Home Basics Flour Sack Towel – 24″ x 36″

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The Home Basics 100% cotton towel is our most lightweight and delicate cloth. The soft fabric is very low lint and woven to be breathable and flexible, while remaining durable wash after wash. The ideal flour sack capable of performing the most basic of chores to the most fragile and important of tasks. This material is not abrasive on skin or other surfaces. The 24 inch by 36 inch rectangular size is just right for your personal and professional health care needs. These towels are washed, bleached white, dried and ironed in-house to ensure a sterile and fresh product.

Key Features:
• Bright White Color
• 100% Cotton
• Fabric Weight: Light

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Keep It Simple

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Our Home Basics line of flour sack towels is meant for the most gentle and important jobs out there. The weave of this flour sack material is loose and flexible, but the stitched hems keep the towel in great shape. Doctors, caregivers and parents alike know the importance of comfort, patient relief, quality service and efficient practices. Something as basic as a soft cotton towel can be just what you need. Cotton Creations wants to be a part of providing excellent care to those in need, while providing top-quality textiles at affordable prices. These towels are so handy and adaptable, especially when you have numerous people and tasks that require your attention. Simply toss the used towels in the wash and keep a clean stack on your cart or in each room. The light-weight flour sack towel is perfect as a handkerchief or even to clean off eyeglasses. If you know someone who is responsible for their own personal health care, having these towels on hand can make daily tasks much easier to accomplish. Take the hassle out of stocking your inventory and focus on the tasks that matter.

Gentle Touch for Personal Care

Our Home Basics cotton flour sack towel is the trusted textile in many health facilities like hospitals, clinics, pediatrics offices, nursing homes, dentists’ and dermatologists’ offices, and even animal shelters. This delicate flour sack towel can replace many paper products that you use daily, or can even be cut into small pieces that will be disposed of after use. The goal of our Home Basics flour sack towels is maximum comfort and convenience for you and those you care for. The towel fabric is super soft, light-weight and lint-free, providing supreme comfort on your hands, face and body. In addition to being washed, dried and ironed before shipment, our towels are also hemmed on all four sides with no tag or loop to get in the way. These can fold up with ease for storage in cabinets or small drawers, or even to keep in the glove compartment of your car. If you need a large amount, we are happy to offer discounted and bulk pricing to meet your needs. You can also get free shipping on qualifying orders! Let Cotton Creations make your daily responsibilities a bit more comfortable.

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