tote bag offered at Cotton Creations is a reusable shopping bag perfect for service missions, volunteer groups, outdoors and gardening clubs, gym bags and more. These 100% cotton totes come from our trusted partner R&R Textile Mills. We offer these irregular cotton tote bags at a fraction of the price due to blemishes or other flaws. During inspection, tote bags that do not meet aesthetic standards are filtered out and sold as “irregular”. While the bag may have cosmetic imperfections, the cotton is still a strong and long-lasting canvas material. Use these for camping trips or sporting events and toss in the wash for next time. Ditch plastic and paper bags… get the Irregular Home Basics Tote!

This product is considered “irregular” and may have a high degree of size variation. Product may also exhibit flaws in color, weave, stitching or hem. All sales are final.

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Service Missions and Volunteering

Our irregular products are the ideal cotton companion for outdoor events, dirty tasks and errands that don’t require spotless apparel. The tote bag may have a stain or blemish, but it is still highly functional and perfect to carry around tools, belongings, groceries, plants and more. If you want to be more eco friendly, grab a reusable tote bag instead of paper or plastic bags. It’s so easy to keep them in your trunk or near the front door just in case. If they get dirty from the days adventure, take it home and machine wash. It’s super easy to save and increase productivity with these irregular cotton totes.

These bags are sold at a super discounted price, making them accessible to all kinds of clubs and organizations, even those with smaller budgets. You can buy wholesale tote bags for your mission trip or give each volunteer a “swag bag” for helping out. When you buy with Cotton Creations, you get the most value and quality for your money.

Donate to Schools and Camps

Cotton tote bags and flour sack towels are a crafting icon. Kids and adults alike love to create a customized accessory to carry their things or gift to a loved one. The 100% cotton material is super absorbent and has a nice smooth texture, perfect for stamping, painting, drawing or hand-sewing. Art projects that are functional and budget-friendly make all the difference; kids love to strut around in their very own bag they decorated themselves.

If you are a teacher or counselor, you can tie in customizing tote bags into your lesson plans during any time of the year! Kids can even use this bag to bring their day camp or school gear each day, like spare cloths, swim suits, lunch and more. Since these totes are inexpensive, pre-washed and ready-to-use, you can purchase a whole stack to donate to your local youth group, day care center or school! Become a valued partner in your community and donate linens to places that give back – like schools, hospitals, senior centers and special leaning programs.

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